Ideal Insulation Material and Method for Your Attic

Insulation is one of the key roles of an attic in modern homes. When properly installed, insulation materials can keep the heat from escaping your house in the winter, keeping it warm. In the summer, insulation can keep outside heat from getting in, keeping your attic from heating your house. This lowers the energy you spend on heating and cooling, which makes this energy crisis your cue to call insulation installation in Pasadena today.

For this post, we asked our Pasadena insulation professionals at Pure Eco what materials and methods are used for attic insulation. Here’s what we learned.

Person installing attic insulation in Pasadena

Materials Used For Attic Insulation in Pasadena 

The materials used to insulate the attic floors and walls are usually made of fibers. Fibrous materials have tiny pockets that trap air inside them. Air is an excellent insulator of heat. These materials use thousands of layers of these air pockets to restrict heat transfer between your house and your attic. This is also how clothes keep us warm.

There are three categories that these materials fall into. They all work using the same principles, but different materials can offer diverse advantages. The three types are: 

Blanket Insulation

This is the most popular and cost-effective attic insulation in Pasadena that fits the needs of most households. Your insulation contractor will probably suggest blanket insulation unless you have specific needs.

Blown Insulation

This insulation can better fill even the smallest spaces in your attic. Blown insulation also holds stronger than blanket insulation.

An attic with blown insulation in Pasadena

Soundproof Insulation

Although other types of insulation are adequately soundproof, few meet the performance of insulation designed with soundproofing in mind. This insulation is commonly used in media rooms and houses near train stations and airports.

Insulate Your Attic With Pure Eco

At Pure Eco, we’re a leading insulation contractor dedicated to making your house more eco-friendly. With our insulation installation services in Pasadena, you can make your home more energy efficient and start saving on your bills now. We also offer insulation installation services in Hollywood and Northridge.

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