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Porter Ranch Insulation & Attic Insulation

Porter Ranch, CA, is one of the most naturally eco-friendly neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles. Fresh winds sweeping up and down the San Fernando Valley bless resident with some of the cleanest air in the region, year-round, making it truly a retreat from "the urban hubbub."

But not every Porter Ranch home is as eco-friendly as the outdoor surroundings. Older houses in the area may be without adequate insulation (or any at all) in the attic, crawl space, ceilings, or walls.

We at Pure Eco have been correcting such problems, along with other important home upgrades, for Porter Ranch homeowners for many years. We have a long track record of fast, effective, and affordable service and a hard-earned reputation for excellence in the Porter Ranch community.

Our Commitment to Our Valued Customers

At Pure Eco, our goal is to maximize your home's energy efficiency to save you money on cooling/heating and to lower your "carbon footprint."

Our vision is to make your house as comfortable as possible to live in year-round, to keep it fully ventilated as well as fully insulated, and to protect it from invasion by rodents and other pests as well.

Unlike some of our competitors, we have deep experience across a wide range of insulation-related services and are 100% licensed and insured. We always put safety first and are more than happy to show you our credentials upon request.

Our Services

Pure Eco has you covered for every element of a full insulation and ventilation upgrade of your Porter Ranch home. Here are the main services we offer that contribute to achieving that goal:

  1. Air Sealing

Before we get to actually installing new insulation in your home, it is crucial that all air leakage points be discovered and properly sealed off. We can inspect your attic or other area of your home with a blower door, fog machine, or visually with a flashlight to locate all air leaks.

We know exactly where all the common leak locations are, and we will know where to look. If we see sunken/dusty batts, for example, that is a sign of an air stream moving through. Leaks are also often found around vents, chimneys, and access hatches.

We will find all small holes and cracks in walls and ceilings, weatherstrip your hatch, cover major openings with OSB board, plywood, or drywall, and use caulk and metal sheeting around chimneys to ensure safety.

Finally, we will also check along the top plate to see if the drywall installer sealed it with adhesive. If not, we will seal it.

  1. Insulating & Re-insulating

In Porter Ranch, CA, we have insulated many old attics that lacked any attic insulation at all. Other times, we have had to remove asbestos containing insulation (like vermiculite) and then re-insulate, or re-insulate simply because there was a lack of sufficient quantity of insulation or because the job had not been done properly the first time by the prior contractor.

We insulate not only attics, however, but also crawl spaces, walls, ceilings, and more. Anywhere we find an "escape route" of the conditioned air you are paying to heat/cool, we can insulate to stop that "money leakage" in its tracks.

After all the air sealing and prep work is finished, we can install new insulation so as to ensure it will function at the highest possible level. We will not leave gaps that would compromise its effectiveness.

Batts Insulation

Long, solid pieces of rolled out insulation called "batts" are the most affordable insulating option. Each piece is backed with paper, connects to adjacent pieces to form an air shield, and can be adequate in most situations when properly installed.

Batts will generally be made of either fiberglass or cotton. The cotton variety is usually made from recycled blue jeans (very eco-friendly!). Both kinds function about as well.

Blown Insulation

It's true that batts insulation can fail to fill in spaces fully and thus not maximize your insulating power as much as blown insulation, which is recommended for many attic floors and other situations where high performance is required.

We at Pure Eco can bring in insulation trucks, blowers, and hoses to deposit blown insulation to any part of your house. We can do the job quickly, correctly, and without making a mess or disrupting your day.

Blown insulation is made of fiberglass or cellulose. Cellulose varieties will be manufactured from old newspapers, while fiberglass comes from a very plentiful natural resource (sand.)

Roxul Soundproof Insulation

We at Pure Eco also offer you soundproof insulation, which is made in part from wool. It absorbs sound waves much more effectively than other insulation types and will create an exceptionally quiet room.

Roxul soundproof insulation is denser than "normal" insulation and is designed to compress existing batts insulation behind it (which then makes the batts fill in the space better.) This insulation will not promote corrosion, is resistant to mold/mildew, and Greenguard® Certified.

  1. Radiant Barriers

Another way to save on energy expenses is to install a radiant barrier below your attic ceiling (just under the roofline.) Large amounts of heat will seep into your attic (and from there to the rest of your home) during the hot summer months through the attic roof, but a radiant barrier can solve that problem.

Radiant barriers will have an aluminum foil or other reflective surface, often in multiple layers. This will reflect radiant heat back out of and away from your attic and house. That can have a significant impact on your cooling bill.

A Pure Eco, we understand how to install radiant barriers so as to prevent major dust build-up, which would otherwise diminish the effectiveness of the reflective foil. We are familiar with the major radiant barrier options on the market today and will install them 100% in conformity to manufacturer's instructions.

  1. Rodent-proofing

Mice, rats, bats, and other pests can sometimes get into your attic through holes or openings in the roof or attic walls. From there, these unwanted critters can invade the remainder of your house, and they may carry disease besides getting into food, leaving feces trails, and being general nuisances.

Pure Eco offers rodent-proofing services that can prevent rodents and other animals from getting into your home. We would first of all inspect your attic thoroughly to find and plug up any and all holes through which animals might get in. We will seal them tightly so that even claws and teeth of determined animals shouldn't break through.

And we may also need to install vent covers and a chimney cap, cut back an branches that extend over or near your roof, and set up traps that will catch the rodents or other pests that have already gotten in.

  1. Other Services

The four major services listed above are by no means our only offered services at Pure Eco.

We can also improve ventilation (and thus, indoor air quality) by installing attic fans and other fans and vents in the bathroom, kitchen, crawl space, or elsewhere as needed. And we also can replace old ducts and vents or repair them.

Additionally, we offer attic/crawl space cleaning services, which will eliminate excessive dust/dirt build-up, wipe out mold and mildew, and make these spaces of your home far less unpleasant to visit! 

Finally, we also can install a revolutionary UV cleanser and air scrubber on your furnace, which will zap mold spores, reduce dust and pollen, make your indoor air much fresher and cleaner, and also reduce dust build-up inside your furnace.

What Sets Pure Eco Apart From the Competition?

We at Pure Eco understand that residents of Porter Ranch and surrounding areas have many options when it comes to insulating and related services.

We earn your business by giving you top-level services, products, and customer care. We have a long track record in the local Porter Ranch community and have many satisfied customers and overwhelmingly positive references both online and off.

Feel free to read our Yelp and other reviews, and we are confident you will find these positive reviews to be 100% accurate if you choose our services.

At Pure Eco, we always work with you to create a customized solution that meets all of your needs rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. We will listen to you and also give you the benefit of our advice to help you make a decision you will be happy with for the long-term.

  • We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Feel free to check up on our contractor's license at this link.
  • We offer free, accurate estimates that allow you to plan and budget.
  • And Pure Eco can also help you take advantage of federal, state, and local energy efficiency incentive programs to save you money!
  • To learn more about our services at Pure Eco or for a free estimate, call us today at 877-778-2551.

Pure Eco serves all of Porter Ranch and surrounding areas and has improved insulation and more in homes located on Mason Avenue, Corbin Avenue, Porter Ranch Drive, Reseda Boulevard, Sesnon Boulevard, Rinaldi Street, Ronald Reagan Freeway, and more. We look forward to helping you improve your home as well!


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