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Ways Attic Insulation Can Save You Money

Dealing with high energy bills each month can be quite worrisome. The leading cause of high energy bills is little to no insulation in your home. While re-insulating the whole house can be costly, attic insulation for energy efficiency would be a good move! The EPA notes that a regular homeowner can save around 11 to 15% of total energy costs by adding insulation in attics, basements, and crawlspaces.

How Much Does Attic Insulation Cost a Regular Homeowner?

Consult our insulation contractors to estimate the total attic insulation cost for your home. Forbes estimates the average cost for attic insulation to be around $5 per square foot. This includes pricing of around $2000, including labor and insulation material. Costs for attic insulation largely depend on the attic’s size.

Attic Insulation for the Floor and the Roof

Insulating your attic floor and roof can save you a good deal on your energy bills. You can add as many insulation layers as you want in an unfinished attic space. If your heating and cooling ducts pass through the attic space, you can install the insulation against the roof. Make sure you choose an insulation material with the appropriate R-value for Californian homes.

For homes in Los Angeles, Tarzana and Camarillo, we’d suggest attic insulation with an R-value of around 30 to 60. The more the R-value of your insulating material, the more heat-resistant it is.

Less Humidity Leads to Less Paint Flaking

Attic insulation is closely related to reducing moisture content in your homes. Installing attic fans provides the much-needed ventilation homes need when it’s humid and warm. If the attic insulation includes vapor diffusion retarders, the moisture content in your home is most likely to reduce.

Lessened humidity due to good insulation leads to less paint flaking and reduced termite growth. Insulating the attic reduces the costs of annual home maintenance.

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Decreased Use of Electrical Appliances

You don’t have to operate your heating and cooling devices on full blast when blown-in attic insulation is installed. We’d recommend loose-fill cellulose or compact fiberglass insulation for homes that have not been re-insulated for the last ten years. Decreased home appliance use will impact energy bills in the long run. Not only are you conserving energy this way, but you are also limiting energy costs for years to come.

Don’t Forget to Seal Air Leaks Before Attic Insulation

Older homes have numerous air leaks and cavities in the walls. Those air leaks during extreme weather lead to temperature imbalance in your home. Save your money by inspecting the walls for air leaks and cavities.

Free Insulation Consultation at Pure Eco Inc.

We understand how multiple financing options allow homeowners to choose from a diverse range of insulating materials. For attic insulation in Canyon Country and Camarillo, opt for our insulation contractors! Contact us at 8778707998 for our attic and crawlspace insulation services.  

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