January 5, 2023


Vapor Barriers in the Attic: When to Install?

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Although vapor barriers are not one of the most glamorous home additions, they are surely one of the most essential ones. Thanks to their many benefits, vapor barriers are one of the top home upgrades every homeowner wants.

However, if you are not sure when to install a vapor barrier in your attic, you are not alone. Many homeowners have the same question, which is why we are here to help.

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Signs of Mold Growth

If you are noticing mold and mildew growth in your attic, it means you need to install a vapor barrier. The only way to get rid of them is you control the condensation in your attic, which is where vapor barriers come into action.

Not only will it control moisture, but it will also help you maintain optimal home temperatures. It will get rid of the warm air in your attic, ensuring there is no place for mold and mildew to grow.

Pests are Noticeable

When you suspect pests in your home, it means there is excessive moisture in your attic. These conditions are an ideal breeding ground for pests, which is why you need to install vapor barriers to control them.

As the vapor barrier limits moisture in your attic, pests will not be attracted to your home.

Attic contractor
Attic contractor

Poor Air Quality

If you are having difficulty breathing or feel like the air quality is too poor, it means you need to install a vapor barrier in your attic.

The excessive moisture in the air makes it difficult to breathe. Thus, vapor barriers are a smart investment. They limit moisture buildup, improving air quality in your home.

Let the Experts Help You Out!

Now that you know when to install vapor barriers in your attic, it is time to call in the experts.

You can call professionals for vapor barrier installation or attic insulation. The contractors at Pure Eco Inc. can help you with all your attic problems.

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