Ductwork Repair And Vent Replacement

Should you have any broken or dirty ducts or vents in your home, we can fix them for you. We carry ducts and vents of all shapes and sizes to replace what’s needed. If it’s a wall vent or a ceiling duct we have you covered. Additionally, our team will check the ductwork pressure output to make sure it can’t be fixed before we replace it, to try and save you some money. Sometimes dirt can destroy a duct or vent through years of continued use, so when that does happen, you need a company like Pure Eco Inc. that can come and provide duct replacement, duct repair or a brand new duct system. No matter what type of duct work you have, we will have a solution and we make sure they are sealed, and maximum output from your air conditioning system is being achieved so there is no external air leaking anywhere causing a loss of energy.

Give us a call today and have one of your techs check your attic vents, interior home vents and floor vents!

What Indicates It’s Time for a Duct Repair?

People usually do not consider checking their Ducting System. That is simply because they’re not aware of the daily signs that show that something might not be working as it should:

  • First, higher electricity bills – this is a great alarm that’s to show you how hard the AC and ducts system works to cool or warm the temperature.
  • The Temperature won’t feel even around the house  Malfunctioning ducts will circulate air differently around the house.
  • Build up of moist, dust and stuffiness in the air around the house.

The Great Benefit of HVAC Efficiency

By installing new Air Ducts Insulation, you’ll greatly improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, as air inside non-insulated ducts could increases a few degrees of temperature. As far as R value goes, in Southern California,  where there’s such a hot climate, the preferable R value should be between R-4 to R-8.

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