Great question, the difference is in the material. The performance on the R value is pretty much the same. The cellulose and fiberglass get its R strength differently but it doesn't change the strength.

Fiberglass basic raw material is; limestone, silica sand, and soda ash.

Cellulose basic raw material is; newspaper, and around 15% of the other material is a fire retardant for example: boric acid.

Fiberglass is more cost efficient and popular in homes. Cellulose is a “Go Green” product. 

It's about preference of the customer and what they want installed in their home.

Your local gas company should offer rebates. The best advice is to contact them or visit your local gas companies website and find out how to apply. Another website to check out is, if your located in Southern California.

The R- value represents the strength of the insulation. However, this doesn't mean you need to get the highest R-value. The R-value is determined by the climate your house is located in. R-30 is minimum for hot climates, R-38 is minimum for temperate climate, and for cold climate; R-49 is another minimum choice for the attic.

You may see R-values as low as R-13 or R-24, these batts are typically installed in the flooring.

Yes, however make sure the old insulation is in good shape and is not wet. Wet insulation can lead to mold, mildew, and this can be bad for your health. Another thing,  is to make sure you don't have rodents living in your attic, flooring, or walls; where the insulation is located. This can be another health factor. Pure Eco will be able to help you if you have any of these problems. We can clean, sanitize, and install new insulation for you.

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Not what you might think. You will be able to recover this money back in the long run, by saving money on those expensive AC and Heater bills.

This is really up to you! But, radiant barrier will help reduce your cost with energy bills much more. Think about a potato. Your potato is already warm from heating it up but, wrapping it with the foil will keep that heat trapped in until you unwrap the foil. Same idea goes for your house, your trapping the cool or warm air in your home.

Yes, Pure Eco can install a brand called ROXUL. This type of insulation is not only Soundproof, but it is Green Manufactured, and Fire Proof. If you chose not to install ROXUL, fiberglass and cellulose is a great alternative to help reduce unwanted sounds.


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