Man laying thermal insulation layer
Man laying thermal insulation layer
Man laying thermal insulation layer


Do you have a need for a soundproof room? Maybe you would like to create a serenely peaceful environment for your
newborn baby, want to outfit a media room of some sort, have college kids who come home on weekends and need a
quiet place to study, or just want a place to relax and not be disturbed at the end of a long, hard day?


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Pure Eco can install soundproof insulation in your home, in any room you desire, to silence both airborne and impact noises, keeping them from entering/leaving the soundproofed area.

At Pure Eco, we know how to properly install high-quality soundproof insulation and to install all accompanying elements of a soundproofed room. Contact us today by calling (877) 870-7998, and we will listen to your plans, offer any suggestions our experience brings to mind, and give you a free estimate.

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to Use in Soundproofing My Room?

At Pure Eco, we use Roxul® brand soundproof insulation because it is the most effective soundproof insulation on the market today.

Roxul insulation will fit snugly in between your studs like any other insulation, but it will have far superior sound-quenching powers. The reason is it’s unique material: “stone wool.”

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What is stone wool? It is a combination of stone (basalt) and steel wool (steel slag). Originally, the soundproofing properties of this kind of combination was discovered in Hawaii, having been formed by volcanic activity. Today, Roxul combines stone and steel at their factories through a unique, proprietary process.

Roxul Safe ‘N’ Sound® is used on fully interior walls, while Roxul Comfort Batt® is used to insulate walls with an exterior side. Both use stone wool and greatly reduce the movement of noises through your walls.


When considering whether to invest in an “acoustic upgrade” to one or more rooms in your home, by installing soundproof insulation, you’ll want to take into account the full range of benefits to be gained.

While making your room quieter is the main object, that is not nearly the only benefit you receive. Here are the major advantages you get when you install Roxul soundproof insulation in your home:


Top-Tier Sound Dampening

Roxul rock wool will absorb many sounds completely and will greatly reduce the intensity of many others. It is the number one insulation on the market when it comes to soundproofing.


Fire Resistance

Roxul gives you extreme fire resistance and a great R rating. It is non-combustible and can withstand temperatures as high as 2,150?. This insulation will not catch fire and will retard the spread of fires. Nor will it give off any toxic gases when it comes into contact with heat/fire.


Water/Moisture Resistance

Roxul's soundproof insulation actually repels water. It will not be affected by moisture like most other forms of insulation are, and it does not lose its R value when it gets moist or wet. Additionally, mold/mildew cannot grow on rock wool, nor will any bacteria grow on this exceptional material.


Corrosion Resistance

Roxul insulation will not corrode, nor will it promote corrosion of anything else inside your walls. That's not something you can say about many other types of insulation.



Roxul is relatively light, which means your walls are not weighed down and burdened by adding soundproof insulation. And considering that, in some cases, an extra layer of drywall is already being added to soundproof a room, it is critical that the insulation itself not be too heavy.


Long Durability

The soundproof insulation manufactured by Roxul will not only last for decades but will hold up its effectiveness. It will not significantly change in shape/size over time and will remain in place and prevent insulation gaps from forming, when properly installed.


Energy Efficiency

Installing soundproof insulation in your walls, attic, basement, ceilings, or anywhere else in your house will greatly boost your home's energy efficiency level. That equals lower energy bills for years and years to come.


Environmental Friendliness

Roxul and Pure Eco are a natural team, because both are concerned about protecting the natural environment (just like you!) Roxul soundproof insulation is GreenGuard® certified, which means it meets the world's highest standards as to promoting healthy indoor air quality. And it also qualifies to earn your building LEED® points. Plus, the insulation is made from a combination of all-natural and recycled materials.

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Pure Eco can not only deliver but also fully and correctly install you new Roxul soundproof insulation. Of course, if you want to install it yourself, we can simply supply it to you; but since this kind of insulation requires a special installation method to work at its optimal level, we highly recommend professional installation services.

Our staff has many years of experience in properly installing soundproof insulation, and we know exactly how to get the most out of it. And we can complete the project in the minimal amount of time it takes to ensure a top-quality result.

If you already have insulation in a wall, Roxul can lay right over it, and compress it so as to fill in the inter-stud spaces all the better. You don’t need to remove the old insulation if you don’t want to: it will only add to the effectiveness. But neither is it necessary to leave the old batts in.
Pure Eco can handle the entire insulation project from beginning to end if you wish, or, if you want to do a portion of the job (perhaps, some of the prep work) yourself, we can do that too.

We can test your walls before and after installing the soundproof insulation to ascertain their STC (sound transmission class) rating, which tells you how much sound dampening the wall achieves. We are confident you will notice a huge difference in the quietness of the room after it has been soundproofed.

Note that Roxul products can catch even low frequency (base) sounds and will stop/diminish both airborne and impact noise. The denseness of the rock wool material is the secret to Roxul’s astounding success.

If you want to double drywall your room, we can do that as well. And we can install resilient channel horizontally along the studs to help silence impact noises even more. The drywall is then screwed into the metal resilient channel and not into the studs, to further reduce sound transmission. Finally, we can seal it all up with acoustic sealant caulk.

You may also want to have outdoor grade electrical boxes, a heavy duty door, or other sound-stopping options installed in your soundproofed room. We can accommodate you there as well.


It’s true that even ordinary cellulose or fiberglass insulation will help your home be energy efficient, comfortable to live in, and even cut down on sound transmission to a degree. For many rooms, regular batts (or blown insulation in the attic) may be adequate, and Pure Eco can install that kind of insulation for you as well.

However, when you need a higher level of soundproofing, Roxul is the clear choice.

Additionally, Roxul rock wool insulation is the superior choice when it comes to health concerns. First, it isn’t itchy to your skin, nor will it irritate your eyes, like fiberglass can (if mishandled.) Second, some fear that fiberglass may increase their risk of developing certain cancers. There is not definitive proof to back up that fear, but it’s enough of a motivation for some to avoid fiberglass at all costs.

Cellulose insulation, another popular choice, has in its favor that it is made of a recycled product (old newspapers.) Some worry about the ink in the insulation, though this is not a real problem. More plausibly, others worry cellulose may not be fully fire retardant or that it may disperse some insulation dust.

Ordinary batts insulation will not fill in the spaces it is installed in as tightly as blown or Roxul soundproof insulation. But, installed correctly, it is still quite sufficient for many situations.

Thus, the bottom line is that different insulation products serve different purposes. When you need soundproofing and extreme protection against fire, moisture, corrosion, and other potential problems, Roxul insulation will be worthwhile to install, even if it costs a bit more. In other situations, blown or batts cellulose/fiberglass insulation products may be preferred.

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When you use Roxul soundproofing insulation in your home, you not only get a quieter room, you also get a “greener,” more energy efficient one. You may be able to save up to 30% on energy usage for each room you install soundproof insulation in. And those savings will continue to accumulate for many, many years to come.

Also consider that you will be reducing your carbon footprint and helping the planet. And for being so environmentally conscious, you can even qualify for federal and/or state and local incentive programs, thus saving even more money.

At Pure Eco, we have a lot of experience with L.A. Area incentive programs, and we will be able to help you qualify for one or more of them and save the maximum amount.


Pure Eco has built a solid reputation throughout Los Angeles and Southern California as a top-tier insulation installation company. We have long experience at installing numerous kinds of insulation in homes and businesses in the area. And our workers will give you nothing less than true workmanship and fast, friendly service.

As a family owned and operated local Los Angeles business, we have a stake in the community and are a part of it. We see ourselves as improving our local environment and helping you live a more comfortable life, while also saving you money.

We can handle every aspect of your upcoming insulation job, regardless of whether you opt for soundproof or standard insulation. You won’t need to hire multiple contractors to come in and finish the job; we can do it all, which simplifies matters and saves you time, money, and stress.

Pure Eco can work with you to help you plan out your insulation project, to get the best return on your investment. We can explain to you the benefits Roxul soundproof insulation and of other types of insulation, give you an upfront, honest quote on the costs involved, and help you to make an informed decision you’ll never regret.



We at Pure Eco understand how a soundproofed room project can put a strain on your budget and that many will need some form of financing to avoid having to put the project on hold.

We offer the “Green Sky Credit” program to our Roxul soundproof insulation customers (and others) to help you get the financing you need to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency.

To qualify, you will have to meet certain minimum standards of the program, but we are fully familiar with how the program works and can guide you in getting approved.

You would need to use the financing to make specific improvements in your home that make it “greener” as well as more energy efficient. This gives you the ability to start saving money on energy and helping the environment sooner.

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At Pure Eco, we stand ready to assist you with your upcoming soundproofed room project. Contact us today by calling (877) 870-7998 or fill out our online contact form, if you prefer. We will promptly respond to your call/message.

We can give you a free consultation on your project plans, give you our free (and experienced) advice, explain to you the benefits of installing Roxul soundproof insulation, and give you a free estimate.

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