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3 Myths About Attic Ventilation—Debunked

Attic insulation is one of the most misunderstood home improvement projects. The myths have been there for so long that most people find it better to go without attic insulation. In the US, almost 90 percent of homes have unreasonably high moisture levels. Therefore, understanding your home improvement needs and working on them can make your life easier.

Hiring a reliable attic insulation system is crucial for maintaining air quality inside homes, and ensuring the longevity of your home structure. However, attic insulation is subject to several myths.

This blog will debunk a few common myths about attic insulation. Keep reading to learn more.

Myth # 1: The More Attic Insulation, the Better

Fact: The Right Amount of Insulation is Ideal

Just like other components of your home, like a furnace or air conditioning unit, installing the right amount of attic insulation is also critical. While being under-ventilated can lead to energy loss, and moisture damage, being over-insulated can be just as bad.

You should discuss your home ventilation needs with a professional and decide the ideal amount for your home.

attic insulation in progress

Myth # 2: Roof Vents are Better for Homes in Warmer Climates

Fact: Roof Vents Offer More Benefits in the Winters

While roof vents are great for warmer temperatures, other factors like shingle color, insulation, and sun exposure play a more important role. There can be a lot of moisture loss during the winter, which is why vents are essential for proper ventilation.

Myth # 3: All Roof Vents Get the Job Done

Fact: Roof Vents Do Not Always Ensure Ventilation

The effectiveness of roof vents varies from roof to roof. Having roof vents doesn’t mean you have an adequate amount of ventilation. This is why you should talk to a certified expert who can identify any weaknesses in your attic.

Let the Experts Help You Out!

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