why your attic ventilation is important?

Attics work with your roof to keep you safe, but you need to make sure that your airflow is adequate and working well. It helps keep your energy costs down and protect your home from damage.

Ventilation is the process of allowing an adequate level of airflow to move through an area. Attic ventilation works to combine the natural processes of the stack effect and the wind effect to provide airflow through your attic. Here are some of the reasons why your attic requires proper ventilation.

Low Energy Costs

With a cooler home overall, you’ll start seeing lower energy bills. Since your attic and roof ventilation helps to release the hot air buildup, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable.

When your air conditioner is working more efficiently and not constantly fighting to keep your property cool, your electric bill will go down substantially. This is extremely beneficial for larger homes and homes with a second story. However, you will notice a difference for smaller or one-story homes as well.

Extend Roof Life

Weather is harsh on your roof. Snow, rain, sleet, hail, and high winds build up pressure and cause excess strain. Even direct sunlight takes a toll. Though you might not see it immediately, all of these conditions will impact the lifespan of your roof. For instance, ice is one of the most detrimental weather conditions for your roof’s longevity.

Icicles form along your gutters and when the weather warms up a few degrees, they melt. This water then continues to freeze over. The buildup of this melting and freezing cycle ends up getting inside of your roof and behind your shingles.

When you can see icicles, it’s a sign that your ventilation is inadequate. When you have the proper attic ventilation, the warm air is able to escape more efficiently so that the snow and ice can melt without damaging your roofing system.

Mitigate Moisture

Without any airflow, your attic will eventually get damp. Steam from your home rises up and gets trapped in the attic. When there’s no ventilation to let it out, moisture starts to build up and you’ll start experiencing mold, mildew, and problems with structural integrity. Walls and support beams will start to warp and you could experience issues that extend into your home’s living space.

In extreme cases, people have noticed warped door frames and blistered paint. Too much moisture will damage your insulation, which can be extremely harmful to your health. A well-ventilated home insulation in Los Angeles will help keep you and your family safe and make sure your attic stays dry.

Choose Professionals for Home Insulation

Home insulation professionals know how important it is for you to lower your energy bill, increase the speed at which you can lower/raise your indoor temperatures to a comfortable level, and minimize your carbon footprint to help the environment. At Pure Eco, we can install a wide range of home insulation and quickly assess how much insulation you will need to accomplish your energy efficiency goals.

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