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5 Precautions You Need to Take If You Have a Mouse & Rat Infestation

Summers in Los Angeles are fun and lively, but rodents can make things worse when they find shelter inside your attic or crawlspaces. These precautions will keep them away.

When the weather gets hot and dry in Los Angeles, mice and rats find shelter inside homes and garbage cans. Rodent infestations can cause many problems for your health and hygiene and disrupt the overall peace in your home. They have sharp teeth and chew through any material to invade a house.

If you hear any scratching sounds coming from your attic or spotted mice outside your home, here are some precautions to get rid of them:

Keep Indoors and Outdoors Clean

The primary cause of rodent infestation is uncleanliness. They love dirty spaces, whether inside your home or around it. While keeping your indoors squeaky clean, don’t forget about the outdoor area because that’s where most mice and rats are found, eating food from the garbage cans.

Get rodent-proof garbage bins, and don’t leave any food outdoors near the porch area or backyard; this includes pet food. If there’s no food for rodents, they won’t come inside your home. Thoroughly clean and sanitize your kitchen and living areas because the food can accumulate in hidden spaces. Make sure you don’t forget regular attic cleaning and pay extra attention to the window, vents, or unused spaces in your home.

Trim Your Trees

Rodents can easily hop and jump through overhanging trees and get inside your home or attic. Properly trimming your trees will not only stop them from jumping into your home, but they wouldn’t be able to hide in the foliage.   

Plant Mint in Your Garden

Rodents don’t like the scent of mint, and it’s a great way to keep them out of your windows and garden. Put mint plants around your house and rub peppermint oil in potential entry areas of rodents. You can also keep dried mint leaves there.

Get Rid of Existing Rodents

You can try DIY trapping and baiting methods to eliminate the existing mice and rats and your home. However, these methods may not be as effective as professionals. Our experts have enough experience to get rid of all the rodents from your home, indoors and outdoors.

Rodent Proof Your Home

Rodent proofing your home will include closing all the potential rodent entry points of your home with certain materials that rodents can’t chew. It also includes a thorough inspection to find out if there are any hidden mice or rats inside your home.

 A close-up photo of a mouse

At Pure Eco Inc., our experts will rat-proof your home to eliminate the chances of rodent infestation. From sealing their entry points to trapping the existing mice, we remove all your worries and concerns. We also have Los Angeles insulation contractor who perform ceiling, wall and attic insulation Calabasas so you can enjoy peaceful days at home. Reach out to us to get started.

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