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West Hills Insulation

Life is peaceful and scenic in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of West Hills, but it can also be a bit on the warm side and with too-high energy bills during the hot summer months.

West Hills has one of the highest percentages of residents aged 35 and above in the whole L.A. Area, and it also has many older homes, which is unsurprising given its historic background. Uncomfortably high or low temperatures are particularly impactful (and sometimes even dangerous) for our elderly population, and old, un- or under- insulated houses don't help matters any.

At Pure Eco, we have been improving the energy efficiency and home comfort levels of West Hills homes for many years, and we can assist you with your home energy upgrade as well!

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Our Commitment to You and the West Hills Community

We at Pure Eco are committed to improving the energy efficiency of our clients' homes in West Hills and throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. We know how to save you money, make you more comfortable even during the most inclement weather, and reduce your "carbon footprint" to help the environment.

We offer full insulation services and other related services like air sealing, attic cleaning, rodent proofing, soundproofing, and more. 

We are 100% licensed, bonded, and insured. We are not a "fly by night operation," but we are situated right here in West Hills and have a hard-earned reputation to uphold.

We will always put safety first (both ours and yours) during every project, and we will uphold a high work ethic and a dedication to excellent workmanship and responsive customer service.

Our Offered Services

Pure Eco can handle all home insulation, ventilation, and other projects related to your attic or to making your home maximally energy efficient. 

Our offered services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Air Sealing & Attic Cleaning

Before any new insulation can be installed or before your attic can be renovated and turned into a spare bedroom, home office, or other "usable room," there are preparatory steps that must be taken.

If your attic has a significant amount of air leakage, it can greatly reduce the effectiveness of your insulation; thus, it is wise to first locate and eliminate air leaks before insulating is put in.

We at Pure Eco can inspect your attic or other to-be-insulated spaces for air leaks. We know where to look and the tell-tale signs of an air leak (like dusty or sunken batts), and we have specialized tools like fog machines and blower doors to assist in finding air leaks as well.

Once located, we can seal all air leaks without delay. Caulks and other sealants will plug up small cracks and holes. OSB board, plywood, or rock sheet can cover larger leakage points. And we can use metal sheeting plus heat-proof caulk around chimneys, chimney caps and vent covers, weather-stripping around entry hatches, and other techniques to eliminate all drafts.

  1. Insulating & Re-insulating

There are homes in West Hills with un-insulated attics or that need new insulation in walls, ceilings, basements, or crawlspaces. And there are homes without old, ineffective insulation or inadequate amounts of insulation. There are even sometimes attics with asbestos-containing vermiculite insulation in them that needs to be safely removed before re-insulating.

At Pure Eco, we can help you select the type and brand of insulation that will best fit your needs. We can then install it to exact manufacturer's recommendations and get the highest possible R-Value out of it for you.

Batts Insulation

Batts is the most popular and most affordable type of home insulation on the market today. These long paper or foil backed rolls of fibrous materials (normally either fiberglass of cotton) fit snugly into standard-sized inter-stud spaces.

Batts are adequate to most insulation needs, and can be doubled up (with removal of inter-batt vapor barrier to prevent condensation build-up) to get extra R-Value.

Blown Insulation

The biggest drawback of batts is that they can't compactly fill in spaces like blown (loose fill) insulations can. Blown insulation is especially common on attic floors but is also used inside of ceilings and walls. Loose-fill will compactly fill any space by conforming to the filled space.

At Pure Eco, we have the insulation trucks, blowers, and fill hoses necessary to quickly, compactly, and evenly install loose fill insulation in any part of your home.

Soundproof Insulation

We can also install Roxul soundproof insulation to soundproof a particular room or more of your home, as desired. Roxul's unique rock-wool material (made of natural stone and steel slag) is denser than other insulations and gives you a huge R-Value.

Roxul will absorb or diminish sound waves to keep your baby room, media room, or other room exceptionally quiet and peaceful. And Roxul is also resistant to corrosion, mold/mildew, and fire. Roxul has the Greenguard® stamp of approval and is 100% eco-friendly!

  1. Radiant Barrier Installation

Pure Eco can also install a radiant barrier under your roof line (on the attic ceiling), which will "bounce out" radiant heat from the sun that shoots through into your attic.

When heat builds up in your attic, it can seep out from there into the lower parts of your home, creating a less comfortable environment during those hot Southern California summers and upping your energy bill.

Radiant barriers are coated with aluminum or another highly reflective material that reflects away radiant heat as it comes in. Most barriers will have multiple layers for maximum effectiveness. We at Pure Eco can help you select the brand/type of radiant barrier that best fits your needs and budget and then install it 100% in conformity to manufacturer's directives.

  1. Rodent Proofing

A quarter of all home rodent infestations begin in the attic, then spread from there. When welcoming entry points and weak spots that rodents and other animals can chew or claw through exist in your roof or attic walls, that's just asking for an infestation. And insects, bats, and other pests will take advantage of the invitation as well.

And given that rodents will leave droppings all over your attic floor, spread disease, stain your wood and insulation, and lurk about threatening to bite you, it is well worthwhile to get them out and keep them out!

We can inspect your attic for holes, cracks, gaps, and weak spots and then cover or seal them all up. We can use metal mesh where necessary to prevent rodents from scratching their way in. And installing vent covers and a chimney cap on your roof, trimming back overhanging tree branches, setting traps, and cleaning up the mess, are also a part of the rodent proofing process.

  1. Other Services

Besides what's already been mentioned, we at Pure Eco offer a number of other valuable services.

These include installing new vents and fans to improve home ventilation and air quality, cleaning out and insulating crawl spaces, and installing a UV cleanser and air scrubber on your furnace to kill off mold spores, cut down on dust/pollen, and lower dust build up in your furnace.

What Sets Pure Eco Apart?

We at Pure Eco work hard to give you every reason to choose us above the competition for all your home insulation, energy efficiency, and related needs.

We combine an experienced staff, the best modern equipment, high-quality products, and conscientious customer care to render you services that go above and beyond. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction on every job we take on, and our online reviews at Yelp and elsewhere testify to our consistently achieving that goal.

Pure Eco will work with you to customize any service to your precise needs and preferences. We don't inflexibly stick with a one size fits all approach. We listen to our customers, give them the benefit of our experienced advice, and equip them with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision they will be happy with for many years to come.

Pure Eco is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Feel free to verify our contractor's license by clicking here.

We can often help you to qualify for federal, state-level, and local L.A. Area energy efficiency incentive programs and rebates that will save you even more money!

Contact us today for a free consultation on the details of your upcoming project and for a free, accurate quote that you can safely plan and budget based on.

You can call us at 818-280-5259 or meet with our insulation contractor in person at our office, located right here in West Hills, CA, at 6700 Fallbrook Avenue.

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