Energy Efficiency

There are many good reasons why people invest in insulating their attics and ceilings


Everyone and everything benefit when homes and businesses achieve a higher level of energy efficiency on a consistent basis. There is less pressure put on the environment, and you also see your monthly energy bill (gas and electric) go down significantly – potentially saving you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars a year!

There are numerous ways that Pure Eco can help you maximize your building’s energy efficiency to help you save. In fact, almost all of our services (which you can delve into more deeply on our individual service pages!) are focused on increasing energy efficiency levels.

Plus, we offer full-fledged energy audits that accurately assess your current energy usage and give you insights into how to conserve energy and improve efficiency.

With today’s high energy costs and the heavy toll unsustainable fossil fuels are taking on our environment, it only makes sense to do everything possible to optimize energy efficiency and save money at the same time. We at Pure Eco help you do just that!

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Efficiency of energy usage does not necessarily use only a small amount of energy, nor does it refer to simply a smaller dollar amount on an energy bill – but it refers to several things:

  • Less cost per unit of energy consumed.
  • Minimization of energy waste.
  • Not using more energy than you need.

It’s possible for a business with large electric bills in the thousands of dollars range each month to be very energy efficient; and by the same token, it’s possible for a residential building with relatively low bills to actually be energy inefficient.

It’s all a matter of avoiding waste, getting more out of less, and paying less for more.

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Most buildings in Los Angeles are less energy efficient than they could be, and many older homes are far below today’s efficiency standards – which means you’re basically letting money seep out through the cracks and holes in the building every time you turn on the heat or the AC unit.

There may be obvious needs as far as improving energy efficiency, like a simple lack of any insulation; but often, there are energy efficiency problems that you aren’t aware of unless/until you get a professional energy audit done.

An energy audit is typically the first step in upgrading the energy efficiency of your whole building. After all, until you know what efficiency level you’re at now, what your reasonable target level should be, and how to make the improvements to reach that target, you can’t even get started with energy efficiency upgrades in a systematic, comprehensive manner.


First, we do an initial walk over of the building, inspecting walls, joints, window and door frames, and everything to see if there are any obvious cracks, fissures, or major draft openings. We walk and inspect both the interior and exterior of the building.

Next, we examine your attic and other areas of the house, if necessary, with a flashlight, blower machine, and other specialized equipment used to detect air leaks. We carefully mark down any problem points to come back to them later or else seal them right away.

We make sure your attic’s trap door, if you have one, is not leaking air all around its edges. And we insulate it, if it is.

We make sure areas around pipes, wires, and fixtures are tight. And we check your insulation to ensure it’s not damp, moldy, dirty, or dilapidated to the point of ineffectiveness.

We will also thoroughly inspect the basement and/or crawl space, the furnace and water heater, all HVAC units and ducts, vents and ventilation fans, windows, doors, foundation concrete, and more.

Pure Eco’s staff is highly trained and experienced at finding and eliminating air leaks and identifying other energy efficiency trouble spots. And they are equipped with the most modern equipment, such as infrared cameras to detect high air draft concentration areas, to complement their deep-seated expertise.

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Pure Eco can not only scour your home or business property from top to bottom and in every nook and cranny to identify energy efficiency deficiencies. We also know how to recommend the proper correctives, and as an energy efficiency and insulation installation company, we can complete any upgrades you opt to do at a competitive price point.

But what kinds of upgrades might be advisable?

If you lack insulation in all or part of your building, that (after professional air sealing) is the number one priority. Whether you choose batts or blown in (loose fill) insulation, fiberglass, cellulose, denim, Roxul soundproof or another insulation type, depends on what kind of R-value you are aiming for and what are your preferences as far as balancing affordability, durability, and eco-friendliness (with effective insulation made from recycled materials, for example.)

You might also need to replace badly damaged insulation, re-install poorly installed insulation products, or even double up by adding new insulation on top of your existing protection.

The attic and crawl space should especially be targeted for full insulating, along with all walls with an exterior face. Fully interior walls and floors/ceilings between house levels should be insulated if you want to condition the air in individual rooms or parts of the building without always having to heat/cool the entire building.

A radiant barrier installed on your attic roof is a great addition you might want to consider. Its highly reflective aluminum coating (multi-layer) can reflect radiant heat from the sun back out of your attic and house – preventing heat build-up that can seep down into your living spaces below during the hot summer months. A radiant barrier can save you money in the summer and all year long.

The attic is usually the most important area to give attention to during air sealing, but windows, doors, and vents are also critical and cannot be overlooked.

Fireplace flues are another common problem. The flue may become warped or ineffective after longtime use. In that case, you can either have it replaced or you can invest in an inflatable “chimney balloon” that safely plugs up the flue when not in use and is easy to remove. If you ever forget to unplug the chimney before using it, don’t worry, because the chimney balloon will automatically deflate.

Making sure your attic and your whole house is well ventilated, with clean, effective fans and vents is also important. And you’ll want to weigh whether it’s time to get a new HVAC unit or just to clean filters and ducts, perhaps.

Weather strips, caulk in just the right places, LED and other more energy efficient lights and fixtures, and other details will round out the upgrade. And you may also consider such moves as switching power companies, going all electric instead of electric and gas in some regions, or installing solar panels.

We can guide you and answer all of your questions on the results of the energy audit. We won’t pressure you to make specific upgrades but simply equip you with all the knowledge you need concerning your various options so you can make an informed decision you won’t regret.


The full effect of an energy efficiency upgrade could easily reduce your energy bills by 30% to 50%, depending on which specific changes are made. Every building is a little different, and there’s no guarantee on exactly how much you will save, but you will almost certainly save significantly on any major upgrades – perhaps to the tune of hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year!

The initial cost of upgrades may be substantial, but you have to look at it as an investment. It will pay for itself in so many months or years and then keep paying dividends for decades more to come. Plus, an energy upgrade will add value to your home in case you ever decide to put it on the market.

Also realize that there are ways to save on the improvements made and ways to qualify for federal tax credits, state incentives, and local gas or electric company rebates based on the energy upgrades you’ve invested in.

One great tax credit you can often claim is from Energy Star. You can learn more by visiting the Energy Star website: Or you can contact the IRS directly and ask for Form 5695: call 1-800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676) or visit

Yes, improvements you make to your home that are already saving you money and saving the planet can also save you money on your taxes!

To learn about specific rebate and incentive programs in your local area, contact SoCal Gas ( or your local electric provider. Or, a customer service representative here at Pure Eco can assist you in wading through these program details and helping you understand how to qualify, how to successfully apply, and how much you likely will save!

For a modest example, let’s say you saved only $50 a month due to energy upgrades (though many people save much more). That’s $600 per year, $6,000 over 10 years, and $24,000 over the next 40 years. If you save $100 a month, double all those figures. Looked at this way, it’s easy to see that energy savings “pennies” really do add up!

Plus, don’t forget that the upgrades and equipment that increase energy efficiency also are generally more durable and in less frequent need of costly repairs. And even your building itself will fare better over the years and decades due to controlled ventilation and proper insulation. That means you’ll really save thousands more than even the above figures showed.

Now, what about the environment? You help to save that too. It won’t be as obvious as the reduction in your monthly energy bill, but realize that the less energy you use, the less fossil fuels are burned to create that energy. Those dollars saved also can be “translated” into a cumulative carbon footprint reduction that is quite significant when continued for the long term.


We at Pure Eco are under no illusion that we are the only energy efficiency and insulation company operating in the L.A. and Southern California Area. But we can offer you solid reasons for choosing us over the competition.

Too many of our competitors are inexperienced, under-staffed in skilled workers, willing to cut corners on quality materials and workmanship, or don’t offer valuable, reliable warranties on their labor. Too many of them avoid the “tough jobs” like attic and crawl space cleaning or lack expertise in one or more key areas of energy efficiency upgrades (like radiant barriers or professional air sealing). Pure Eco won’t let you down in any of these areas.

We have deep familiarity with local energy needs and with the nature of most local L.A. Area structures because we’ve been servicing this area for many, many years.

We can schedule your desired services in a way that’s convenient to you, and we will always show up, on time, and work real work days and work efficiently. Pure Eco upholds a high work ethic, standards of true professionalism in customer service and customer relations, and also keeps itself affordable and ready to serve you at a moment’s notice.

Also, we can give you a quick, over the phone estimate based on the information you give us and the services you want done and come on-site to do an inspection for a closer estimate. We do not charge for estimates, and we keep them as accurate as possible.

Check out our online reviews at Yelp and elsewhere, and you will find them overwhelmingly positive. Our customers satisfaction rates are also very high, and we get a large percentage of our new customers on referral from our old ones.


At Pure Eco, we have numerous ways to assist you in upping your energy efficiency level to the max. We can install new insulation, air seal, put in new vents or clean old ones, install a radiant barrier in your attic, and much more.

We can also give you an energy efficiency audit so you know where you stand on energy usage and what your options are for conserving energy and getting more use out of the energy that you do consume.

Contact Pure Eco today for a free, no obligation energy efficiency consultation by calling 877-778-2551 ! We look forward to helping you save money and save the environment at the same time!

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