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Installing insulation into your home and business is very important.

You definitely don't want to be throwing your money away.

The purpose of insulation is to regulate the temperature in your home. Who wants to spend money that is slipping out the cracks of your home? That’s literally like throwing your money out the window.

If you enjoy to do so great! Maybe I should go stand outside your window, but if you are like most this is unacceptable. You work hard for your money and you want your money to eventually work for you.

Investing your money into your home can be beneficial and gratifying.

According to, also featured on CNN, Forbes, Yahoo, MSNBC, Wall Street, and Us News; the 7 projects that will add value to your home is:

    1. Remodeling the Kitchen
    2. Bathroom Addition
    3. Adding Energy - Efficient Windows
    4. Deck Addition
    5. Energy Efficient Insulation
    6. Basic Updates

Energy Efficient Insulation, that's where Pure Eco Inc. comes in! We can be sure that your home will save you money with your utility bills!

Attic Insulation, is most popular choice why? Because heat travels up and most homes do not have enough or no insulation to keep it down. Energy Star reports that you can save up to  20% on utility cost with insulation installed into your home.

Benefits are:

  • Year round thermal comfort
  • Reduced noise sounds
  • Savings on energy cost
  • Helping the environment
  • Condensation control

Attic Fan, circulate the air inside of the attic. Keeping the temperature in the room a moderate temperature. This also prevents air to create moisture in the attic causes mold and mildew. It's a good idea to have an  attic fan installed in the attic, to help serve the insulation for enhanced performance.

Crawl Space Insulation, while heat travels up the crawl space creates cold floors. Crawl Space is located underneath your home, and down there you can find allergens that can go through your ventilation, rodents, extreme temperature changes due to the water pipes below, and this creates problems with the air quality, comfort, loss of energy which results of loss of money.

It's important to consider insulating your crawl space, it can make all the difference.

Wall Insulation, The wall consumes more energy than the attic does about 35% of your energy bill. Why? Because, the walls are like the foil paper around your potato. Your potato will get cold or wouldn't cook if it wasn't insulated inside the foil right? Well, this analogy works the same way with the walls in your home. If you are building a home or adding an addition to your home than placing batts in between the joist and studs is one way. Or,  if your walls are pre-existing than blown-in insulations is recommended. Blown-In insulation, is for pre-existing walls. The process is drilling 2” holes about 16” apart around the inside/outside of the house/room.

SoundProof Insulation, all insulation has prevents noise to some degree, however when you install soundproof insulation you are getting a real silent treat. The brand we install as soundproof insulation is ROXUL, not only is it a great way to keep your home insulated, it also improves the fire resistance of your home and reduce unwanted noise between rooms of the house.

Seal Cracks, is also recommended.  Sealing the cracks all around your house will keep out any unwanted air as well as trapping the air desired inside. U.S Department of Energy, estimates the average house leaks in the amount of a 3x3 foot hole in wall. The best time to detect the leaks in your home is in the winter time. Walk around and if you feel a draft than you have a leak.

Popular places are:

  1. Electronic Sockets and light Switches
  2. Attic
  3. Basement                                                                                                                                                                      
  4. Anywhere Ducts and Wires  Go Outside the House
  5. Around the Doors and Windows.

Radiant Barrier, Living in Southern California we all know that the sun loves to shine creating heat. The radiant barrier acts like a reflector from the sun. It will keep the sun from making your attic extremely hot. Think of radiant barrier as the skin in your home, it will also prevent your AC working overtime to cool an area. The radiant barrier we use is the same material as the ones NASA uses on the space shuttles and suits. Pretty cool right!?

Ductwork Replacement, Most people do not consider checking their ducts, and that's understandable. Here are some signs that indicates it might be time to change your ducts.

  1. Higher electricity bill
  2. Temperature won't feel even around the house
  3. Build up of moisture, dust, and stuffiness throughout the house.

Crawl Space/Attic Cleaning, have you ever went to your attic space before? And how does it look? Most homes, this space is dusty, full of spider webs, has insects, perhaps homes to other critters, and even though you do not see it; you are still breathing this air. All these allergens are getting into the vents including the rodents feces! It's recommended that you clean your crawl space or attic.

Rat Proofing, if you have not yet experience a rodent problem consider yourself lucky! But to keep it this way we suggest rat proofing your home. Rodents carry many diseases that can make you sick. The air carries their dandruff and the germs they carry in their feces and urine. These germs can create illness such as Salmonella or hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). It is highly recommended to rat proof your house to prevent these dangers.

There is a lot to consider when improving your home, and being cost efficient is necessary. We try our best to give you the best deal we can, along with excellent customer service. Our team will always make sure we do efficient and clean work! This shouldn't be a frustrating time for you rather a time where you know you are helping the value of your home, improving your comfortability, saving money, saving the energy, and saving the earth. That's a whole lot of saving if you ask me! This will be a positive experience for you all year long even after we are done insulating your home!

Pure Eco is here for you and will  help guide you through each step of the way.

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