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The Pros and Cons of Converting Your Attic Space Into a Room

An attic can be so much more than a storage space. From a cozy bedroom to a modern living room, you can convert your attic into a living space, especially if you need to utilize the extra space.

However, it’s not without cons!

Let’s find out the benefits and potential problems that come with attic conversion here:

Attic Conversion: The Pros

Increased Home Value

Every homeowner wants their home’s resale value to be high in case they decide to sell it in the future. Buyers actively search for spaces that are spacious, functional, and aesthetic. This is what makes the attic conversion so great.

Though attic renovation can be costly, it’ll be an investment that’ll pay off! And in the meantime, you’ll enjoy the comfort of a cozy attic bedroom, living room, studio, or gaming room.

a farmhouse-style attic bedroom

Extra Space

Building a new room in a home isn’t exactly a project most homeowners look forward to. It’s costly, and most importantly, you may not even have the space for it.

In a scenario like this, attic conversion becomes a blessing. You can use it to transform your space without affecting the rest of your home. From using it as an extra bedroom to a home office, there’s so much you can do here.

Natural Light

Attics are more susceptible to the weather, but you can always hire reliable attic insulation contractors to clean and insulate your space. Once that is taken care of, you can enjoy direct sunlight and an unobstructed view that’ll make your room additionally aesthetic and functional.

A Distraction-Free Space

Attics provide you with added privacy and a distraction-free space. This makes them an ideal room for studying, working, and relaxing. You can furnish the attic however you like and enjoy the views, peace, and sunlight.

Attic Conversion: The Cons


Attic conversions can be costly. You’ll have to furnish a new area, maintain it, insulate it, and take care of it. That’s why before you take on the project, do a cost analysis to evaluate if it fits your budget.

Temperature Control Issues

Attics need proper insulation; otherwise, they’ll be freezing in the winter and be extremely hot in the summer. This will also increase your energy bills.  So, if you’re thinking about attic conversion, consider having professional attic insulation done by professionals at Pure Eco Inc.

Hire a Reliable Attic Cleaning and Insulation Service in Los Angeles

Before transforming your attic into a room, make sure you get it professionally cleaned and insulated. At Pure Eco Inc., we’re a home insulation company in Los Angeles specializing in attic cleaning and insulation. We also provide air sealing, AC, duct, vent replacement, and other services.

Get in touch with us today for a greener home.

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