Man laying thermal insulation layer
Man laying thermal insulation layer
Man laying thermal insulation layer


You cannot ignore the aspect of air conditioning if you are aiming at creating a relaxed environment of your living space. A Properly installed air conditioning system is one of the essential factors in creating a comfortable home environment in the hot summer. Every individual wants to create an optimal environment for their family, friends, and customers. Seeking the services of an air conditioning installation expert will allow you to have expert consultation and services for air conditioning installation or replacement. This is what our competent personnel at Pure Eco Inc. provide for all our clients throughout Los Angeles, CA.


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At Pure Eco, we not only offer AC installation services for any place in your house, we also offer AC replacement services. If your air conditioning system needs to be replaced, due to break down or to upgrade to higher energy efficiency, we can help! Pure Eco can remove your old system or the relevant components of it and install the new.

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Air conditioning is the process where heat and moisture are removed from the interiors of living space. The main aim of air conditioning is to improve the interior environment and create comfort for room occupants. You can install an air conditioner for both residential and commercial spaces. Air conditioning can also be used to clear up heat produced by electronics or from cooking.

Air conditioners use a fan to distribute cleaned air to spaces such as rooms and cars for better indoor quality air and thermal comfort. Air conditioner units range from small units in a window for cooling a single room to massive devices installed on a roof to cool the whole building. The air conditioner cools through various methods from a refrigeration cycle, evaporation, or free cooling.


After deciding you require an air conditioner for your living space, you need to choose the AC unit that will meet your needs and expectations. Due to the different types and brands of these devices found in the market, you need to consider the following factors


Size of Living Space

It is essential to get an AC unit that matches the size of the space you want to cool. It would be best if you made sure that the power output of the device you choose is sufficient to cover the square feet equivalent to your room.



No one wants to keep spending money on the same thing over and over. Even when you want something that saves on cost, reliability, and efficiency is a crucial factor to consider.



Before deciding on the AC, you want to install in your space, consider the climatic conditions of the area you live. This will help you choose a device with the power level that will serve your needs efficiently.



An AC unit needs to get maintained adequately for better functioning. It would help if you considered installing a unit you are comfortable to keep. You should also check the energy efficiency of the device you choose. This is because the more efficient it is, the less energy it will spend and save you on cost. It would be better if you also considered what it would cost you to join a maintenance plan where you can get quick repairs. This plan will act as an insurance plan which will ensure your air conditioning unit is kept at the best conditions at all times.

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Most individuals use the AC units for comfort in their homes and offices. However, these devices bring more benefits for your family and customers including

  • Protects You from Dehydration

High temperatures cause severe sweating and loss of water from your body. Prolonged exposure to excessive heat may cause dehydration. Air conditioners keep the temperatures at normal range hence prevent excessive sweating. Another problem caused by high temperatures is heat strokes. Failure to remedy this can lead to severe damage to the brain and other vital organs. Dehydration and heat strokes cause sluggishness, thus reduces the work output at your office. Proper air conditioning will help protect you from heat strokes and dehydration

  • Help Reduce Allergies

The air we breathe is full of contaminants. Air conditioners filter and disinfect the air by getting rid of dust and preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Exposure to mold is one of the leading causes of asthma and other airborne allergies. Since we air condition our rooms with windows and doors closed, this prevents the entry of allergens. Air conditioning protests us from these respiratory allergies.

  • Keeps Insects and Pests out

Insects and pests are annoying and above all can cause diseases for both humans and pets. The filters will keep these insects and pests out better than screens on windows. A sound air conditioning system will protect your family and customers safe from these insects.

  • Easier Sleep

Heat does not just affect our brains. High temperature causes physical changes such as high blood pressure and increased heart rate, which makes it difficult to sleep. This is because your core body temperature plays a crucial role in you falling and staying asleep. Air conditioning creates a relaxed environment that makes it comfortable for you to sleep.

  • Protects Furniture and Artwork

The humidity that accompanies too high temperatures can wreck furniture and other pieces of art. This is due to the ability of wood to gain and lose moisture with the surroundings. Leather also absorbs moisture and can cause rot in household items made of this material. Air conditioning will protect your fabric by removing the humidity from your surroundings.

  • Air Conditioning Prevents Electronic from Overheating

Heat and humidity not only affect our bodies but can cause damage to phones and computers. These electronics can absorb moisture and suffer meltdowns and lose data. An air conditioner will save you from the constant replacement of your electronic devices.


There are different types of air conditioners you can choose from depending on the size of the room you want to cover and your personal preference.

  • Central Air Conditioning

A central air conditioner works to cool with an outdoor condenser and compressor coil that is connected to an indoor furnace. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the unit and turns it into vapor. Sizing is crucial to functioning if the central air conditioning. Therefore, installing this system requires extensive planning and preparation. This type of air conditioning is easy to operate, makes little noise, and keeps your inner spaces looking modern.

  • Split Air Conditioner

This air conditioner works similar to the central conditioner but lacks the ducts. The indoor of this conditioner blows warm air out of the room over the evaporator ducts. The refrigerant on these coils absorbs the heat from the air. Since the compressor of this device sits outside, it works efficiently.

  • Hybrid Air Conditioner

For the hybrid air conditioners, an external solar panel is used to collect the warm temperature. This is by creating pressure within the refrigerant. The hybrid conditioner has a lower grid demand, uses less electricity, and can function when the power is cut.

  • Portable Air Conditioner

This device is worked by taking air to one house and cooling the unit. The hot air is taken out through the second hose. This creates a continuous cooling process for your room. These units provide both temporary and permanent cooling.

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If you want to install an air conditioner in your living space, consider hiring professionals to help you.
The following are steps followed during the AC installation



To fix up the door unit, select an obstructed area of your inner wall. The position you choose to install your indoor unit should be away from direct sunlight and free from possible gas or oil leaks. The unit will require a minimum of fifteen centimeters on the top and sides and seven feet from the floor. The wall you choose to mount the indoor unit should be strong enough and away from the TV and telephone antennae.

After you select the perfect location, the mounting plate is put on the position you want to install your unit. The dish is balanced using a lever. Holes are drilled at appropriate parts of the walls, and the mounting plate is secured on your walls. Plastic anchors are inserted on the holes with tapping screws to secure the plate. A hole is created on the wall that will fit the piping. When creating this hole, the length of the pipe and the distance it will cover to reach the outdoor unit gets considered.

The flexible flange gets inserted, and the electrical connections are checked to avoid mistakes. This is by lifting the front panel to ensure the wires and screws match those of the diagram from the instructions that accompany the AC unit. The pipes are put through the holes that get drilled on the wall. The cap is placed on the interior end making sure it is as straight as possible. The drain pipes, copper pipes, and power cables are bound together for better flow of the system. The water pipes are connected to the base and run through the holes on the wall to ensure water drains out properly.


Choose the appropriate place to put the outdoor unit. The location should be away from dusty and hot areas. The proper spacing should be twelve inches all around. The installation experts ensure the concrete is level. To evade the winter snow the pad is placed high enough. The outdoor condenser should be placed ten feet away from an antenna.

The cover is removed to start connections, and all the cables are connected similar to what the manual diagram suggests. The wires are fastened using a clamp, and the pipes of the outdoor units get secured. The refrigerant circuit is humidified by connecting the vacuum pump to the port to complete the installation process. The vacuum is turned up to the required level close the pressure knob and testing for leaks of the valves, and joints are done. The piping joints are wrapped using the insulating paper, and finally, the walls are sealed with polyurethane foam.

After the installation company is done making the installation of your air conditioner, the experts will explain how you need to manage the air conditioner and do your regular maintenance. Before leaving, they will double check to make sure your air conditioner is working correctly. Hiring an efficient company can see that the whole installation process takes less than one day.

Sometimes you may already have an AC unit, but it’s either broken or is not working to meet your needs. For this case, the process will begin with an inspection of your current unit. This will determine whether it will require complete reinstallation or repair of the broken parts. If it doesn’t meet your need, you will choose the right size that is ideal for your space. Once the inspection is completed, the air conditioner installation company will give you a quotation dictating the problem and what needs to get done. This will also help you make an informed decision on what you prefer to do. If a total replacement is required, the old one will be removed before the process of installing a new one begins.



You may not realize there is a problem with overheating in your living space until it is summer time. If you don’t have an air conditioner installed or yours is broken, don’t wait to suffer through the warm seasons in poorly air conditioned spaces. Having a poorly installed air conditioning system will not only waste your money but also leave you and your guests uncomfortable. If you need competent air conditioning installation services around Los Angeles, CA, Pure Eco Inc. has got you covered. Call us today at (877) 870-7998 and allow us to guide you through this process.


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