UV Cleanser and Air Scrubber

The air in your home can be made much cleaner with a few simple changes, such as the new revolutionary technology on the market: UV cleansers and air scrubbers. These amazing tools make all the difference, as they function as air purifiers designed to eliminate air pollutants and improve air quality. Dust, pollen, smoke and bacteria can all be reduced with special UV lights and filters that break down the nasty molecules to create fresh clean air.

We attach the UV air purifier or air scrubber system to your furnace and AC system so they can actively clean the air pumped throughout your home and/or business. It is also practical because it cuts down on your cleaning costs for your furnace, as less dirt will be accumulated.

You will find that it will very hard for potential black mold to grow in your home because the UV Light zaps the spores as well as any other viruses that are airborne. Its proven effectiveness has helped many people who long suffer from allergies get a good sleep at night because their breathing is much easier.

If you have been suffering from continued allergy symptoms such as cough, sinus problems and eye and throat irritation, it sounds like a UV Cleanser and air scrubber will do you wonders. The good thing about this technology is that it continues to work when you’re either awake or asleep, so you’re always getting its benefits.

Our UV Cleanser technicians will carry out the insulation work with ease, and they can repair your old system if you already have one. Energy efficiency is not just about making your home more efficient, it’s also about making it safer. So, no matter what system you have, we will have the part to get the job done and you can start breathing better today! Call us here at Pure Eco Inc. so we can arrange for an air purifier inspector to come over and look at your system.

If you have any questions regarding UV Cleansers and air Scrubbers, please feel free to call us and one of our staff members will explain in-depth about how this technology can help you.


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