When Is The Right Time Of Year For Home Insulation?

Attic insulation gives year-round protection from heat gain and loss, particularly during peak times of the year. If your attic was never installed in sufficient quantities or quality from the beginning, older insulation has broken down and no longer works, or the attic insulation has been damaged or removed, destroyed as the result of pest infestations or water damage, its time to update your attic.

Your hectic schedules and the fast passage of time can mean losing the opportunity to replace or update your home’s insulation in time to reap the cost-savings benefits. Updating or replacing insulation is best done during the more moderate seasons when your HVAC system is powered off or only working at bare minimum levels.

That way, a professional Insulation Contractor in Los Angeles can provide a deep inspection, estimate, and services before it is important for your whole home comfort and utility expenses.

Spring and fall are the right time to inspect and replace insulation as required. That way, your home is properly insulated in time for the peak heat and cold seasons. Upgrading your home insulation before the year’s highest and lowest temperatures mean you gain instant saving benefits from your new insulation.

Signs Your Attic Space Needs Insulation Repair or Replacement Service

It is important to evaluate your attic spaces when determining your home’s insulation needs.

Your home’s age

If your home insulation is original, your home is on the older side, and you haven’t had your insulation inspected in a while, you will probably benefit from supplementation. Today’s attic insulation is superior to the products manufactured even 10 years ago.

Not only have energy efficiency standards evolved in the past couple of decades, but insulation quality becomes compromised over the years by moisture, mold/mildew, movement of humans or rodents on top of it, etc. This means that older attic insulation is always in need of update or a full replacement.

Higher energy bills

If your energy bills seem higher than usual, and there haven’t been any changes in your programmable thermostat, improper home insulation could be the main reason Also, make sure you are observing your HVAC manufacturer’s schedule for maintenance.

Water damage

Leakage, burst pipes or other sources of water damage can instantly damage your home insulation. However, presence of high moisture – even seasonal dampness eventually leads to mold, mildew, and/or the inevitable breakdown of the insulation’s compounds. Once the cause of the water or moisture damage is identified and repaired, professional insulation installers can clean up the mess, remove the damaged insulation, and replace it.

Choose Insulation Contractor in Los Angeles

When it comes to attic insulation in Los Angeles, hire professional insulation contractors. At Pure Eco, we can handle your attic/ceiling insulation job from beginning to end. Our insulation professionals will assess your attic insulation needs and guide you. Contact us today to know more about our superior attic insulation.

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