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What Should You Know Before Insulating Your Attic?

Attics are a common albeit forgotten part of many homes across the US. Because it’s a room that’s commonly in use for storage, many people don’t even realize how much energy and heat they lose because of it. An uninsulated attic can seep around 25% of the heat from the house. Not only will this leave you cold, but it will increase your utility bills too. This is why attic insulation is extremely important. However, before you get the insulation, there are some things you need to know.

Clear Out The Attic First

If you’re getting attic insulation services, the professionals won’t be able to work if the attic is filled to the brim with your childhood Knick-knacks. It would help if you cleaned your attic first. Anything but the air that can get in the way of the professionals must go. In addition, if you get insulation for the attic floor, you’ll have to remove even the plywood.

Assess The Attic’s Condition

Once you’ve cleared the attic, you’ll need to assess its condition. Evaluate the attic or have a professional do it to see if you need to address any problems first. For example, there might be parts of the attic that aren’t up to building codes. See what needs fixing and get that out of the way before moving to insulation. This is an important step; you don’t want the roof to fall in once winter comes. Because when you insulate the attic, any snow that falls on it during winter will melt slowly and prevent the risk of a collapsed roof. This may be an additional cost, but a fallen roof is far more expensive and dangerous to fix.

an attic that needs fixing before attic insulation

Seal All Holes & Gaps

An attic makes for such excellent storage because of the space. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to miss small holes and gaps in that large space. Even the small gaps will let heating and cooling escape. Heating and cooling make up 40% of energy use in homes. With it escaping, you’ll be stuck using more, increasing your bills. Nobody wants that. Before you get attic insulation, check the windows, floorboards, and even the ceiling to ensure there aren’t any holes or gaps. However, if you use that room for more than storage, you’ll need ventilation. Contact an insulation contractor to assess the situation first.

Determine Insulation Level & Type

You need the R-value to check the insulation’s thermal performance. The value will differ for every insulating material and its thickness. Professionals recommend R-30 for hot climates, R-38 for moderate climates, and R-49 for cold climates.

Installation is a big part of keeping the heating and cooling in and saving energy. Pure Eco Inc. ensures your home is as efficient as it can be. In addition, we offer attic insulation and attic cleaning in Porter Ranch. It’s what will keep the bones of your home warm or cool as you want.

We’re the top insulation contractors and stand behind our commitment to giving you an insulated, energy-efficient home!

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