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When Should You Run Your Attic Fan?

Attic fans are common in households across Los Angeles. They do a great job of maintaining indoor temperatures by drawing out humid or hot air, but running them 24/7 can increase your energy bill. Before Googling ‘when to run the attic fan,’ understanding how it works is a good idea.

How Attic Fans Work

Attic fans are designed to expel moist, hot air from your attic space, so it doesn’t alter the internal temperature of your home. Fresh and cool air is drawn from the vents, and hot air is pushed out. The fan can be used in all seasons.

For instance, in summer, it can make your attic cooler, increasing your roofing shingles’ lifespan. Similarly, attic fans can prevent ice dams from forming in colder months.

When You Should Run Your Attic Fan

Here are some of the best times you should turn on your attic fan:

When the Temperature Outside Increases

If the temperature in your attic increases in the summer to the point that it is higher than the temperature outside, turn it on. Operate it beyond sunset if the heat is unbearable.

When the Temperature Outside Reduces Significantly

In the winter, a warm attic is not exactly a good thing. The warm air can melt snow on your roof, which can freeze quickly and create an ice dam. The dam can block ice melt which will accumulate, leading to a larger problem. The water will back up, get underneath your shingles and cause leaks.

The fans maintain a comfortable temperature between the attic and external elements. This prevents snow from melting on your roof during the winter.

Important note: Attic fans should be used when temperatures are above freezing in winter and when humidity levels are below 60% during warmer months. You may need to alter the settings as per the conditions in that space. A suitable attic fan can increase your roof’s lifespan and ensure you and your family remain healthy.

AC and attic fan thermostats are quite different. The latter turns on automatically when the attic reaches a set temperature, which can be hotter than the temperature in the rest of your home. Attic fans with thermostatic control should be adjusted a few times a year if you wish to maintain optimal internal temperatures.

Final Words

Whether you are wondering when to run the attic fan, need professional attic cleaning or require attic and ceiling insulation installment in Los Angeles, Pure Eco Inc. can help. We are experts in ensuring homes remain cool during summer and warm when the temperature drops without compromising your lifestyle.

We aim to ensure your household is as comfortable as possible with solutions that can keep airways clean. Contact us for a consultation today. We offer FREE home estimates for insulation installation, replacement, and other services. Get in touch for more information.

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