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Warning Signs That It’s Time to Clean Out Your Attic

The attic is one of those places that nobody wants to clean. In fact, it’s so unappealing that most homeowners would rather not even acknowledge its existence. The attic may be out of sight, but it is still part of the main home, and if it’s not cleaned properly, the whole house will feel the consequences.

The benefits of attic cleaning are even more pronounced in the winter months. They not only improve the appearance of your home, but they also affect the health of everyone living there.

If you’ve been waiting for a push to finally clear out your attic, here are some signs to look out for:

Temperature shifts inside your home

You can tell your home is properly insulated if the temperature is constant, no matter which room you enter. However, if you notice any inconsistencies between rooms, the insulation in your attic may be slacking. Just make sure to clean the attic and remove the old insulation before getting the new attic insulation installed.

Pest-infestation in the attic

There are times when you just want to shut the attic hatch and ignore the little monsters that live there, but problems like a mouse or pest infestation can’t be ignored. Animal feces and fluids are a breeding ground for the insects and rodents that spread diseases. Letting these uninvited guests stay will have serious consequences for your health and home.

An insulation contractor insulating a roof

Suspicious smells around the house

Does your home, despite its cleanliness, uncluttered gutters, and efficient plumbing, have an unpleasant odor? There’s a good chance the issue is up in the attic. A foul odor can infiltrate the home if dust, trash, animal feces, or dead animals are rotting away in its crevices. Cleaning the attic thoroughly and removing all this waste should solve the issue.

Respiratory issues and allergies

Household pollutants are strongly linked to a variety of health problems. Your attic is no exception to this rule. If you’ve noticed a recent flare-up in your allergies or unusual breathing problems, your attic might need deep cleaning and proper insulation.

Contact the pros to handle your attic insulation and cleaning

As a fully insured and accredited insulation installation company, we provide free estimates, payment plans, and outstanding services at Pure Eco Inc. Our attic insulation and cleaning experts will guide you on the right type of insulation for your home. We also offer radiant barrier insulation, soundproofing techniques, and other home improvement services.

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