When you need especially strong soundproofing for a room in your house, or it may be for all of your house, ordinary insulation may not be enough. You may need to install a specifically soundproof insulation product, like Roxul Safe and Sound Insulation to get the maximum positive results. 

At Pure Eco, we have been installing all manner of insulation, including soundproof insulation, in L.A. Area homes for many years now, and we can say without hesitation that you will not find a soundproof product that matches the R-value and power of Safe and Sound. It’s simply the best.

We go in-depth on the need for soundproof products and the way they work below, but the bottom line is Roxul will get you a quieter quiet room than will the competition. To learn more, feel free to contact Pure Eco today by calling 877-870-7998!

How Do You Soundproof A Room?

Sound is a marvelous thing – without it, the world would be much less interesting and communication would be significantly altered. But not all sounds are welcome in your home – like the honking of horns and the buzzing of nearby traffic or the blaring of a passing train. And when you want to enjoy peace and quiet at night in your bedroom, need a baby’s room that is exceptionally serene, or want to create a music and/or recording room in your house – it’s time to soundproof the relevant room or rooms.

Sound naturally travels through the air at incredible speeds (which is why “supersonic” means “very fast!”), then causes your eardrums to vibrate when it reaches them. But contrary to what you might think, sound waves actually travel more efficiently through solid objects (like walls and ceilings) than through open spaces. To make matters worse, walls can actually amplify the sounds that pass through them so that it ends up louder just inside the room than just outside of it.

The key to soundproofing a room, then, revolves around the absorption and/or reflection of all sound waves that contact the walls, ceiling, or floor. This can both prevent sounds external to the room from entering it and keep sounds from getting out and disturbing others throughout the building. 

By installing insulation in your ceiling and/or floor, you can reduce the flow of sounds vertically in and out of the room. Usually, fiberglass or cellulose insulation is blown into ceilings/floors to insulate them. You can put Roxul in ceilings, floors, and walls of a room – but the most important part is the walls as blown in cellulose or fiberglass is usually enough for ceilings/floors except in more extreme situations. It all depends, however, on your situation and what level of sound control you will be satisfied with.

Roxul Soundproof Insulation

Roxul soundproof insulation products are very unique. They are made out of “stone wool,” which is a combination of volcanic basalt rock and steel slag. The manufacturing technique is a proprietary secret of Roxul, and all the competitors are jealous because their formula works better than anything else in the industry. For fully interior walls, use Roxul Safe and Sound, while for walls that have an exterior face, Roxul Comfort Batt is best.

Roxul soundproof insulation is much more effective at creating a sound barrier and at performing more ordinary insulation tasks like preventing loss of conditioned air, lowering your energy bill, and saving the environment.

But here are the top 12 benefits of installing Roxul Safe and Sound in your home:

1. Maximum Sound Protection

Roxul’s number one benefit, of course, is that it eliminates most sounds by simply absorbing them. And even the louder, tougher sounds that just shoot straight through most walls, with Roxul in those walls, are dampened and diminished severely.

2. Ultimate Insulating Ability

The R-value of Roxul insulation is super-high, dwarfing that of most other forms of insulation people typically have in their house. Its rock wool material is a porous absorber and muffler of sounds, but it also traps in heated or cooled air for maximized energy efficiency.

3. Long Durability

Rock wool is strong and sturdy and it doesn’t warp or bend or bubble over the years. It doesn’t change for literally decades on end, and doesn’t gap up to create air leaks because it does not expand nor contract due to temperature changes.

4. Moisture Resistance

Fiberglass, cellulose, and other forms of insulation are often damaged by exposure to moisture and water. They can rot out, for example, or grow mold or mildew. That’s 100% NOT the case with Roxul products. Roxul Safe and Sound will not lose its soundproofing or insulating capabilities due to exposure to moisture or just due to the passing of the years.

5. Fire Resistance

Even under very extreme temperatures, Roxul insulation products remain non-combustible. They won’t cause a fire and they won’t catch fire. Even at 2,150 degrees it doesn’t degrade, melt, or start on fire. Actually, Roxul insulation acts as a fire retardant and helps to stop a fire from spreading as quickly if it has already started.

6. Corrosion Resistance

Cellulose and some other insulation types can corrode or cause other things they come in contact with inside the wall to corrode, over time. Not so with Roxul. The mineral wool Roxul Safe and Sound is made of will not hold water that might cause screws or nails to rust and thus damage the structural integrity of your walls.

7. Insect Resistance

Insects hate Roxul insulation, which is just one more reason for you to love it! It cannot be eaten by them or chewed through, and it doesn’t provide them with pool of water or moisture to enjoy. Roxul doesn’t make a nice nesting ground for bugs either.

8. High Safety

Not only is Roxul safer because of its super-tough fire resistance, it also does not contain harmful chemicals that could give off fumes or harmful materials. Some believe fiberglass insulation may increase the risk of cancer, for example, but there are not question marks of that sort with Roxul.

9. Relatively Lightweight

If you love what you’ve heard so far about Roxul Safe and Sound but wonder if the material is just too heavy, you can lay those fears aside. Roxul is amazingly lightweight, considering it is made of rock and steel. That’s because the rock is porous, lightweight volcanic basalt and the steel is steel wool. Roxul is quite light compared to other soundproof insulations. And weight matters because studs can only bear so much, especially if you’ve already doubled up the drywall.

10. Lower Energy Bills

Roxul will lower the cost of heating or cooling any room in which it is installed. Properly installed, and with air sealing done first, you can expect to save as much as 30%. The more you install, the more you save. And over the years, you begin to recoup the cost of initial purchase and installation.

11. More Comfortable Room

With Roxul installed, your room will heat up or cool down faster with the same HVAC system. It will not only be more energy efficient, but it will also simply be more comfortable to live in.

12. Eco-Friendliness

Roxul is a GreenGuard® certified product and is a big plus in helping your home get LEED certified as well. Roxul is made from all natural materials, and much of the material used is recycled (all of it is recyclable.) Roxul scores high on both environmental friendliness and its contribution toward healthy indoor air. You’re just not going to find any other insulation option as eco-friendly as is Roxul Safe and Sound.

Installing Roxul Safe and Sound

Not just any insulation contractor is fit to install soundproof insulation in general or Roxul Safe and Sound in particular. Pure Eco, however, has been installing this insulation for years. Our staff is fully experienced at handling it and getting the absolute most out of it.

If you already have insulation in your home or the room where you want the Roxul, there’s no need to remove it. Roxul can go right over it, and that will just increase your R-value for those walls by that much more. This also saves time and reduces waste. If you wish, however, we can certainly remove the old insulation – especially if it’s damaged.

Many times, people prefer to have us double up the drywall in rooms to receive Roxul since this is a way to increase sound buffering even more. But again, that’s not mandatory and we can skip it if you wish. Acoustic sealing caulk and horizontal resilient channels between studs for the drywall to connect to are additional ways to enhance the sound protection of your room. Installing the Roxul itself doesn’t take that long since we are familiar with how to handle it, but it has to be nailed and positioned in a precise way for the best results.

We also will test your walls for soundproofness and for R-value at job’s end. We will double check everything to make sure it’s just right before leaving the job site. And we always clean up the job and never leave a mess behind. We can schedule our installation work at a time that is convenient for you.

Making Eco-Friendliness Affordable

There are many ways in which Roxul can help you save money. We’ve already seen that it lowers your energy bill for the relevant rooms by up to 30%. Add those savings up over 5, 10, 20 years and it really means something. But there’s more.

First of all, Pure Eco always gives you a fair, highly competitive price point. Second, we help you qualify for Green Energy Credits and carious incentives offered by California, the federal government, and sometimes by local utility companies.

Also, we can get you financing through the Green Sky Credit program, which helps to finance construction jobs that improve the environment and the energy efficiency of homes. We are familiar with the details of the Green Sky Credit financing program and can help you through the application process.

The truth is, then, that all of these factors combine to make installation of Roxul’s eco-friendly insulation much cheaper than it would otherwise be. Most people qualify for at least some of these programs, and that means you can tack initial savings and financing on top of the month by month energy bill savings that will continue for years to come!

Why Choose Pure Eco?

You may be wondering why you should choose Pure Eco considering there are so many options as to insulation and home energy efficiency companies in the Los Angeles and Southern California area. Well, the fact is, we provide a level of service and expertise that goes above and beyond the usual treatment customer receive. 

We have a long positive relationship with communities throughout L.A., and we have a reputation for excellence that it’s taken years to build up. You can rest assured you will get the highest possible quality of work from our installers.

Additionally, Pure Eco is as concerned about the environment as you are. We bring to the table ways to make your home maximally energy efficient AND maximally eco-friendly!

Further, we are experts at installing Roxul soundproof insulation products, which is simply not the case with many of our competitors. If you want the best insulation for soundproofing and you want it installed by experts who’ve been working with the material for years – that’s Pure Eco.

Finally, you can check out our consistently positive reviews on Yelp and elsewhere online to see what past customers are saying about us. We aim for and achieve consistently high customer satisfaction rates and get large numbers of new jobs on referral from previous clients. 

Looking for Soundproof Insulation Near Me

Searching for the absolute best soundproof insulation on the market today? Looking for a reliable, local installation company to install it for you? You’ve come to the right page!

Contact Pure Eco today by calling our insulation contractor at 877-870-7998 to discuss your plans and learn more about optimally soundproofing your home or some portion of it. We can give you a free no obligation consultation and quote!

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