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6 Signs of Poor Attic Insulation Every Homeowner in San Fernando Valley Should Know

If your attic has leaks that allow outside air or moisture to enter your home, you will likely face many maintenance problems. Here are some signs that can help you identify an insulation problem in your attic and fix it before it gets worse.

1. Leaks

If an attic is not properly insulated, it will let water into your home. This moisture exposure will damage your walls as well as your ceilings. Check for any signs of moisture in your attic, and call an insulation company from San Fernando Valley if needed.  

2. Pest Infestation

A thin insulation system can be easily penetrated by pests, which can bring diseases into your home. If you notice any bugs or mice in your attic space, consider improving your insulation system right away.

3. Wind Drafts

A well-insulated attic keeps wind from passing through your house and ruining your internal air conditioning system. If you notice a draft problem inside your home, get your windows and doors sealed and reevaluate the insulation system of your attic.

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4. Mold Growth

Fungus and mold grow in damp and moist places, and moisture can only penetrate if a space isn’t properly insulated. If you have a recurrent mold problem in your attic or any other parts of your home, consider investing in high-quality insulation for the attic.

5. Increased Electric Bill

If your home’s cooling system has to work overtime to maintain a steady temperature, an insulation problem could be the culprit. Avail of the services of a professional attic insulation company in San Fernando Valley and find the root cause of this problem.

6. Temperature Fluctuations

An air conditioning system should prevent external weather conditions from affecting your home’s internal environment. Any sudden temperature fluctuations indicate that this system is not working properly. It could be traced back to malfunctioning in your AC, or the attic insulation isn’t working to its capacity.

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