Man laying thermal insulation layer
Man laying thermal insulation layer

If you've ever been up to your attic on a hot Los Angeles summer day, the sweltering heat you must have felt and the sweat sent dripping down your forehead are not something you're likely to ever forget.

In order to comfortably use your attic even occasionally, and especially if you plan to convert it into livable space, an attic fan is essential.

And not only do attic fans make attic more "human" to visit, they also boost your overall home ventilation and help reduce your energy bill.

At Pure Eco, we handle all things related to improving the energy efficiency and lowering the carbon footprint of your home, from top to bottom. That includes installation of high efficiency attic fans.

To learn more or for a free no obligation quote, don't hesitate to contact Pure Eco by calling 877-870-7998 . We can give you a free consultation and schedule your attic fan job as soon as possible.

The Trouble With an Excessively Hot Attic


If you visit your attic much, particularly in the hot summer months, you already have one good motive for lowering the heat threshold up there. But does a hot attic really matter much otherwise? Is attic ventilation really all that important after all?

The truth is that heat built up in your attic can seep down into the rest of your home and put undue pressure on your cooling unit (and your energy bill.)

And if you have a two story home, a blisteringly hot attic can especially make temperatures on the second story uncomfortable. But it can affect the whole house.

And even if you're only using your attic for storage space, remember that extremely hot temperatures can potentially damage your stored goods.

Finally, here are two other reasons why an overheated attic is a problem: it can encourage moisture build up inside your home (and thus mold, mildew, and deteriorating building materials) AND it can shorten the lifespan of your roofing shingles.

Attic Fans and Ventilation Systems


The majority of US and LA Area homes simply do not have the appropriate amount of attic ventilation. This is true even with newer homes, but especially with older ones.

The steeper the pitch of your roof and more square footage in the attic, the more attic fans you'll need installed. It's a simple math equation, and there's no way around it if you want your home comfortable to live in and your energy bill as low as possible.

Normally, an attic of around 800 square feet with a moderately sloped roof will need just one attic fan. But many homes need 3, 4, or even 5. It all depends on the math. Our experienced workers at Pure Eco can investigate and measure your attic and determine what would be the optimal number, type, and placement location for your attic fans.

Attic fans function to regulate the temperature inside of your attic at all times, but not by running 24/7 and costing you extra electricity. Instead, they turn on/off automatically when the attic reaches a specific temperature set on the thermostat they are connected to.

Your attic fan takes hot air from the attic and blows it outside. The exit vent can be on the gable of the house or on the roof top.

Attic fans will reduce or eliminate the problems associated with an overheated attic, and they don't cost very much to buy and install. They prevent overheating in the summer and prevent moisture build up in the attic in the winter; they extend the life of your shingles, make your attic livable, and reduce your overall home heating/cooling bill.

Choosing a Quality Attic Fan


We at Pure Eco can install both gable mounted attic fans and "mushroom" (roof) mounted attic fans.

Gable fans have the appearance of an ordinary house fan, except that they are built into your attic wall. Mushroom fans indeed have the appearance of a mushroom, and they will be installed in the attic roof.

At Pure Eco, we have long experience with attic fans and know what's on the market today. We know how to recommend you the very best products available at every price point.

For example, key features to look for include:

  • Precision balanced metal blades that are durable and won't rust.
  • Minimal noise when the fan is operating.
  • An easily adjustable thermostat.
  • Sturdy mounting brackets.
  • A permanently lubricated fan motor.
  • Metal screens built in that will keep rodents, birds, and pests out of your attic.

Attic Fans and Whole House Fans


A whole house fan is not an attic fan and shouldn't be confused with one. Whole house fans will be located in a ceiling (rarely in a wall) in some central location of your home. The usual set up is for the whole house fan to be installed in the highest ceiling in the building and to blow air up into the attic.

The attic fan(s), therefore, pick up where the whole house fan left off. The two are a team that can work together to keep your indoor air cooler and your energy bill low.

An attic fan can still work reasonably well without a whole house fan, but the reverse is not true. Constantly pushing hot air up into your attic with no controlled ventilation to let it out is likely to push attic temperatures to 150 or even close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, it's always best to combine attic fans and whole house fans, rather than to use an attic fan only. Only then can your attic fan optimally cool down not the attic alone but the entire house.

Attic Fans and Vents

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A complete attic ventilation system will require both attic fans and vents. The exhaust vents will, as mentioned above, exit either at the gables or out the top of the roof.

Ridge vents are particularly important. They are installed at the peak of the roof (highest point of the attic ceiling) to allow moist, hot attic air to escape. Since heat rises, they naturally funnel out the heat. By reducing moisture levels in your attic, ridge vents prevent mold and mildew growth and the health hazards and destruction of rafters and joists that an overmoist attic risks.

But besides exhaust vents, you also have to have intake vents to ensure the air in your attic keeps circulating and getting refreshed by outdoor air. The intake vents will be located at the lowest eave of your roof OR at least in the vicinity of some portion of the eaves and/or soffits.

Attic Fans Are Perfect for Los Angeles!

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Study after study has shown that attic fans and proper attic and home ventilation have significant positive effects on your home. They help lower attic and home temperatures, reduce excess humidity and moisture build up, lower your energy bill, help the environment, improve indoor air quality, extend the lifespan of roofing shingles, and more.

The impacts of an attic fan may seem more noticeable for those with a two story home, but they clearly help lower temperatures in one story homes as well.

However, if you do a quick Google search on attic fans and start reading some online reviews, you could easily come across as many negative opinions about attic fans as positive ones. Why is this so?

The answer is twofold. First, you have to have a full ventilation system, home insulation, and air sealing along with your attic fan. Those who try to solve all home energy problems simply with an attic fan or with too few attic fans for the size of their attic and the pitch of their roof - are likely to meet with disappointment.

But secondly, attic fans have a bigger positive impact in some climates than in others - though everywhere they help at least a little bit.

In hotter climates like we have in Southern California, attic fans are "in their element." Particularly in the scorching summer months, Los Angeles is a place where you will likely get the maximum possible benefit out of your attic fans and ventilation system.

Can an Attic Fan Really Save Me Money?


There is a great debate going on out there about the value of attic fans. But as we've mentioned, hot climates like Los Angeles are one of the places where they are clearly a positive.

Now, ventilation is a must for an overheated attic, and ventilation should be used in conjunction with air sealing and full home insulation. And attic fans are just one component of your home ventilation set up.

Thus, an attic fan by itself can only have a minimal impact on your energy bill. But in combination with all of the other necessary elements, attic fans do their part to help you save money month on month and year on year.

Additionally, when attic fans get rid of excess moisture, that prevents damage to your home's wood framing and/or drywall. It prevents moisture damage to insulation. It reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth that could contaminate indoor air and get you sick or even give you a respiratory infection. All of that saves you money (and more) too.

Finally, installing attic fans along with other home energy efficiency upgrades may help you qualify for incentive programs, rebates, and tax credits at the local, state, or federal level. If so, we at Pure Eco will be able to guide you in applying for the appropriate programs.

The Attic Fan Installation Process


The first step before we install your fans and vents is to assess the exact size and dimensions of your attic space. We look at both square and cubic footage and at the pitch of your roof. That has to be compared to the recommended amount of space that a particular type and brand of fan is designed to cover.

Once you've chosen your fans and we've determined how many need to be installed, we next ascertain the optimal placement for each fan. You might, for example, do best with one mushroom fan and two gable fans (one on each end of the house. Or, three mushrooms evenly spaces along the top of the attic ceiling might be a better arrangement for your attic. It varies from attic to attic, but our staff is experienced in determining the best possible set up.

It's possible that you may already have vent holes that can be used for the attic fans, but even then, the holes may have to be enlarged somewhat. And we have to cut some new holes. We will ensure the wiring is done safely and in the most convenient way possible. And we will ensure the fan and vents are mounted sturdily.

Finally, we will put the proper vent cap on the roof-side of the fan-vent hole, install intake vents, and test the whole ventilation system so we know it's working properly.

Why Choose Pure Eco?

Air Seal

At Pure Eco, we have deep community ties in the L.A. Area. We have been upgrading attics and homes for better energy efficiency and improved air flow for many years and we have many satisfied customers.

There's a reason why our online reviews are overwhelmingly positive and why we get a large proportion of our new jobs on a referral basis from past clients. It's because we always put the customer first and deliver high quality workmanship at an affordable rate and in as little time as possible.

We are 100% licensed, bonded, and insured. We always put safety first in everything we do. We always treat them with respect and full professionalism.

Pure Eco has a long track record of boosting the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of homes and businesses in Los Angeles.

Contact Us Today to Get Started on Attic Fan Installation and Improved Home Ventilation!


At Pure Eco, we can inspect your attic and help you determine how many and which kind of attic fans and ventilation systems would serve your attic best.

We will know where to place your new attic fans for maximum effectiveness, and we can install them quickly and correctly for many years of faithful service.

For a free attic and home ventilation consultation with a Pure Eco representative, and for a free no obligation quote on attic fan installation, contact us today by calling 877-870-7998 !

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Why do i need an Attic Fan?

Attic fans are found in the slope of the gable wall in the attic. The intention is to save energy, by reducing the use of the air conditioning. How? The hot attic air is circulating outside while cooling the attic. it also prevents moisture occurring during cold climate changes.

Why would I need more than one?

Picture a small room with a rotating fan. Okay, its cooling off that one particular room right? But, the rest of the house is not feeling the same effects. Same concept applies to the attic. If your home has a big attic, than you want more one attic fan to give you the best results; by circulating the air from each side. One attic fan in a 2400 sq. ft attic thats 9/12 to 12/12 feet; wouldn't cut it! You will feel the benefits however, with the reco recommended amount of 5.

Pure Eco Wants the Best for you!

There are numerous of fans to choose from! Whole House Fans or Attic Fans. We are able to adjust to your needs and offer different price ranges to fit your budget! Pure Eco cares about you and our Beautiful Planet! The best option we offer is our Solar Fans, that does the work for you!

Pure Eco Thinks Green

We Save Energy, You Save Money, and Together We Save the Earth!

Vents On Your Roof

The purpose of any vent is too allow ventilation.

Air intake vents, allows the outside air to enter inside the attic and ventilate the space.

Intake vents, should always be located along the roofs assembly lowest eave or near the soffits or eaves.

What Is A Ridge Vent?

A ridge vent is important to have in your homes roofing system. The ridge vent is installed at the peak of the sloped roof. This allows damp, warm air to escape from the attic. When a ridge vent is installed properly, this will increase the energy efficiency and also prolongs the life of your roof.

What Is A Soffit Vent?

A form of proper ventilation for your roof. If you noticed your attic doesn't have the proper ventilation, the best way to increase the airflow is adding vents to the soffit boards on the bottom of the eaves. Soffit vents works with gable, roof, or ridge vents to provide natural airflow inside of your attic.

Why Is It Important?

Vents help facilitate the attic fans do their job correctly. With proper ventilation, it will result to a cool attic, and a cooler home inside the living spaces.

Pure Eco, specializes installing attic fans into your home properly. We will recommend what will work best for your home, and what is worth an investment to you. When choosing a company to do any work for your home you must always be sure they are licensed, have all the necessary paperwork to do business with , as well as specializing in a trade.

Pure Eco, is a trustworthy company and can supply you with any paperwork that you need to make sure you feel secured with the job we are performing inside of your home.

If you have any questions in regards to attic fans, insulation, radiant barrier, air seal, rodent proofing, or anything else in regards to the work that we do, please feel free to call us anytime during regular business hours. (877) 870-7998 (mon - fri 8:30 am-5 pm). We are here to serve you!

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Christopher G.

Christopher G.

I already had my main attic done last year by a different company that did not do what they said they would and ended up damaging my ceiling. Decided to go with a different company this time around for a smaller attic of an addition that isn’t directly connected to the main attic.

The attic had no insulation at all (built in the 1930s). It needed debris vacuumed out, rodent proofing, and R-38 batt insulation.

After getting quotes from several folks, decided to go with Pure Eco. Quick turnaround, reasonably priced, good professional crew lead by Martin, and clear communication through my assigned contact Jasmine. Discussion and quote was based on photos I took. Contract and payment was handled all through e-doc services. And they made sure to give me an overview of the work done before leaving. The difference in temperature was a noticeable improvement that night.

Highly recommend.

Mark F.

Mark F.

Our home needed some serious insulation and duct work done. It was awful and quite old (the insulation shrunk to approximately 3″). We called three companies for a quote, and we only saw two. We decided to go with them, before seeing the third, because of the amazing deal they offered and because they would be able to do it immediately. Ben was our sales guy and he was more than helpful and extremely knowledgeable. He made sure to inform us that they are licensed, bonded, and have workers’ compensation insurance, which kept me at ease.

The following day was the installation. Ben told us that they would be there from 8AM – 7PM (latest). They arrived on time, and completed the job by 3PM!!! I was shocked and thoroughly pleased. William, the supervisor of our job, was extremely friendly, and his crew was very professional. They cleaned up their mess; it looked as clean as when they arrived.

I highly recommend them and think that anyone that uses them will do so as well. Hi

Mary Beth

Mery Beth W

I am a firm believer in referrals from friends when it comes to anything for my home and this company was a good referral for sure. My husband and I love Pure Eco and would definitely recommend them to everyone.

They have very professional installers and managers. Everything went smoothly from the scheduling to the end of the job. They use new machines and trucks (I tend to judge a book by it’s cover, unfortunately).

We had them replace our duct system and they installed Radiant barrier. They came in and did their job and left with no mess behind. Definitely give them a try!

Mery Beth W.

Ron S.

Ron S.

We recently bought a house in Canyon Country and the garage was completely exposed and got extremely hot this time of year. When it was 90 degrees outside, the garage was well over 100 degrees. I got quotes from about a half dozen companies but was the most impressed with Pure Eco, especially their representative Sara. She was very helpful and she worked with me on the quote and gave me a lot of of great suggestions as to the best way to get our garage as cool as possible while staying within our limited budget. She recommended insulating the ceiling and front gable and then putting in radiant barrier. Her team came out and did the job in one afternoon and cleaned up afterwards. And now our garage is a LOT cooler. I can definitely recommend Pure Eco.

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