How Much Attic Insulation Do You Need?

The attic is the highest place in your home space which means air has the highest likelihood of escaping from any gaps and cracks here. That is why it is important to have a properly insulated attic, with the right insulation material and R-Value.

However, there is always a question of how much insulation you need. It is hard to specify the exact amount of material necessary and it is fully dependent on your home’s needs and how much attic insulation you already have. Here is the guide to find out how much attic insulation you need in your home.

Measure the Insulation You Have

You need to make your way into your attic and skim the insulation you have. If the insulation material is at level with or below the floor joists, that means you don’t have enough insulation material in your attic. If the insulation material is covering the floor joists, that means you have enough insulation material. However, you still need to measure the R-Value of the insulation.

R-Value is a rating that determines how efficient the insulation material is in resisting thermal flow. The higher the R-Value, the better the insulation material’s efficiency and performance. In order to tell how much insulation your attic currently has, you will only need a ruler. Measure the height of your insulation from the floor of your attic to where the insulation ends.

Consider Professional Attic Insulation Recommendations

Considering the amount of attic insulation most insulation contractors recommend is the actual amount. For example, the Department of Energy recommends the right home insulation R-Values based on the climate where you live. You will need a higher R-value of insulation if you live in the North than if you live in Southern California.

Choose the Right Insulation Material

Insulation material that works for one homeowner might not always work for another. Choose material according to the R-value necessary for your climate and the problems your home faces.

Fiber glass is a type of plastic material that is reinforced by tiny “glass fibers” that give the material greater strength. Fiber glass can create layers of insulation to reach R-value recommendations of up to R-70. It also fits easily into small spaces because of its lightweight.

Cellulose has up to 85% recycled materials, the remaining ingredients being chemical additives that make it fire, mold, and insect proof.

Cellulose will tend to have a higher R-value than fiber glass, but also cost a bit more. Cellulose sometimes cause dust to come into the home through vents, but there are ways to install it so as to minimize this risk.

Another expensive insulation material is cotton, which is made from recycled denim. Though people praise its soundproofing properties, it is expensive than other insulation materials.

Hire Professionals for Attic Insulation in Los Angeles

When it comes to home insulation in Los Angeles, you can always do your own research, but it is always best to hire a professional. At Pure Eco, we can do a complete “attic makeover” that will make your home highly energy-efficient. Our insulation professionals will assess your attic insulation needs and guide you. Contact us today to know more about attic insulation in Los Angeles.

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