Can a House Be Over-Insulated?

The short answer is, yes, you can over-insulate your home. While your home should be well-insulated against the cold and keep you cool during hot summer months, that doesn’t mean you should cram the walls full. Read on to discover why over-insulating a home isn’t a good idea.

What Happens in an Over-Insulated Home

An over-insulated house is susceptible to mold since it is so tightly sealed that it prevents moisture from escaping. It also prevents air from entering, circulating, and exiting, which can significantly reduce indoor air quality. DIY efforts may do more harm than good. Rather than removing the insulation yourself, consult with professionals who can determine your insulation requirements and ensure new systems are installed correctly.  

The Golden Rule for Insulation

To understand how much insulation you need, you need to understand how heat flows. Heat migrates from a hot to a colder area. Insulation can slow it down.

This is where the material’s R-value comes into the picture. This value should be at least twice the code minimum as a rule of thumb. The rule isn’t set in stone, but it can give you a general idea.

Where You Should Add Insulation

To prevent over-insulation in new construction, focus on adding the material in these areas:

The Attic

Your attic will retain most of the heat from the lower floors. If it escapes during winter, it will increase your energy bills. Insulation can prevent that from happening.

The Walls

Insulation in the walls can reduce the energy required to heat or cool your home, reducing your bill. The material will also dampen sound, giving you and your family more privacy.

The Floors

While heat rises, you can lose a lot of it through the floors, especially flooring over basements or other unheated areas in your home. Whether you have spray, batt, or blow-in insulation, you can prevent that heat from dissipating too fast and reduce noise. If you and your family live on different floors, adding insulation will be worth your while.


Heat can escape through your home’s hidden nooks and crannies, such as crawlspaces. Insulate these spaces to retain more heat and prevent the pipes and ductwork from freezing when temperatures are below freezing.

The Basement

Most homeowners overlook this part of their house when insulation is installed, not knowing it has tremendous benefits. A well-insulated basement can be transformed into a living space and increase your home’s market value. The space will still work to retain heat, even if it is unfinished.

Final Words

Pure Eco Inc. is a five-star rated, licensed, and insured company that serves homeowners in and around the Los Angeles area. Each insulation job is overseen by a project and field manager who can answer all your queries. We also provide all photos and necessary documents required for rebates. Contact us for a free home estimate and quote today by dialing (877)870-7998.

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