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Pasadena Insulation

The Victorian and Art Deco buildings of Old Pasadena, and the various museums and historic sites scattered in and around the city of Pasadena, CA, are not the only old buildings in town. Pasadena has plenty of older homes and structures that residents love for their antique feel and decor.

And yet, practical matters like energy efficiency, proper home ventilation, and keeping out rodents and pests must also be taken into consideration. Without a fully insulated attic, crawlspace, and walls, you are throwing money away, living in less than ideal comfort, and doing less than your part to protect the environment.

Pure Eco Home Services

At Pure Eco, we offer Pasadena, California, residents fast, effective, and affordable solutions to optimize their home's energy efficiency. We also offer a number of other services that serve to enhance your building and upgrade its resale value.

Our services can transform old or under-protected homes into examples of maximized energy efficiency and eco-responsibility.

Here are some of the main services we provide:

  1. Air Sealing

Air sealing is the necessary prep work that must precede the installation of insulation. If your attic is un-insulated or under-insulated, it is undoubtedly the path through which the bulk of your home's heat is escaping in the winter. It is also the entry point of much unwanted heat during the hot summer months.

All air leaks must be located and sealed to ensure that new insulation does not badly under-perform. Our expert staff at Pure Eco has deep experience in locating air-leakage points. We know where to check: under dusty or sunken batts, around vents and chimneys, and near the attic access hatch are prime "suspect areas."

We also can use a blower door, a fog machine, or a simple flashlight to help locate even the smallest air-leak points.

Caulk or other sealants will be used to eliminate small holes and cracks. Weatherstripping around the access hatch is also key. Large gaps or areas over false ceilings need to be covered with OSB board, plywood, or drywall. Polyisocyanurate foil may be best in some locations, and metal sheeting plus high-heat-grade caulk must be used around chimneys.

Normally, it's best to remove unused chimneys because they create an efficiency-killing "thermal bridge" that will siphon the heat right out of your house. But at least the upper portion should be taken down and the uppermost opening sealed off.

Finally, we will also check along the top plate to see if the drywall installer sealed it off to prevent leakage. If not, we will seal it ourselves.

  1. Installing Insulation

In some cases, you may wish to remove old, inefficient insulation. Or, if you have asbestos-containing vermiculite insulation in your attic, we can safely remove it before re-insulating. But first-time insulation jobs are most common.

After we have fully prepared your attic or other space by air-sealing, we will install the insulation of your choice in full accord with all manufacturer's recommendations. We know how to get the highest possible performance level out of new insulation by installing it free of gaps or weak points that could threaten the effectiveness of the whole "insulation shield."

While there are many specific insulation options, we can summarize the main options into three main types:

Batts Insulation

Batts, those long sections of rolled-out insulation with paper backing, are popular because they are among the most affordable type of insulation available. 

Batts are generally made of either fiberglass or cotton. Both materials work about as well, but cotton batts score high points environmentally since they are made out of recycled blue jeans.

The main drawback of batts insulation is that it leaves a certain amount of unfilled, or not tightly filled at least, space due to its design. By properly installation and joining the pieces at the joints, adequate results can be obtained for many situations, but admittedly, other forms of insulation could push energy efficiency to higher levels.

Whether or not batts should be your insulation of choice or at least one of multiple types used will vary. We can help you weigh the costs and cost-savings to make the choice that best fits your needs and your budget.

Blown Insulation

Blown-in insulation can fill in space on your attic floor (or elsewhere) more compactly than can batts. We have a fleet of trucks and blowers and run a hose to any location in your house. 

Blown insulation is typically made of either fiberglass or cellulose. Again, both types work about equally as well at the job of insulating. But cellulose is made of recycled newspapers (a plus for the environment), while fiberglass insulation is sourced from sand (an abundant natural resource.)

At Pure Eco, we can install your blown insulation quickly, without making a mess, and ensure it evenly and fully covers the desired space.

  1. Radiant Barriers

A radiant barrier can add yet further insulating power to your attic, on top of air-sealing, insulation, and ventilation improvements. 

A radiant barrier will install directly below the underside of your roof line. It will keep excess heat from ever getting into your attic by reflecting back and away radiant heat from the sun that shoots through your roofing. 

If you have ever used a radiant-heat heater, you understand how this form of heat reaches objects directly rather than first having to be conducted through solids or convected through gases. That's a benefit when a heater can keep you warm on a cold day, but the last thing you want during the hot Pasadena summer is radiant heat pouring into your attic, making your uncomfortable and raising your cooling bill.

Radiant heat barriers typically use an aluminum reflective surface. They may have numerous layers to maximize the results. 

Proper installation of radiant barriers is crucial because poor installation can allow dust build-up over the years, which diminished the reflective power of the barrier's surface.

At Pure Eco, we are familiar with the various radiant barriers on the market today. We can help you choose the one that's right for you and install it for optimal performance.

  1. Rodent-proofing Your Attic and Roof

Another service we offer a Pure Eco is that of rodent-proofing. Rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels may be taking up residence in your attic (and from there, making their way to other parts of your home.) 

We can "rodent proof" your attic to keep rodents and other pests from getting in. We can also set up traps to catch the animals that may already have gotten into your attic.

Rodent proofing is largely analogous to air-sealing. We look for all openings and seal them off. We may need to use stronger barriers at points, however, to keep animals willing to use teeth and claws to break into your home from doing so.

Rodent proofing also involves fixing any weak points or gaps in your roof. And installing vent covers and chimney caps is also recommended. Finally, cutting back branches that lean over your roof and invite rodents to walk on top of it is another important step.

Why Choose Pure Eco Over the Competition?

We at Pure Eco have built a strong reputation in Pasadena and other parts of Southern California for being the best in the business. We have air-sealed, insulated, rodent-proofed, and otherwise upgraded attics and other parts of homes all over Pasadena and beyond, and our customers have expressed their complete satisfaction with our work again and again.

  • We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and we always put safety first when we work on your home. 
  • We are quick to listen to your concerns and work with you to customize a home upgrade plan that meets your exact needs and fulfills your exact vision. We also offer you our extensive expertise and advice in helping you to make a decision you will be happy with for years to come.
  • To save you money, we can introduce you to federal, state, and local energy efficiency incentive programs that may apply to your home improvements.

Finally, feel free to read what our past clients are saying about us on Yelp and other review sites. We are confident you will find our reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

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