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Arleta Insulation

Arleta, California, is a four-mile square nestled in the beautiful San Fernando Valley Region of Los Angeles. Surrounded by other L.A. communities on every side and lying just south and west of the Mission and North Hills, Arleta is a diverse community with large percentages of Latinos and Asians - including many immigrants.

While Arleta is a wonderful place to live, it can be quite uncomfortable in the hot summer heat without proper insulation in your attic and exterior walls. And many of the older homes in Arleta could be much more comfortable, cost less to heat/cool, and have less of an impact on our environment with an energy efficiency upgrade.

We at Pure Eco have been improving the energy efficiency of homes and businesses in Arleta, the San Fernando Valley, and throughout the L.A. Area and beyond for many years. We have earned a reputation for excellence in what we do - and we can assist you with all of your insulation and energy upgrade needs! 

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Our Commitment to Arleta & All Our Valued Customers

At Pure Eco, we are committed to continually upgrading the energy efficiency and eco-friendliness level of homes throughout Arleta and the whole surrounding area. Our experienced staff is fully familiar with every aspect of transforming a building into the most efficient, comfortable, and cost effective it can possibly be. Regardless of the weather patterns at the moment outside, you can be cozy and comfy on the inside, while keeping it affordable and doing your part to lessen our collective carbon footprint.

Pure Eco offers complete insulation services and many other related services. We are your "one stop shop" for all your home energy efficiency needs. That includes installing new insulation, replacing old insulation, cleaning attics and crawlspaces, installing soundproof insulation, improving your building's ventilation system, rodent proofing, and much more!

Our company carries all relevant licenses and insurance and is fully bonded. We have a long standing reputation for excellence in Arleta and other Southern California communities. Our long list of satisfied customers often send referrals our way and leave highly positive reviews on Yelp and elsewhere online.

Also, we understand the importance of always putting safety first in everything we do and of upholding a high work ethic - always showing up on time and putting true workmanship into all our services. We also put a high premium on good communication with our customers and reliable, responsive customer service.

Our Offered Services

We have a wide range of offered services at Pure Eco, and we can address any area of your building from top to bottom. Below, we list our most commonly used services, but this is not a truly exhaustive list. If you need another service related to insulation or energy efficiency, we can help with that too - so just ask!

Air Sealing

In order to get the most out of your insulation, you have to make sure air is not escaping through gaps, cracks, and other air leak points in your attic ceiling, walls, or anywhere else. With proper air sealing before installation of new insulation, the R-value will be reduced by as much as 50%, seriously reducing the positive impacts it could have had on your energy bill and on the environment.

We at Pure Eco can identify the air leaks that may be present in your building and appropriately seal them. We can do air sealing as a stand alone service or as prep work for insulating your building - either way, it's up to you. But the best protection comes with a fully air-sealed and fully insulated building with insulation installed professionally for optimal performance.

In air sealing, we know what to look for and where to look for it in finding air leaks. And we also have specialized equipment we can use to identify air leakage thoroughly and quickly. We then seal up holes with caulk, plywood, OSB board, and by other methods to create a tight, lasting seal.

Installing Insulation

Some homes in Arleta lack insulation entirely or at least in the attic and crawlspace. They may also lack insulation in interior walls and ceilings between floors. Or, it may be that a house has insulation but not enough of it, not the right kind, or that the insulation is too old, dirty, or moldy to be effective anymore.

We can install new insulation in your home or business wherever it is needed and get rid of any old, ineffective insulation that may be present. We can also safely dispose of asbestos laden insulation that is in some older homes.

Batts Insulation

The most common type of insulation product we install, at homeowners' request, is batts insulation. Batts comes in long, rectangular rolls with paper/foil backing. It's made of fiberglass or cotton material normally, both of which offer about the same R-value.

Batts fits perfectly into standardly sized spaces between studs and rafters and is a common choice for attic ceilings and inside of walls. It's popular in part because it's the least expensive type of insulation - but it's also very effective, fully adequate for most situations.

Blown Insulation

Blown in insulation (loose fill) is the other major option if you don't want batts. Loose fill fills in spaces of all shapes and sizes compactly, better than batts can do. It is a common choice in ceilings and on attic floors. 

Insulation trucks equipped with blower equipment and long hoses can efficiently place loose insulation into your attic or anywhere in your building. But it's also important to ensure the insulation lays down evenly and compactly - which means workers need to rake or position it to an extent as it's being blown in.

Soundproof Insulation

In some cases, you need to insulate against sound not just against loss of heat or cool. Roxul Soundproof Insulation is the best product on the market today in that regard. Its unique rock wool material is incredibly durable and resistant to mold, mildew, fire, insects, and practically everything else.

But most importantly, Roxul is resistant to sound! It severely reduces sound transfer between walls so that the baby can sleep quiet, you can record in your media room, or you can just have a room with exceptional peace and quiet inside. 

Also, Roxul is approved by Greenguard as being fully environmentally friendly. It uses recycled steel slag and natural volcanic stone in the manufacturing process.

Radiant Barriers

Aside from insulating your attic, another step you can take to reduce the heat level there and reduce the negative impact your overheated attic has on your summertime cooling bill is to install a radiant barrier. Radiant barriers are particularly well suited for hot climates like Southern California.

What a radiant barrier does is to reflect radiant heat emanating from the sun back out through your attic roof. The highly reflective, multi-layered aluminum foil like the backing of radiant barriers bounces out radiant heat in an extremely effective manner.

At Pure Eco, we can help you in selecting a brand and type of radiant barrier that fits your needs and budget as well as installing it for you in full conformity to manufacturer's instructions. We know how to prevent excessive dust build up, for example, on the aluminum face of the barrier so as to keep it optimally effective for years and decades to come.

Crawl Space & Attic Cleaning

No one likes to clean the attic or the crawlspace. These are easily the two dirtiest, dingiest, least pleasant rooms in your home to even enter much less do a lot of cleaning in. That's why we're here to do it for you!

If you're going to install insulation in your attic or crawlspace, it's advisable to have them cleaned first if they're much dirty. If you're going to use your attic as a home office or spare bedroom, then it's even more important to invest in attic cleaning.

Eliminating rodent droppings, mold and mildew stains, dust, dirt, cobwebs, and scattered debris from your attic or crawlspace can be a lot of work and take a lot of time. But we can do it for you as preliminary to other services or as a stand alone service.

Ventilation Improvements

We also offer many services related to improving ventilation and air quality in your building. For example, we can install one or more attic fans and clean or replace ducts and vents as needed.

We also can install a UV cleanser or air scrubber if you wish. These modern pieces of equipment can attach to your furnace and reduce mold, dust, pollen, allergens, and contaminants that may be present in the air you and your family breathe from day to day. They can help get rid of smoke particles, cigarette smoke, pet dander, dust mites, pathogens, gases emitted by stoves and other appliances, and pollutants from paint, cleaning products, or other sources.

Some air filters we can install utilize UV light, while others are purely mechanical HEPA (high efficiency) air filters. We can discuss with you your goals for cleaning up your indoor air and help you select a brand and model of air cleaner that's right for you.

Rodent Proofing

When you have rats, mice, bats, and other rodents and unwelcome critters taking up residence in your attic, they don't necessarily stay there. It's bad enough to know rodents are lurking in the dark in your attic, leaving behind feces and urine stains and potentially chewing on wiring and items in storage, but also realize that around 25% of all rodent infestation in a home begin in the attic.

Pure Eco can both help you trap and rid yourself of existing attic rodents and clean up their mess. But additionally, we can help prevent their getting in again by finding and sealing off all likely entry points. That means putting metal mesh in some locations so they can't chew or claw their way in, sealing other spots with wood or caulk, and putting vent caps on roof vents. We can even trim back tree branches hanging over your roof, if necessary, to reduce the number of rodents tempted to drop down on your roof top.

Why Choose Pure Eco?

Pure Eco works hard each and every day to give you good reasons to choose us over other options for your insulation and energy efficiency needs. We have been in the business for many years and have built up strong community ties with people in Arleta, CA, and throughout L.A. and beyond.

We offer you the highest levels of expertise from our workers, both as to training and experience. And we use up to date tools and equipment that help get the job done faster, better, and with less mess. And we always clean up any mess - never leave it behind for you to clean up like some of our competitors!

We also are familiar with the best products for insulation and as related to every other service we perform. We give you the information you need to decide which product will best meet your goals and fit your budget. Also, we are always flexible to your schedule and willing to find ways to customize our services for each customer. 

If you invest in energy efficiency related upgrades to your home, be it insulation or something else, we can help you apply for all the available rebates and tax credits on federal, state, and local levels. We know how to save you as much money as possible on your renovations - and then you'll save money every month because of them!

Contacting an Insulation Contractor Near Me

To learn more about any of our services, or for a free quote, you can contact us today by calling 877-778-2551. We can give you a free consultation and answer any questions you may have.

For a more precise quote, we may need to do an in-house inspection for some services. Pure Eco Inc. serves Arleta, CA, as well as the rest of Los Angeles and all of Southern California with high-quality insulation and related services that save our customers money and save the environment at the same time!


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