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CEO, Founder & Chairman

Erez founded the company in 2013 and built the organization into an industry leader by establishing partnerships with over 150 construction companies. He passionately continues to lead the company with optimism, integrity and his relentless pursuit of providing excellent service to homeowners all across southern California. Erez’s sets the bar with his perfectionism and his enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring everyone at the company to be at their best. Erez resides in Woodland Hills and when he isn’t working he enjoys driving race cars, snowboarding, traveling and spending time with his family.


COO, President

Sara lives in Woodland Hills and acquired co-ownership of the company in 2016. Her leadership, compassion, creativity and wide range of skills from graphic design to promoting the company with marketing & advertising have been instrumental to the company’s success. Sara oversaw and implemented a massive expansion of the company; she created the company’s infrastructure such as designing the headquarter office, developing the accounting, legal, sales & marketing departments in addition to growing the organization to eight offices & six trucks. When Sara isn’t working she enjoys girls’ nights and spending time with her family.


Senior Manager, Head of Operations & Sales

Warren resides in Los Angeles and began serving the company’s executive leadership in 2022 with over 18 years of industry experience. He has fostered innovation by leading a strategic restructure of the company’s operations & sales which has resulted in significant improvements across all the company’s departments. When Warren isn’t working he enjoys interior design, traveling, sports and art.


Senior Technician

Beni joined the company in 2018 and has over 17 years of industry experience. He has established himself as the longest tenured technician at the company and his loyalty, professionalism & high level performance have made him an integral part of the organization. Beni lives in Toluca Lake and when he isn’t working he enjoys motocross, traveling and spending time with his son.


Senior Technician

Eli joined the company in 2021 and has over five years of experience. He has been a star contributor on the team with his product knowledge, integrity and commitment to provide high quality service. Eli lives in Valley Glen and enjoys listening to music, traveling and spending time with his wife, daughter and
their dog, Silly.


Senior Accountant & Inventory Manager

Anna joined the company in 2013 and currently lives in Chatsworth with her husband, son and their miniature schnauzer, Dexter. Her commitment, reliability and expertise have made Anna essential to the company. Her contributions to the company’s operations have been vital to the organization’s continued success. She is commonly referred to by her colleagues as the heart and soul of the company. When Anna isn’t working she enjoys hiking and reading books.


Senior Sales Coordinator & Production Manager

Izabela resides in Los Angeles and joined the company in 2020. She consistently achieves excellence with her talent, tenacity, and excellent communication skills that makes her an indispensable part of the company. She has over four years of experience in the industry and when Izabela isn’t working she enjoys hiking, skiing, and playing with her French bulldog Benji.


Sales Coordinator

Nate is from Philadelphia and lives in downtown Los Angeles. He has proven to be an asset to the organization with his enthusiasm, work ethic and remarkable talent for taking direction. This isn’t much of a surprise as Nate is also a successful actor having most recently co-starring in ‘Mother’s Milk’, a feature film starring two time Academy Award winning actress Hilary Swank. He also enjoys reading graphic novels and playing with his two cats in his spare time.


Assistant Coordinator

Angie is from Carcar City in the Philippines and has over 3 years experience in the industry. She has been a crucial contributor to the team with her flexibility and determination to get the task done. Angie has a garden of fruits and vegetables she tends in her spare time and enjoys going to the beach with her husband and two kids.


Our field managers & installers have over 10 years of experience and are selectively picked to ensure high customer satisfaction. Their attention to detail and commitment to providing premium service has helped our reputation grow immensely. Our team is dedicated and highly trained to using proper installation techniques with materials from top manufacturers to ensure the highest quality installation. They integrate the newest practices as the company continues to innovate with the most effective and proven technologies available. Our team looks forward to continuing to serve Southern California.

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