Man laying thermal insulation layer
Man laying thermal insulation layer

Chatsworth, CA, is a beautiful, upscale little neighborhood in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley region, and it's truly a wonderful place to live. But even in Chatsworth, there are houses devoid of any attic insulation or that are in serious need of energy efficiency and other improvements.

Pure Eco offers the whole gamut of insulation and related services, from air sealing to rodent proofing to soundproofing a room. We have been serving Chatsworth and surrounding areas in Los Angeles and beyond for many years and are committed to improving community homes and businesses by upping energy efficiency levels.

We know how to save you money on your energy bill and help the environment at the same time.

For a free consultation and quote, contact us today by calling (877) 870-7998.

Our Energy and Home Improvement Services


At Pure Eco, we offer numerous valuable services that can help you improve your attic and other parts of your house. We can turn even older, little-insulated homes into up to date, energy efficient homes that qualify for government incentive programs and rebates and that you can keep comfortable all year round with minimal heating/cooling expenses.

Our offered services include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Air Sealing

Preliminary to any new insulation being installed in your attic, or elsewhere, it is crucial that any air leaks be located and eliminated. To insulate and leave major or numerous small air leakage points would be virtually an exercise in futility. Therefore, if you have or suspect you may have air leaks, we strongly suggest taking measures to find them and seal them up.

In the attic, we can often spot air leaks where batts insulation is especially dirty or is sunk down. And we can take a flashlight and do a visual check for cracks and small holes in your attic walls and ceiling. But we also have high-powered equipment like blower doors and fog machines that can help us find every last air leak.

We will then use sealants to eliminate smaller air leaks and plywood, drywall, or OSB board to block off major draft zones. Around chimneys, we will install metal sheets and use high-heat-rated caulk. The entry hatch will need weather stripping, if it lacks it, and you may want to cap your chimney and vents as well.

If those who installed your drywall failed to seal the top plate (happens all too often), we will seal it. And you may want to consider removing an unused chimney in your attic since it acts like a thermal bridge that lessens energy efficiency.

2. Attic Cleaning

In some cases, attics get extremely dusty and dirty, with molding or mildewed rafters, badly damaged insulation, an over-cluttered mess, and an unpleasant odor arising from dead insects, rodent droppings, or even dead animals.

It is well worthwhile to have your attic professionally cleaned, and attic cleaning is a daunting enough task that you may not wish to do it yourself.

At Pure Eco, we can transform your dirty, dingy attic into something you can be proud of.

Attic cleaning will improve attic air quality, which indirectly improves the indoor air you are breathing throughout your house. That's yet another reason to clean out the attic. And to expose air leak points, prepare for new insulation, or get ready to renovate your attic into an extra bedroom or a home office, it may need to be cleaned first.

3. Installing New Insulation

After all the air sealing, attic cleaning, and other prep work, it's time to get down to installing your new insulation. Our crew at Pure Eco has extensive experience in installing all manner of insulation material in strict accordance with manufacturer's instructions and in a way that will maximize your effective R-Value.

We will not leave gaps/weak spots in your insulation layer that would negatively impact its effectiveness. We always put the greatest possible workmanship into every detail of our work.

The two major types of insulation we install are batts and blown (loose fill) insulation. Both have their advantages and work well in specific situations.

Batts Insulation


Batts insulation is the most affordable and most popular insulation type on today's market. It comes ready-made with a paper or foil vapor backing and fits snugly between standard sized rafter and stud spaces.

Most batts insulation products come in either fiberglass or cotton, as to material. The former is made out of sand, an abundant natural resource, while the latter is manufactured from old blue jeans. Both are about equal as to R-Value.

The one problem with batts is they don't compactly fill in spaces like loose fill insulation does. But installed correctly, it will fill in cavities more than adequately and greatly improve your energy efficiency as compared to no insulation, or damaged or poorly installed insulation.

Loose Fill Insulation


Blown in, or "loose fill," insulation is a common choice for attic floors, but it can also be effectively used in ceilings and walls. One of our Pure Eco insulation trucks can arrive at your home, and with blowers and correctly placed hoses, we can blow the loose fill insulation into any part of your home.

By placement of the hose and inspection/correction after initial blowing, we will ensure that loose fill insulation compactly fills in spaces and is evenly laid.

Fiberglass (from sand) and cellulose (from spent newspapers) are the two major materials used for blown insulation. Again, both work about equally well, and neither is harmful to the environment.

4. Radiant Barrier Installation

Another way you can upgrade the energy rating of your home (and possibly qualify for an energy efficiency incentive program) is to have a radiant barrier installed under your roof line (on the attic ceiling.)

Radiant barriers use a highly reflective surface, usually of aluminum, to "bounce away" radiant heat from the sun that travels into your attic through the roof. Preventing this kind of heat build up can save Chatsworth residents a bundle during the hot Southern California summer months.

We have deep experience in properly installing radiant barriers to prevent detrimental dust accumulation on the reflective coating (which would inhibit reflectivity). And we also are familiar with the various radiant barriers on the market today and can explain to you your options.

5. Rodent Proofing

At Pure Eco, another valuable service we offer is that of rodent proofing your attic and roof. Around a quarter of all rodent infestations begin in the attic, and from there, they often spread throughout the rest of the house.

And the holes, cracks, and weak points through which rodents get into your attic can also be entry points for bats, birds, and other undesirable "upstairs tenants."

Rodents will leave their droppings all over your attic floor, which can stain wood and insulation, risk diseases spreading, and create a foul smell in the attic air (that can then seep down through the ceiling into the lower reaches of your house.)

We can inspect your attic for rodents and other pests, plug any entry points much the same way we would to prevent air leaks, install wire mesh where necessary to block rodents from clawing their way in, and cap vents and unused chimneys. Additionally, we can trim back any tree branches hanging over your roof (rodent highways!), set traps and baits, and clean up the mess.

What Sets Pure Eco Apart?


We at Pure Eco realize that insulation and energy efficiency services are a competitive market, and we always respect our customers and give them every reason to choose us over the competition.

Here are some things that set us apart from "the rest of the crowd:"

  • Our consistent, strong commitment to achieving 100% customer satisfaction on every job we take on.
  • Our long track record of greatly improved attics and home energy efficiency levels, and our success at pleasing our customers.
  • Our reputation in the community that gets us many of our new jobs via referrals from old clients.
  • Our willingness to customize our services to meet the needs and preferences of each client.
  • Our ability to help you qualify for government incentive programs at the federal, state, and/or local levels.
  • The fact we 100% licensed, bonded, and insured. Feel free to verify our contractor's license by clicking on this link.
  • The fact that our estimates are free, upfront, and accurate, allowing you to plan and budget with confidence.
  • Our strong work ethic that keeps us working normal work days diligently from job's start to finish. We always show up on time.
  • Our constantly open lines of communication. We will keep you posted on any/all developments as your project progresses. And you can easily contact us to get answers to your questions or make changes of plan.

To learn more about our services, call us today for a free initial estimate by dialing (877) 870-7998. (We serve Chatsworth, all of Los Angeles and L.A. County, and all of Southern California.)



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Christopher G.

Christopher G.

I already had my main attic done last year by a different company that did not do what they said they would and ended up damaging my ceiling. Decided to go with a different company this time around for a smaller attic of an addition that isn’t directly connected to the main attic.

The attic had no insulation at all (built in the 1930s). It needed debris vacuumed out, rodent proofing, and R-38 batt insulation.

After getting quotes from several folks, decided to go with Pure Eco. Quick turnaround, reasonably priced, good professional crew lead by Martin, and clear communication through my assigned contact Jasmine. Discussion and quote was based on photos I took. Contract and payment was handled all through e-doc services. And they made sure to give me an overview of the work done before leaving. The difference in temperature was a noticeable improvement that night.

Highly recommend.

Mark F.

Mark F.

Our home needed some serious insulation and duct work done. It was awful and quite old (the insulation shrunk to approximately 3″). We called three companies for a quote, and we only saw two. We decided to go with them, before seeing the third, because of the amazing deal they offered and because they would be able to do it immediately. Ben was our sales guy and he was more than helpful and extremely knowledgeable. He made sure to inform us that they are licensed, bonded, and have workers’ compensation insurance, which kept me at ease.

The following day was the installation. Ben told us that they would be there from 8AM – 7PM (latest). They arrived on time, and completed the job by 3PM!!! I was shocked and thoroughly pleased. William, the supervisor of our job, was extremely friendly, and his crew was very professional. They cleaned up their mess; it looked as clean as when they arrived.

I highly recommend them and think that anyone that uses them will do so as well. Hi

Mary Beth

Mery Beth W

I am a firm believer in referrals from friends when it comes to anything for my home and this company was a good referral for sure. My husband and I love Pure Eco and would definitely recommend them to everyone.

They have very professional installers and managers. Everything went smoothly from the scheduling to the end of the job. They use new machines and trucks (I tend to judge a book by it’s cover, unfortunately).

We had them replace our duct system and they installed Radiant barrier. They came in and did their job and left with no mess behind. Definitely give them a try!

Mery Beth W.

Ron S.

Ron S.

We recently bought a house in Canyon Country and the garage was completely exposed and got extremely hot this time of year. When it was 90 degrees outside, the garage was well over 100 degrees. I got quotes from about a half dozen companies but was the most impressed with Pure Eco, especially their representative Sara. She was very helpful and she worked with me on the quote and gave me a lot of of great suggestions as to the best way to get our garage as cool as possible while staying within our limited budget. She recommended insulating the ceiling and front gable and then putting in radiant barrier. Her team came out and did the job in one afternoon and cleaned up afterwards. And now our garage is a LOT cooler. I can definitely recommend Pure Eco.

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