Attic insulation

Benefits of Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is not something most homeowners prioritize when renovating their homes. After all, the attic is a dusty and dark place where we keep things that we don’t otherwise need. So, what’s out of sight, stays out of mind. And this is why many people don’t realize how important it is to check for insulation in their attics and basements when they buy houses.

So, if your attic isn’t insulated, now’s the perfect season to get it done.

Here are some benefits of attic insulation:

It Helps Controls Air Leakage

Did you know that 40 per cent of your home cooling or heating costs is due to air leakages from your walls, floors, and ceilings? Insulating your attic limits air breakage into your home. So, if you control the leaks in your home, you can reduce your electricity bills.

It Gives Your Home Better Air Quality

Pollutants can enter your home and cause health problems. Mold, smoke, and dirt can affect your and your children’s health, especially if they’re allergic and have asthma. These pollutants can cause headaches, fatigue, respiratory problems, and other health issues. So, attic insulation and home insulation can protect your home environment.

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It Deters Pests

The last thing you want is a nest of rats and raccoons settling in your attic. If your insulation is old, they can find a way into your attic, make a nest, leave droppings, and ruin your belongings. This can also become a health hazard. So, ensure to update your insulation this season.

Keeps The Interior Temperature Stable

If your home is under-insulated or uninsulated, it can cause temperature fluctuations in your home. It means that your things can get damaged. Faux leather purses can get ruined, bugs can get in your clothing, your old cassettes and CDs can deteriorate, etc. So, the upstairs could be hotter than your living room and bedrooms downstairs.

Therefore, insulation installation for your attic is very important. This way, you can protect your valuables in the attic and go down memory lane with your children and grandchildren whenever you like.

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Get Quality Attic Insulation In Canyon Country

Attic insulation can protect your home from moisture damage, pest infiltration, and temperature changes. Now that you know how to protect your home, get in touch with us at Pure Eco Inc.  

We offer quality home and attic insulation services all over Los Angeles, California. Call us anytime to get a quote on your home and attic insulation.

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