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Rat Proof

The disease and damage caused by invading rodents are far too risky to ignore. If you already have a rat or mouse infestation in your home or if you simply want to do all you can to prevent that from ever happening, rat proofing you house is the wisest move you can make.

At Pure Eco, we have been in the business of making Los Angeles and Southern California homes/businesses "rat proof" for many, many years. We know how to effectively, efficiently block potential entry points of rodents as well as clean up the damage they may already have done in your attic, crawlspace, or other rooms of your house.

When hot, dry weather arrives in L.A., rodents don't like to stay outside in the sweltering heat any more than you do! But you don't have to let them inside - let Pure Eco rat proof your premises to reduce the chances of a rodent infestation to the absolute minimum.

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Why Should You Care About Rat Proofing?

Besides the alarming scratching sounds inside your walls and ceilings and the occasional glance at a scampering rodent, there are much more serious reasons why "de-ratting" and rat proofing your home is a necessity, not a mere convenience.

Rodents Are Disease Spreaders

First of all, rodents are notorious carriers of diseases, such as HPS and salmonella. Many pathogens rodents carry into your home can infect people and cause serious health conditions to both you and your family. But we'll look at HPS and salmonella because they are the two most common serious diseases spread by rats and mice.

HPS (Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome), is a respiratory disease that can give you fever, chills, headaches, gastro-intestinal discomfort, vomiting and diarrhea spells, dizziness, chronic fatigue, mental confusion, and severe muscle and joint aches.

These symptoms and others set in within a few days of contracting HPS and can last from one to five weeks. Exposure to the feces and urine of infected rats and mice is the usual cause of HPS in humans.

Another disease that is often spread by rodents (not just chickens!) is salmonella. Salmonella begins to show itself when symptoms like abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and fever appear (usually 12 or more hours after contracting the disease.) In some cases, salmonella runs itself out in 4 days to a week, but in other instances, it requires a stay at the hospital.

Over a million people in the US get infected with salmonella every year, and around 450 people die from the disease annually. Children, the elderly, and those with weak immune systems are especially at risk.

When you let rodents and other disease carriers like squirrels, possums, and bats make themselves at home in your home, that endangers the health of your family. That's the number one reason to rat proof your building.

Rodents Are Destroyers

Aside from the health issue, there's another reason it's serious business when rodents take up residence in your home. They are known to destroy and damage your building in a variety of ways.

Even in the attic and crawlspace - or in the ceiling or inside of the walls, rodents damage insulation when they nest in it, which lowers its R-value and thus raises your energy costs.

Rodents also chew on wiring, vinyl plumbing pipes, woodwork, furniture, and more. They "leave their mark" on your home in all kinds of undesirable ways! 

Finally, rodents will make a mess on the floor with their droppings and urine trails. Rodent droppings can actually permanently stain insulation and can deeply stain exposed rafters and studs in the attic.

How Do You Fight Back Against Rodents?

The first step in rat proofing your home is the inspection. We at Pure Eco have often found rodents dwelling in clandestinely in homes without the homeowners even realizing it. But even if you don't presently have any rodents, you'll need to inspect to make sure and to locate possible rodent entry points so we can seal them off.

We can set traps to help you get rid of an existing rodent problem. Or, you could call an exterminator and have Pure Eco simply work on a preventative basis. Or, you could handle the trapping DIY. 

But whatever approach you choose, there are a number of strategies you need to put in place to achieve the best possible results.

Sanitize Your Premises

First of all, rodents love dirty, dingy places to live. And they will gravitate to wherever they can find a ready supply of food and water. AND, you'll want to get rid of the mess rats and mice have already made besides preventing a repeat performance.

That's why we offer sanitization services at Pure Eco that can remove the dirt and debris from rodent-infested parts of your home. And, we vacuum, sweep, and cleanse away rodent droppings, rodent-urine stains, and other rodent-created messes.

You'll also want to eliminate food supplies of rodents by sealing all stored food stuffs in tight-lidded containers, and effectively locking intruders out of your pantry and cabinetry. Keep counters and floors clean, never leave pet food out in the bowl overnight (or it quickly becomes "rat food"), and never leave water in the sink or sitting anywhere else that rodents might be able to drink it.

Finally, also fight the war on rodents outside of your building. Trim back weeds and foliage next to the house, store firewood sufficiently far from your building, and keep your yard free of unnecessary debris and clutter.

A few final outdoor tips: cut back tree branches that approach or overhand your roof so rodents don't use them as a pathway to your attic, use locking-lid trash cans outside, and use bird feeders that hang from a branch by a strong or that otherwise can't be accessed by rodents.

Seal Off Entry Points

If you've created a clean environment which offers no easy food, water, or shelter for rodents, and you're already working on trapping any rodents already present, there are two more things to take care of: assess and repair all the damage and seal off all rodent entry points.

During the inspection, we will find out what kind of damage rodents may have already done to your home and, with your permission, go ahead and fix it. That may mean replacing damaged insulation where rodents had been nesting, redoing some chewed-through wiring, replacing a damaged vent cover, or a host of other odds and ends.

But the "main event" with rat proofing is clearly the process of identifying and then sealing all potential rodent entry points. How do we do that? Here is a basic overview of the process:

  1. We use a foam sealant to plug up cracks and crevices in your walls, attic, foundation, or other locations. You'd be amazed at how small a hole or crack a rodent can squeeze through! Even a quarter-inch diameter gap could let in a small mouse.
  2. Next, we put up metal screening wherever it makes sense to prevent rodents from chewing their way into the building. When rats chew wood, they don't mind it. But when they chew on metal, it hurts their teeth and they ultimately give up. Metal mesh can be used as a back-up to foam and is especially recommended for gaps an inch or two or more across.
  3. We can also put wire mesh over your downspouts to keep rodents from trying again and again to "go up the water spout" and right into your house!
  4. We'll fix all leaking pipes or drains, or we can find them and you can have a plumber fix them or go DIY on it. But you can't have a ready water supply from a leaky pipe inviting new rodents in - to say nothing of water damage and a high water bill!
  5. You'll need to fix or replace any doors or windows with holes in them or in the frames. If the weather stripping is missing or not tight enough, that also has to be addressed. All windows should be screened. And if rodents have been chewing on the bottom of your door - it's time to block them off with a metal kick plate.
  6. It's important to thoroughly inspect and take action wherever wires, cables, pipes, or other utilities enter your home. Tools like sheet metal, wire mesh, foam sealant, and hardware cloth will make these favorite entry ways obstacles instead. Placing rodent guards around vertically positioned pipes that climb your house's walls is especially important here.
  7. The chimney (if you have one) should be capped. And if vents or vent screens are missing or damaged, they need to be replaced. Any holes or damaged shingles on your roof need to be repaired as well.

At Pure Eco, we don't cut any corners when it comes to sealing your home against potential rodent invasion. We have the tools and experience it takes to locate and effectively seal any and all rat/mouse entry points.

We probe your building for weak or rotted wood, use a flashlight to locate otherwise hard to find holes and gaps, and utilize our extensive experience in looking in all the "usual places" where rodents are known to get in.

And when you seal your home against rodents, the bonus is that you also air seal it simultaneously. And air sealing will benefit your building by keeping out unwanted moisture, bettering the quality of indoor air, and lowering your monthly energy bill. And of course, sealing up your home (along with proper ventilation) will benefit the environment too by lowering your carbon footprint!

Finally, we should not that it's never 100% impossible for a rodent to somehow find its way into a building, not matter how tightly you seal it up. And over time, storms and forces of nature or the natural process of a house settling on its foundation can create new gaps/cracks. Plus, if a gap is foam-sealed but not backed up with wire mesh, it's possible a rodent could "get smart" and chew through the foam.

What rat proofing does is greatly reduce the chances of a rodent getting into your building. It brings it down to the minimum. But it's still advisable to have a new rodent proofing inspection every 5 or 10 years just to be sure your seal is still "unbroken" and you don't have a rodent infestation that, perhaps, you weren't even aware of.   

Why Choose Pure Eco?

We at Pure Eco offer you numerous benefits and advantages that set us above our competition and have given us the sterling reputation among L.A. Area communities that we enjoy today.

You can check out our online reviews by past customers, and you'll find that they are overwhelmingly positive. Our customer satisfaction rate and our constant stream of new customers via referral from past customers also speak to the fact we are consistently treating our customers right.

Here are 5 key areas where Pure Eco has differentiated itself in the insulation and related industries:

  1. Depth of experience. We have decades of combined experience on staff for rat proofing and all the rest of our many valuable services.
  2. Efficiency in delivering top-tier quality. Not only do we deliver true workmanship in everything we do, but we do it in a reasonable amount of time and on a schedule that is convenient to you.
  3. Professionalism and integrity. Not every company is out there is reputable, but we at Pure Eco are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We stand by our work with valuable warranties. And we always treat you with the utmost respect.
  4. Maximized energy savings. We know how to get the maximum energy savings for you out of every service we perform - yes, even rat proofing!
  5. Concern for the environment. As our name emphatically implies, we do everything possible to help the environment and the planet.

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