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Ways to Keep Your Attic Moisture-Proof

Water can get into your attic in several ways. Many houses lack proper attic insulation in Pasadena, allowing heat and humid air to transfer between the house, the attic, and the outside. This deteriorates your attic and makes your house use more energy on heating and cooling, driving up your bills. 

We asked our experienced attic insulation professionals in Pasadena for their advice on keeping an attic moisture-proof. Here’s what we learned. 

Water pouring off shingles

Make Sure Your Roofing Is In Good Shape

The number one source of moisture in your attic is damaged roofing. Asphalt roofing can last decades, but it is vulnerable to localized damage. Your flashing may also deteriorate over time, allowing water into your attic. Make sure your roofing is intact and looks good from the outside.

Look For Leaks in The Attic

Humid air has water mixed with it in gaseous form. If your attic isn’t properly insulated, air from different areas of your house can get into your attic. In the winter, your attic is at a lower temperature than the humid air in your house. The lower temperature brings the water vapors in the air back into the liquid state, damaging your attic. See if there are any leaks in your attic and in the insulation.

Insulate Your Attic With Pure Eco

Even if you can’t find any leaks in your attic, there’s no guarantee that air won’t flow into the attic without proper insulation. If your attic is not insulated or is under-insulated, we recommend calling professional insulation installation in Pasadena before winter.

Person installing attic insulation in Pasadena

The average house in California pays $194 for electricity. This is significantly higher than the national average. The global energy crisis isn’t helping either. Getting your attic insulated will help you save a lot of money this winter and in the future.

At Pure Eco, we’re a Pasadena insulation contractor offering a range of attic insulation solutions for your needs. We’re dedicated to making the environment greener, one attic at a time. We also offer attic insulation in Northridge and Hollywood.

Want to make your attic more efficient and free from moisture? Contact us now!

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