Eco-Friendly Home Insulation Materials

Recent statistics and research have already established how crucial home insulation is for our buildings and our annual energy cost savings. Over the years, there’s been an emphasis on using Eco-friendly insulation materials to reduce our carbon footprint.

Forbes, in their recent blogs, mentioned that we’ve found ways to generate energy through solar panels but should also be focusing on how we can conserve the energy we use every day. Eco-friendly, less wasteful, and landfill-burdening insulation is the leading solution to proper insulation and efficient waste reduction.

We have a list of green insulation ideas for your Pasadena insulation projects. Reach out to our attic insulation contractors in California to discuss financing options with us.

Denim Insulation

This insulation has 100% recyclable material to it. Denim insulation has become ever more popular in recent years for its material, recycled jeans, and for being effective for crawlspaces. It’s considered better than fiberglass insulation since fiberglass is only around 20% recyclable.

An attractive feature of the insulation is its great acoustic insulation properties.

Icynene/ Spray Foam Insulation

The insulation is ideal for walls, roofs, and attics. It’s made of polyurethane and could be sprayed on walls. The insulation is safe for domestic use since it doesn’t contain any toxic elements, harmful gases, pungent odor, or synthetic chemicals. The R-value for the insulation is 3.7 per inch. This is quite a good R-value for homes located in severe climate zones.

Pro tip: Always keep your building layout in view when deciding on building insulation services.

We’d recommend you take expert advice for your building type, insulation material, and the insulation method that’ll best suit your home. For insulation installation in Northridge, contact us for our free consultation services.

Roxul Insulation

This type of insulation uses stone wool for barricading sound and unwanted noise. Stone wool is a porous structure whose multiple layers help dissipate as much sound as possible. The insulation has great advantages for in-house studios, media, and baby rooms.


The insulation industry is well acquainted with cellulose as an effective and Eco-friendly insulation material. The product is made from recycled paper and is ideal for congested wall and roof cavities. This makes the material perfect for crawlspaces and attic roofs, and wall insulation. You can decide upon the method for installing cellulose insulation.

insulating new homes


The product is made from tree corks; the dead outermost layer of tree trunks. The layers offer effective insulation and have a negative carbon footprint. The material is free from toxins and has no additives, harmful chemicals, or synthetic additions.

For attic insulation in Northridge and Pasadena, contact our insulation service, Pure Eco Inc. We offer attic insulation for new buildings and soundproofing insulation installation in Northridge for domestic and commercial properties.  Contact us at +18778707998 to know more about our energy-saving home insulation materials.

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