October 16, 2021


What Is All The Rage About Denim Insulation?

Denim Insulation

Pure Eco, is always trying to stay on top of our game with our services and material we use. And so we want to share with you information about denim insulation. Whether you’re unfamiliar with this product or just been introduced to it, we hope this helps you on your search as to what it is, and if it’s something you want to install inside of your home.

A company named Bonded Logic developed the material over 35 years ago and now owns patents to the manufacturing process. Good thing Bonded Logic developed such a system, and now we can all reap the benefits it comes with. It’s been reported that over 24 billion pounds of clothing, jeans included end up in the landfills each year. That is a crazy amount of clothes to just throw away.

Some well known manufacturer companies that participate in this amazing eco friendly insulation is Cotton and Levi Strauss & Co.. Pretty awesome that these big corporations are thinking of every possible way to participate in going about things in a more environment friendly way.  You can also donate your denim to  Blue Jeans Go Green , and participate in this amazing transition into the new world of insulation.

HGTV, featured denim insulation explaining the improved indoor air, high performance, and zero waste this type of insulation provides. They illustrated how denim insulation offers advantages over  the traditional fiberglass batts and blown in such as; sustainability, eco friendliness, excellent thermal performance, better indoor acoustics, better indoor air quality, and improves health and safety. This is one talked about insulation to consider to have inside of your home.

Denim insulation is an amazing idea and we hope you are really considering it. One reason to think of,  you are helping the environment. Like I mentioned early over 24 billion pounds of clothing is thrown away and I’m not even mentioning the other junk thrown in the landfills. The denim comes from scraps and clippings of denim that are found in manufacturing warehouses. Instead of tossing them, they give it to denim insulation manufacturing companies to make. Other of the denim material comes through donation as well. The manufacturer clean and sanitize them in a special rinse. The recycled denim is a sturdy natural cotton fiber weft under two or more warp threads and delivers a high performance of insulation.The most common denim manufacturing companies use is indigo denim. To manufacture this type of insulation requires less energy than it would for other insulation products.

Besides being extremely environmentally friendly, denim insulation delivers with high performance. It comes in average R-values of  R-13, R-19, R-21 and R-30 in 3.4 – 3.7 per inch in batts and blown-in. It can be installed into residential and commercial buildings. Denim insulation performs the same if not better than fiberglass and cellulose. If you’re interested in receiving a LEED Certificate, this can be achieved with denim insulation.

  • Does not itch and is extremely easy to handle.
  • Improves air quality.
  • Ensure a tight friction fit and fill capacity.
  • Provides a maximum R-value performance.
  • Class-A Building material. Meaning it will meet and perhaps over exceed ASTM testing (which is laboratory testing standard) for both commercial and residential insulation.
  • Has a boron-based fire retardant, and also prevents mold and mildew.
  • Soundproof, by reducing the airborne sound transmission from traffic, planes, and everyday city life.
  • Easy to cut and adjust fit into space.

The health benefits of denim insulation is amazing. We all breath in air, and while we are outside, we are breathing in all the pollutants, but why go into your home doing the same thing? Denim insulation contains no chemical irritants and requires no carcinogenic warning label; unlike some other traditional insulation products. No need to worry about airborne particulates! This is eliminated in the surrounding environment, that means you also won’t have to worry about mold and fungi releasing the spores into the air. There is an EPA registered fungal inhibitor that actively resists the growth of mold and fungi.

  • Better air quality.
  • Less energy used resulting to lower energy bills.
  • No chemicals or irritants, causing health issue such as asthma or skin rashes.
  • Fire resistant, Class A building material.
  • Mold and mildew resistant, with EPA fungal inhibitor.
  • Soundproof, with soundproofing technology is traps, isolates, and controls sound waves.
  • Environmental Friendly, doesn’t require much energy to be made, as well as decreases the amount of energy you use inside of your home to make the air comfortable.
  • Health and Safety benefits for you and your family!

Now, with all good things there must be some negative effects to it also right? Having denim insulation is a little more pricey compared to the other insulation in the market, and requires a vapor barrier; which is an additional expense. However, the trade off is participating the care of our environment; and this is a personal decision. The amounts of dump in our landfill will decrease with your participation of having denim insulation installed into your home, and the extra cost wouldn’t matter to you.

Pure Eco, cares about you and the environment we live in! We always make sure that the material we install inside your home is the newest of quality and is safe for your family. We always have our team constantly doing research with the newest material and equipment in order to perform the best work for your home. We are all about customer satisfaction and want to be there for you and your family even when the job is done. We have a staff available to you mon – fri 8:30am – 5pm (pst) and Sunday, same times. Feel free to ask us anything about your research you found online and what you might think will work best for you. We will guide you through the whole process and leave you with a smile on your face! (877)-778-2551

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