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Nobody likes to clean the crawl space. However, with Pure Eco Inc.'s crawl space cleaning services available near you, Our specialists take care of your crawl space and clean it from debris, animal droppings, and any other unwanted visitors. Just contact us!


The crawl space is likely the last part of your home you want to even think about, much less “crawl” down into to clean, seal, or re-insulate. And yet, the truth is that dirty, damp, and un- or under- insulated crawl spaces can be a big problem.

Water, mold, debris, mud, decaying leaves, and more in your crawlspace can attract mice, rats, and insects. Water damage to structural supports in your crawlspace can compromise the integrity of your home.

Mold spores can work their way up through the floor boards or via HVAC ducts into the rest of your house above. And crawlspace insulation can get damp and dirty, greatly reducing its effectiveness.

At Pure Eco, we have the experience and determination it takes to transform your crawl space into something you can be proud of. Our crawl space cleaning services eliminate all of the problems and dangers a poorly kept up crawlspace can cause.

And “while we’re down there,” we can also take care of any other problems like air leaks, holes through which rodents and other pests are entering, or insulation that needs to be replaced.

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Crawl space cleaning services in Los Angeles - Pure Eco Inc


There are a number of important reasons why it’s worthwhile to have your crawlspace professionally cleaned. It’s not just a matter of “not liking dirt.” There are real problems that crawl space cleaning can solve or prevent.

Here is a short list of the most important reasons why you may want to get your crawlspace cleaned:

  • Mold and mildew have infested it, and the mold and/or its spores may soon spread, affecting the rest of your house and the quality of indoor air you and your family breathe day to day.
  • Rodents and insects are happily living in your dirty crawlspace, and they also are threatening to expand their domain to the rooms just above.
  • The unpleasant odors emanating from the lowest room of your house are becoming noticeable or even intolerable.
  • Cracks or holes in your crawlspace’s walls are letting in water and pests.
  • Crawlspace humidity and dampness is leading to structural damage to wood beams.
  • Your insulation is damp, dirty, contaminated with rodent droppings, and may even be functioning as a nesting site for pests.

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Now, all of the above are good reasons to clean a crawlspace, but some may wonder if cleaning it out themselves might be a feasible option. And of course, there are some brave DIY-ers willing to venture down into the crawlspace and who possess the skills and tools it takes to get it done right.

But, in reality, very few people want to even crawl down into their crawlspace, especially if it’s damp, dirty, and infested with rodents and insects. And, it takes a professional to know how to effectively deal with black mold, how to identify and measure the seriousness of structural damage, or to create a full vapor barrier in the crawlspace.

It also takes special tools to clean certain types of contamination, and you have to wear full protective clothing while doing all of this work.

Allergens, pathogens, aggressive rodents, exposed or loose wiring, and more could all await you down in the crawlspace. In sum, this is one of those types of jobs typically best left to the professionals – and that’s us! We at Pure Eco can take care of your crawlspace problems for you so you don’t have to!


Besides simply averting disaster or correcting any of the various problems we’ve mentioned so far, here are three other TOP BENEFITS of getting your crawlspace cleaned AND ensuring you have a proper vapor barrier, humidity level, and good insulation down below:

Health Benefits!

The disease, mold, allergens, and generally "rancid air" that can fester in a dingy old crawlspace can seep up into the air in your living spaces. If your ducts run through the crawlspace, then it's even more likely bad crawlspace air will pollute your good "upper level" air. A much as 40% of the air circulating in and out of a home passes through the crawlspace, and breathing contaminated air can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, or worse. Plus, diseases can spread from rodents (alive or dead), insects, and germ-infested water and dampness.

Save Money!

A total crawlspace makeover can save you as high as 30% on your monthly energy bill. How? By eliminating the conditions that attract insulation-destroying rodents and sealing holes to keep them out. By replacing damaged insulation if necessary, by air sealing, and by upgrading your ducts if they're inadequate. By preventing air coming in/out through the crawlspace from diluting your conditioned indoor air, you won't have to spend as much to heat/cool your home.

Help the Environment!

Can a crawl space be environmentally friendly (or unfriendly)? Yes, it can. When a crawlspace keeps the heated or cooled air trapped inside your home, it not only lowers your energy bill but it reduces your carbon footprint. When damp crawlspaces destroy structural wood, more trees have to be cut down to repair the damage. When insulation is ruined by moisture, rodents, and bugs, then more manufacturing has to be done to replace it, and the old insulation has to be thrown into a dump.

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Before Professional Intervention by crawl space cleaning company - PureEcoInc
After proffecional crawl space cleaning services in Los Angeles - Pure Eco Inc


Besides just cleaning of the crawl space, we at Pure Eco offer a number of other related services as well. In fact, we offer “full crawl space services,” so whatever problem you may have in your crawlspace, or if you just want a crawlspace inspection, we can handle it.

Aside from cleaning services, where we remove all debris and garbage from your crawlspace floor, de-mold, de-tox, and thoroughly sanitize the whole crawlspace, we also offer:

1. Rodent Proofing

One very common problem in L.A. Area crawlspaces, which we get a lot of calls about, is rodent infestations. On the other hand, you may not even know that you have rats or mice living just under your floor until after you get your crawlspace cleaned or inspected.

In rodent proofing, we will go on a “search and destroy” mission in your crawlspace. We know how to find rodents’ entry points and permanently seal them off with metal screening and/or foam sealant, depending on the exact situation.

If rodents have already chewed through wiring, damaged pipes or duct work, destroyed insulation, or contaminated the area with feces, urine, or their dead carcasses, we will deal with that for you too.

We at Pure Eco have deep experience in rodent proofing both crawl spaces and attics. We know what works and what doesn’t. We can set traps to kill off rodents already present as well as fortify your crawlspace to minimize the risks of a re-infestation.

2. Air Sealing

Not only do holes need to sealed to prevent the entry of unwanted guests (rodents and insects), but any draft needs to be plugged up to prevent the loss of your conditioned indoor air.

Unless air sealing is done first, installing insulation will be of little value. The R-value of insulation can be reduced by as much as 50% due to unsealed holes and cracks in your crawl space walls.

At Pure Eco, we are experts at locating all air leak points and effectively, permanently sealing them, and thus, lowering your energy bill and preparing the wall for crawlspace insulation.

3. Insulate OR Re-Insulate

The intense moisture levels in many L.A. Area crawl spaces often dampens and ruins insulation material (typically batts insulation). Rodent droppings, rodent nesting habits, leaky ducts or pipes, and other factors can also cause old insulation to deteriorate to the point it ought to be replaced.

In other cases, the crawlspace never was insulated to begin with, OR it never was sufficiently insulated.

We can install insulation in your crawlspace where there’s none, add more if necessary, or tear out and dispose of old insulation and replace it with new material – whichever is most appropriate to the situation.

Many people ask if it’s really necessary to replace old, damp, dirty, dingy insulation. The answer is, yes, if you want your insulation to work like it’s supposed to. Of course, it depends on the level of the damage, and you may only need some of your insulation replaced rather than all of it – but the point is that insulation can be damaged to the point its useless and needs to be replaced.

We can help you select an insulation type that fits your R-value needs, your budget, and your concern for our environment. And we take care of getting rid of the old insulation – without leaving any mess behind!

4. Duct Replacement

If you have duct work running through your crawlspace, as many in Southern California do, it’s not uncommon for older ducts to get cracked and leaky.

It may be we can seal a few small duct leaks and save an old duct, OR it may be that the duct is too badly damaged and really needs to be replaced.

Either way, we can handle the job. We can inspect your ducts and fix or replace them (if necessary and you decide to do it) quickly, professionally, and at a very competitive rate.

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Pure Eco has been in the insulation and energy efficiency business for many, many years now, and we have established a sterling reputation in the Los Angeles Area as a name that can be trusted unhesitatingly.

We have nurtured deep, lasting community ties and have fostered an ongoing relationship with our clients. Our customer satisfaction rates are extremely high, consistently, and we frequently get new customers on recommendation from old ones.

You can check out our customer reviews on Yelp or elsewhere online, and you will find that the great majority of them are extremely positive.

At Pure Eco, we give you good reason to choose us over the competition to clean out your crawlspace:

Decades of combined experience on our staff

We have seen every type of crawlspace imaginable before and know how to best work with/in each one.

No job too big, too small, or too dirty!

We have the tools and the determination it takes to tackle any and all crawlspaces and sanitize them like you never thought possible.

Rapid service on your schedule

We can respond quickly to your call for crawl space cleaning services. We can get you on our schedule right away and work at a time that also fits your schedule.

Done right; no mess

We clean thoroughly in a step by step organized manner and leave nothing undone. And once we're done, we take the mess away to the local dump - we never leave it for you to handle like some other companies.

Multiple additional services

You don't have to call in a separate company to take care of insulating, re-insulating, rodent proofing, or air sealing your crawlspace. We are the one stop shop that handles it all, which saves you time and money!

Affordable rates

We offer highly competitive rates on all our services, including crawlspace cleaning. We have no hidden fees, and we give you a no obligation, accurate quote upfront.

Environmental concern

Last but not least (our name is Pure "Eco" after all), we always help you save money on energy and lower all negative impacts on the environment in everything we do.


We acknowledge that soundproof installations can strain a family budget. So, to help your familiar avoid putting this project on hold for another year, Pure Eco is pleased to announce that it offers GreenSky credit to our clients. GreenSky offers credit to its clients to finance green home improvements, solar panel installations, and other environmentally conscious goals.

You must meet certain qualifications to be accepted into the GreenSky program, however, we are familiar with GreenSky and will help you through the process. Essentially, the program requires you to use the funds to make improvements on your home that improve its energy efficiency and make it more “green.” Luckily, our insulation products and techniques dampen noise and improve the energy efficiency of your home.


What does a professional crawl space cleaning service in Los Angeles typically entail?

A professional cleaning your crawl space in LA will typically begin by inspecting your crawl space to assess the extent of cleaning required and to identify any potential issues, such as pest infestations, water damage, or mold growth.


The next step is to remove any debris, dirt, and damaged or contaminated insulation materials from the crawl space. They will also look for signs of pest infestation. If they detect any, they may recommend and perform pest control measures to eliminate the problem and prevent future infestations.


The crawl space will then be thoroughly sanitized using specialized cleaning agents and equipment to eliminate any remaining contaminants and mold or mildew.


The cleaning crew will also inspect the insulation. If necessary, they will recommend upgrading or replacing it to improve your home’s energy efficiency.


Finally, they will check your ventilation. Proper crawl space ventilation is crucial for preventing moisture issues and maintaining a healthy indoor environment. The service provider will inspect and recommend improvements to your crawl space’s ventilation system if necessary.

Why is crawl space clean up service important for homeowners in Los Angeles?

Crawl space cleaning in Los Angeles is essential for maintaining a healthy and energy-efficient home. First of all, it helps improve your home’s air quality. Since a significant portion of the air in your home comes from the crawl space, keeping it clean can help to prevent the entry of contaminants, allergens, and pollutants, leading to better indoor air quality.


Also, it can increase your energy efficiency. A clean crawl space allows for proper insulation and ventilation, which contribute to a more energy-efficient home. This can result in lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment.

Can I clean my crawl space myself, or should I hire a professional crawl space cleaning service in Los Angeles?

While it is possible to clean your crawl space yourself, a professional crawl space cleaning crew is trained to work in confined spaces and has the necessary protective gear and equipment to perform the job safely, thus minimizing the risk of injury or exposure to harmful substances. They also have the experience and tools to ensure a comprehensive cleaning, addressing all potential issues and leaving your crawl space in optimal condition.


In addition, a professional service can identify and resolve underlying issues such as pest infestations, mold growth, or inadequate insulation and ventilation, which you may overlook if you attempt the job yourself.


Finally, cleaning a crawl space can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Hiring a professional service can save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your life.

How often should I have my crawl space cleaned in Los Angeles?

The frequency of crawl space cleaning depends on various factors, such as the age and condition of your home, its location, and the presence of pests or moisture issues. Generally, it is recommended to have your crawl space inspected and cleaned every 3 to 5 years. However, if you notice signs of infestation, mold growth, or other problems, you should address them immediately by contacting a professional crawl space cleaning service.

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