Man laying thermal insulation layer
Man laying thermal insulation layer
Man laying thermal insulation layer


A dirty attic is often the "scariest" room of the house, and cleaning it can be a daunting chore that you would rather avoid. Yet, if you're planning on insulating your attic, it makes sense to have it cleaned at the same time. And if you're looking at renovating your attic and turning it into a bedroom or other "usable living space," cleaning it is the first step you must take before anything else can get started.


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At Pure Eco, we not only offer insulation services for your attic and the rest of your house, we also offer attic cleaning services. Our professional team of "attic cleaners" know how to transform imposingly dingy and unhealthy attics into something you can be proud of.

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About a quarter of all rodent infestations in the home involve mice or rats getting in through the attic. And once in the attic, rodents will take any opportunity they can find to spread to the rest of your house below, where there is far more food and water and a more comfortable living environment.

Rodent infestations are serious business. Rodents can cause structural damage to your home, chew through pipes and wiring, leave disease-ridden feces and urine in trails throughout your house, and get into your food supplies and ruin them. (Scaring you as they scurry about at night or make weird noises doesn't even make the list of their most major offenses!)

Also note that mouse or rat droppings can contaminate insulation and leave deep stains in your attic's wood framing. Plus, the droppings will infect the attic air, causing an unpleasant odor to spread and threatening a health hazard.

Thus, it is worthwhile to do everything possible to eliminate rodents and their accompaniments from your attic and to prevent a re-infestation.


There are many benefits to cleaning and "cleansing" your attic. It goes well beyond just removing some unnecessary clutter and, perhaps, dusting the rafters a bit.

The main benefits you will receive from a professional attic cleaning include the following:


Dust, Dirt and Toxins

Elimination of dust, dirt, and unhealthy toxins will improve attic air quality, and that can improve the air through you whole home since attic air can seep down through the ceiling. If your HVAC unit is located in the attic, it is even more critical to keep a healthy "atmosphere" up there.


Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew growing on your rafters or other parts of your building's frame can be destroyed. Untreated, molds can give off spores that can cause allergic reactions or even respiratory problems if inhaled.


Rodents, Bugs and Pests

Rodents, bats, insects, spiders, and other pests hiding in your attic can be discovered and exterminated. Plus, droppings, urine stains, dead bugs/animals, and debris used by rodents as cover can all be removed.


Cracks, Holes and Leaks

Cracks, holes, and all air leak or rodent/animal entry points can be exposed to view. This gives you the opportunity of sealing them. We at Pure Eco also offer air sealing services and can perform them immediately after attic cleaning and/or immediately before insulating and ventilating your attic.


Old Insulation

In many cases, insulation already in your attic may be under-performing due to dirt, dust, or moisture accumulation. We can find any such problems and solve them.


Attic Clutter

If there is a lot of old "stuff" in your attic that you don't want to keep, we can remove it for you as part of the attic cleaning task.


All Attic Sizes

Attic cleaning, even for relatively small attics, can be a big job. It is tedious, dirty, and time consuming. We at Pure Eco can handle it for you, saving you time and effort.

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At Pure Eco, we have deep experience in every aspect and step of attic cleaning, and we approach each attic-cleaning job systematically from beginning to end.

We can give you a quick quote over the phone, but it may take an on-site attic inspection to get the full picture of what kind of work will be involved in the cleaning process. At that point, we can give you a very tight estimate.

After we have inspected and assessed your attic, and you give us the go ahead, we will schedule the first available date, that is convenient for you, to commence the cleaning.

Our staff has a strong work ethic and a dedication to excellence in all we do. We will arrive during normal work hours, work diligently to job's completion, communicate with you along the way as needed, and leave your attic looking so good you may not even recognize it.

Here are some specific aspects of attic cleaning that we will tackle, as needed, as part of the total process:

  • We can move out any junk or debris that is cluttering up your attic (and our work area). Doing this first will speed up everything else that follows. You may want to remove some items stored in your attic before we begin, but we can move out any trash and dispose of it.
  • We will use a professional grade vacuum cleaner to remove excessive dust build-up, cob webs, animal droppings, and miscellaneous small debris. Ordinary vacuums will not do the same job, so a DIY attic cleaning won't be as effective or will require you buy/rent expensive equipment.
  • We will check your rafters for mold, mildew, or major stains, and clean all problem spots thoroughly. Badly rotted wood that is covered in mold will need to be removed. In extreme cases, you may need some wood replaced or sistered together.
  • We can also de-dust the surface of batts insulation and inspect to see if any insulation has suffered moisture damage and needs to be replaced.
  • We will probe as we clean, keeping an eye out for any cracks, holes, or other air leakage points. Air sealing is a separate service, but we can do it in conjunction with attic cleaning if you desire. But having your attic cleaned will at minimum make it more obvious where any air leaks are located.
  • As we clean, we will note signs of infestations by rodents, insects, and other pests. We can also look for entry points in your attic's walls or ceiling where rodents may be getting in. Rodent-proofing, again, is a separate service, but we can do it simultaneously with attic cleaning. We can also set up traps and spray to kill pests, or you can tackle that the DIY route, whichever you prefer.

At job's end, there will likely be bags of debris and other trash that has come out of your attic. We will dispose of it for you at the local dump. You don't have to worry about it.

During the course of our attic cleaning, we may discover problems we can alert you to. For example, if your existing attic floor insulation is asbestos-containing vermiculite, you should be aware of that fact. (And we can remove it for you upon request and replace it with newer, safer, high-efficiency insulation.)

Or, it might become clear that your attic has numerous air leaks thought ought to be sealed; has some large gaps or weak points where animals are getting in or could get in; has damaged insulation that is no longer effective; or that there are damaged pipes, air ducts, vents, wires, or light fixtures. We can fix any and all of the above and more upon request.


By having your attic professionally cleaned, you can eliminate most of the sources of irritants and contaminants in your attic air. That, in turn, will have a positive impact on the air "below," especially if your HVAC system is located in your attic.

It is possible to use high-power disinfectants on your attic's surfaces that will kill as much as 99% of the bacteria and viruses in your attic. And eliminating a mold/mildew problem eliminates the source of mold spores that can cause allergic reactions and health problems. The elderly, children, and those with allergies or respiratory problems are especially at risk.

You might think that musty, smelly, contaminated air in your attic is not too important to worry about since no one lives up there. But in reality, attic air will seep down through the ceilings and access hatch, get into your HVAC system and circulate, and ultimately affect the quality of air you and your family breathe in every day.

Pure Eco can wipe out mold, de-dust, vacuum with a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner that will remove even tiny dust particles, clean up all rodent droppings, and kill off insects and other pests we come across. The overall effect is to purify attic air and prevent your attic from contaminating the air in the rest of your house.

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Of course, we can simply clean your attic thoroughly and leave it at that. But if your attic has no insulation or poor insulation or if it is filled with numerous air leaks, you are losing money every day. As a thorough "deep" attic cleaning is a good first step to upgrading your attic, it only makes sense to "finish the job" by doing full attic rodent-proofing, air sealing, and insulation work (whatever is necessary) all at the same time.

By sealing air leaks, installing sufficient attic insulation, installing new vents/fans, and perhaps even installing a radiant barrier on the attic ceiling, you will greatly increase your energy efficiency, save money, help the environment, and make your attic a much more pleasant room to visit, when you have a reason to.


After we have fully cleaned your attic, and completed any other desired services, you will likely want to re-organize your possessions stored in your "new" attic.

A few tips may help. Don't store anything "temperature sensitive" in an attic without temperature control. Never cover up vents with boxes or stored items. Keep everything neatly stacked along the edges, if possible, to give yourself plenty of free walking space. And label items and store like items together.

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After cleaning up your attic, there will inevitably be a certain amount of waste that needs to be disposed of. Thus, we finish by cleaning up the job after cleaning up the attic. We will always ask you about any questionable items before throwing them out. But if you have items you want disposed of along with the obvious trash, we can carry that off to the dump as well.

Or, you may wish to keep some unwanted items temporarily so you can donate them to someone who might want them.

The bottom line is we will thoroughly clean your attic, dispose of all trash instead of leaving it for you to dispose of, and only throw out anything not obviously trash after obtaining your consent.

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At Pure Eco, we offer full attic cleaning services that can make your attic cleaner, safer, and eminently more "usable."

Attic cleaning is often basic and necessary prep work to installing attic insulation or converting your attic into a spare bedroom or home office. We can clean your attic thoroughly and yet quickly, so you can get started on the next step of your attic renovation project.

Or, we can complete your stand-alone attic cleaning job so you no longer have to "fear" going up to the attic or worry about rodents, pests, and mold/mildew festering up there.

Contact us today by calling (877) 870-7998, and we will give you a free, no-obligation quote. And we can schedule your Los Angeles or Southern California attic cleaning project at the soonest possible date and on a day that is convenient for you.

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