Man laying thermal insulation layer
Man laying thermal insulation layer
Man laying thermal insulation layer


In Los Angeles and Southern California, there are many homes and businesses that are un- or under- insulated; and yet, given the relatively warm weather year-round and the occasional chilly day during the winter, you can greatly increase your home's comfort level and energy efficiency by investing in new insulation.

Insulating your attic and/or ceilings can save you more on your energy bill than most other insulation upgrades, so that attic and ceiling insulation should be one of the first areas of concern when re-insulating your home.


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At Pure Eco, we can handle your attic/ceiling insulation job from beginning to end. We can give you a quick quote over the phone and then a more detailed estimate once we arrive on-site and take all the necessary measurements. We do not charge for estimates and they are no-obligation.

Call us today at (877) 870-7998 , and we can discuss with you your attic/ceiling insulation plans and schedule your project as soon as possible at a time convenient to you

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There are many good reasons why people invest in insulating (or re-insulating) their attics and ceilings. But we can sum them up as follows:

  • Old insulation may be compressed to the point of ineffectiveness, coated with mold or mildew, or water-stained.
  • You may have asbestos-containing vermiculite insulation in your attic if it was built prior to 1990. We can safely remove and replace it for you.
  • Poor insulation and ventilation in your attic can cause moisture build-up that may damage wood and drywall, promote mold/mildew growth, make your indoor air less healthy to breathe, make windows fog up or paint peel, and damage the insulation itself.
  • Your control over your indoor temperature will be faster and more precise, and you will enjoy a more comfortable home environment year-round.
  • New insulation can reduce noise levels by muffling sounds that travel into your home from outside or between walls (or through ceilings) within your home. Soundproof insulation will especially aid in this regard, but any insulation will help.
  • You can expect your energy bill will likely decrease significantly, all other factors being equal. With the high cost of energy in California these days, that's an investment that will continually pay you back.
  • Reducing energy waste and consumption without sacrificing comfort, due to insulation of your attic/ceilings, is "eco-friendly."


Pure Eco can seal your attic's air leaks, or any air leaks in your ceilings, before we install your new insulation. By covering over major holes with plywood, drywall, or another suitable material, and sealing smaller cracks and crevices with appropriate caulks/sealants, we can stop the "unauthorized" flow of conditioned air through your ceilings and through your roof.

This will mean giving attention to such areas as these:



Sealing and insulating around attic windows.


Pipes and Ducts

Sealing/insulating around pipes, vents, fans, ducts, and wiring.


Chimneys and Attics

Using metal flashing and heat-resistant caulk to seal around chimneys in attics.


Light Fixtures

Boxing around attic or ceiling light fixtures, if not already done, to prevent a fire hazard after the insulation is installed.


Entrance Hatches

Careful attention must be given to attic entrance hatches. We know how to insulate them properly to prevent an air leak problem.


Air Leaks

We will find and “plug” all air leaks in your ceilings, attic floor/walls, or in your roof. We know the tell-tale signs that help identify such leaks, like dusty batts and moldy or mildewed spots on joists, and we can do a thorough search for all air leaks as well.


Vents and Fans

We can install new attic vents/fans to improve circulation. We can also redirect vents funneling into the attic direct to the house's exterior, which will prevent moisture build up and keep you "up to code."

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The "R" Value of an insulation product or of a ceiling or wall is a measurement of the resistance of the material to heat-conduction through it. The higher the R-Value, the harder it is for heat to move in or out of your home or a floor/room through the product.

The lowest R-Value is 19, but you can get R-Values over 50. It all depends on the insulation material and its being installed properly. The Department of Energy recommends the following R-Value minimums:


For warm climates


For temperate climates


For cold climates


The "R" Value of an insulation product or of a ceiling or wall is a measurement of the resistance of the material to heat-conduction through it. The higher the R-Value, the harder it is for heat to move in or out of your home or a floor/room through the product.

The lowest R-Value is 19, but you can get R-Values over 50. It all depends on the insulation material and its being installed properly. The Department of Energy recommends the following R-Value minimums:


Choosing your insulation material for your attic or ceiling is important, but it's also crucial that it be installed in a way that gets the most out of it. At Pure Eco, we know how to effectively, quickly, and safely install all manner of blown and batts insulation in any and all Los Angeles Area attics and ceilings.

We have a long track record of delivering 100% satisfaction to Southern California home and business owners as to the quality of attic and ceiling insulation services.

Here are some of the practices we follow to ensure an optimal insulation job:

  • We always ensure air leaks are detected and eliminated before laying down insulation.
  • We cover over ceiling joists to up R-Value and minimize thermal bridging through the joists.
  • We ensure blown in insulation is compact and at a sufficient depth; and we ensure batts fill in spaces as much as possible.
  • We ensure blown insulation is at an even depth across the attic floor.
  • We keep the blower hose parallel to the floor joists and blow insulation between/over joists instead of across them to ensure a more compact fill.
  • We never lay heavier batts on top of lighter batts when "doubling up," since that would compress the lower batts and lower their R-Value.
  • When we need to cut batts to size when going around obstructions of fitting them into non-standard inter-joist spaces. Simply stuffing them in would compress them and hurt the R-Value.

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At Pure Eco, we can install blown or batts insulation in your attic and ceiling using optimal installation methods.
These insulations come in a variety of materials as well, each with its on advantages.



Blown insulation is a common choice for the attic floor. We can blow it in using an insulation truck, blower, and hose, and we can access any area of your home as needed.

Blown insulation fills in spaces very effectively, more compactly than batts. It can fill between rafters in both the attic and inside of ceilings.

In fact, it is possible to use it in walls as well, and it is ideal for odd-shaped areas that need insulating since it conforms to the shape of the space being insulated. If your attic has non-standard joist spacing or many obstructions to insulate around, loose-fill is a great option.

Blown insulation is widely available in the following material types:

  • Fiberglass, manufactured from sand or recycled glass. This is a very lightweight material, and you’ll need a relatively thick layer.
  • Cellulose, made of recycled newspapers. This is the most popular of blown-in insulations. It generally has a higher R-Value than fiberglass but can’t take exposure to moisture as well as fiberglass.
  • Mineral wool, made of rock and slag metal. This is highly fire and moisture resistant, plus offers better soundproofing, but it does cost more.


Batts insulation will fit between standard-spaced rafters in your attic and ceilings. It may require a vapor barrier backing to prevent condensation build up. It is generally cheaper and easier to install than blown insulation, though it may not fill in spaces as compactly. But, rightly installed, batts is more than adequate for many situations.

Batts typically come in paper or foil backed rolls. The width will normally be 16 or 24 inches to correspond to standard inter-joist spaces.

You can layer batts to increase the insulating power, but you don’t want a vapor barrier in the middle since that could cause a moisture problem. And you need to face the batts the proper direction (up or down, relative to the vapor barrier paper/foil backing) based on the climate zone. At Pure Eco, we know the details on how to optimally install batts insulation in your attic/ceilings.

Common batts insulation materials include:

  • Fiberglass. This is the least expensive option and is normally adequate. You have to be careful of the fibers when installing since they can irritate the skin or lungs (if inhaled.) But once installed, it is perfectly safe.
  • Cellulose. Cellulose is less irritating to the skin/lungs, but it is not manufactured by as many insulation companies. It is made of newspaper, but will be treated to boost fire and insect resistance.
  • Mineral wool. A combination of rock and metal-slag material, this material is highly insulating and highly resistant to virtually everything. It requires a bigger investment, however.
  • Cotton. This batts insulation is made of recycled blue jeans and has a very high R-Value. It is very effective at blocking air and sound but is more expensive than most other materials.


At Pure Eco, we are familiar with many government sponsored rebate and incentive programs, one or more of which may apply to your energy efficiency upgrade.

To help lower our "collective carbon footprint," California and local counties and cities often invest in making homeowners' attics and ceilings more energy efficient and "earth friendly," just like you do!

There may be federal tax credits that apply when you "weatherize" your home as well, though many of these programs expired in 2011. We can check to see if any still apply, but your best bet is state and local incentives.

You can check for energy efficiency incentives state by state by clicking this energy.gov link and running a search on California. Or, you can check this SoCal link to search for possible rebates and incentives that may apply to your project.

However, you can just ask our staff at Pure Eco, and given your project's parameters, we can find out which government programs you would qualify for.

At Pure Eco, we can find ways to save you money upfront and month to month by boosting your energy efficiency and lowering your heating and cooling bills. We can assess your project quickly and give you an accurate, upfront estimate and schedule your project start date at the soonest possible date that is convenient to you.

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At Pure Eco, we have the experience, tools, and manpower to quickly and correctly insulate your attic and/or ceilings to make you home more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly.

We are 100% licensed, bonded, and insured, and we always put safety first. We put true workmanship into every detail of the job and back that up with a valuable limited warranty.

To learn more or for a free consultation and/or no-obligatio n estimate, call us today at (877) 870-7998. We serve all of Los Angeles and Southern California with top-tier home insulation and related services. We have served local L.A. communities for many years and rank among the most trusted names in the industry.

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