Is Radiant Barrier Insulation Effective? Things You Need To Know

A radiant barrier insulation is a practical solution to minimize attic heat and energy expenses. The key to its effectiveness is in its ability to minimize the transfer of radiant heat. Many homeowners, particularly in Los Angeles, are saving money on their energy bills by installing a superior radiant barrier in their attic.

A radiant barrier comes as a very thin layer of highly reflective material which is installed in an air space between a heat radiating surface and a heat absorbing surface. The radiant barrier attic insulation is generally placed between the roof and the attic insulation thus blocking the transfer of heat between the two surfaces. As aluminum reflects heat well and does not radiate a lot of heat, it is generally the material used in radiant barrier insulation.

A radiant barrier attic insulation enhance comfort and save money for homeowners. In the absence of radiant barrier insulation, the heat from the attic is radiated to the insulation and ductwork below. Heat is then transferred to the ceiling and distributed by your ductwork as your HVAC circulates air. Thus, you experience a rise in the amount of energy consumed by your air conditioning system.

During summer months, a radiant barrier could save you money during very hot and milder seasons as well. During summer, a radiant barrier block a large amount of heat from transferring into your room, and thus it minimizes cooling costs.

In spring or fall, they could reduce the need for air conditioning in the first place, by blocking nearly all of the heat transfer that would otherwise make living conditions less comfortable. A radiant barrier installation offers you more usable space in your home by making areas without air conditioning such as your garage space or attic more comfortable to work in or use as a storage.

Once installed, depending on your attic environment radiant barrier insulation do not require regular maintenance. Radiant barrier insulation is installed over the insulation on your attic floor. If you don’t have proper ventilation in your attic, it can be dusty.

If there is a dust present in your attic, it is recommended to clean and vacuum the dust off the radiant barrier occasionally. Beyond this, a radiant barrier insulation will work year after year without any maintenance.

Professional Radiant Barrier Insulation installation improves the energy efficiency of your home.  Thus, it improves its resale value. Additionally, there are other benefits of using radiant insulation. Radiant barrier attic insulation is light in weight and much simpler to install, and after installation, there is less clean up needed as there is little risk of tearing or spilling.

Choose Professional Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation Installation

Proper installation of radiant barrier attic insulation is important to ensure proper functioning of the barrier. When it comes to attic insulation in Los Angeles, choose professional insulation installation services. At Pure Eco, we can handle your attic/ceiling insulation job from beginning to end hassle-free. Contact us today to know more about our quality radiant barrier attic insulation.

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