Crawl Space Cleaning

Many homeowners have forgotten about there crawlspace and it's really understandable. I mean who’s thinking about underneath the floor right? Out of sight, out of mind…. But, no worries Pure Eco is thinking about your crawl space and we are here to remind you of the importance as to why you need to keep this area of your home clean!

What is a crawl space? you may ask, and to properly define this term would be:

a shallow unfinished space beneath the first floor or under the roof of a building especially for access to plumbing or wiring

Merriam - Webster Dictionary

Basically, crawl space gets it’s name from an individual not able to stand upright, you are down on all 4’s; crawling… genius…

So you're thinking that the crawl space might need to be cleaned. That's why you're researching online and came across this page right.? You may also be thinking this is something you might be able to do yourself...

The Problem with a DIY

Now, cleaning it by yourself is tricky and many things you need to worry about while doing so. Its recommended to have professional people to do it for you. You need to worry about many factors like bugs, rodents, allergens, plumbing, wiring, insulation that needs to be replaced because the leaky pipe is making it wet. Yep…. thats right, and now you are going to call us anyway to get the job done. You ran into different situations, after getting dirty, and have spiders crawling in your hair. -yikes! Not to mention the time and effort you put into your DIY. Best to leave some things with the professionals. Giving us a call is free and so is the estimate;  just, give it a shot!

Now Let’s Say…

You're not a DIY type of person but, you can’t think of why you need to pay attention to the crawl space or how about.., you never even considered it. As you read down below, we hope that you gain enough information to help you realize the important  role your crawl space carries.

Why Should I Worry About My Crawl Space?

  • Mold and mildew
  • Rodent and insect infestation
  • Dampness / humidity levels
  • Odors
  • Wet and contaminated insulation
  • Cracks
  • Leaky ducts
  • Air quality / Allergens
  • Structure weakness

Yes, it can get pretty ugly…


Who doesn't like benefits, that's the reason why we do most things, because of the benefits we can reap from them right? So here they are:

  1. Environmental Friendly - Yes we had to make this one first because, this is what Pure Eco is all about; THE ENVIRONMENT! Like most people, factoring the environment to your crawl space just doesn't factor in. But, we are here to tell you that it does!And this is how: Your crawl space is meant to keep the hot or cool air trapped inside the home. When your crawl space is not maintained, this can lead to a rodent infestation, and you know what they like to do? chew up the wiring and make your insulation their lovely fluffy bed. Your insulation is now contaminated with droppings and urine, and your breathing in this stuff in through the air vents. Not only that… your desired air is now escaping through the holes they have created to get inside, and you are now wasting the energy.

  2. Great Air Quality - Having a crawlspace that is dirty, unsealed, and contaminated or no insulation is the recipe for poor air quality. You have welcomed your home to all kinds of pests and allergens. If there is moisture, this can create mold and mildew to grow; never a good thing. The mold and mildew will eventually damage the surface from which it’s growing on, and spread seeds or spores. The spores will enter into the air and go through the air vents to which you will eventually breath in, or come into contact with your body/skin. Once inhaled or touched, it can cause both minor and serious symptoms of allergies or asthma. Keep in mind, approximately 40% of your homes air is coming from the crawl space. So it's very important that you maintain a clean and healthy air environment for your family and home. Let your air quality be the best it can be!

  3. Save...Save…, and Did We Mention Save! - Cleaning your crawl space is not a large cost and Pure Eco encourages homeowners to do so. Families can save 30% or more on energy bills, especially during those extra hot and cold months. Who wouldn't want to save a buck or two right? Maintaining a clean crawl space will keep your wallets fat. Once you clean your crawl space, repair and replace anything that needs to be done (i.e. insulation, ducts, air seal, rodent proofing), than you will end up seeing you are paying less on utility bills, because the heating and cooling is being utilized less often.

  4. Structural Strength - If there is dampness, the moisture will create mold and mildew which weakens the structure of the home.  Keep in mind, mold grows and can travel and eventually entering in other parts of the home. Entering through the cracked walls and floors, if left untreated. Make sure your crawl space is clean to prevent this from happening. You want your home to have healthy bones right, especially the surface.

Is Cleaning the Crawl Space All I Need Done?

Most likely no, different scenarios may play out. Here are 3 common ones that you may relate too.

Scenario #1:

My crawlspace is now clean, but my insulation is damp, can I still use it?

Absolutely not, having damp insulation defeats the whole purpose of cleaning it in the first place. You will need to replace the old insulation with new insulation. Here at Pure Eco, we will do that for you. Once, we are done cleaning your crawl space, we will replace the insulation, and dump the old insulation ourselves at a local dump in your area. There will be no mess left behind for you to pick up; guaranteed!

Scenario #2:

I have rats in my crawlspace and need them removed!

You most certainly do! Pure Eco will remove all your rodent problems, than clean and sanitize the space, seal off any holes that they made to get in with foam seal and a metal screen, and install new insulation. We will take all the debris with us and dump it at the nearest dump.  

Scenario #3:

I think I may need new ducts, can Pure Eco replace them for me?

Yes we can! If your crawl space insulation is damp because of leaky ducts we are the company for ya! We will replace the ducts with new ones, as well as clean and sanitize, seal any cracks you may have, and replace the old insulation for new, take all the debris and dump it at the nearest dump.

Services We provide To Your Crawl Space:

Cleaning and Sanitation - After removing all the debris with a special vacuum, we will scrub your crawl space down and sanitize it to keep it nice and clean.  

Air Seal- You want to make sure there are no cracks open where your air can escape and unwanted air is coming in. Pure Eco will air seal all of those cracks and hole to ensure your home's air tight, and your utility bill will stay low.

Rat (rodent) proofing- Yes, those unwanted pest! We go around your crawlspace looking to see where the pests are coming from or potentially coming from, and seal it shut with foam, and to reinsure they will not get back in; put a metal screen behind it. The foam works best with the screen because, they can chew through the foam but, the screen will hurt their teeth too much that they will give up.

Replace or add new insulation- If you have existing insulation in your crawlspace and it has been contaminated with rodent droppings and urine, or its damp from a leaky duct or crack; you are going to need to replace the old insulation. If you don't have insulation in your crawl space it is highly recommended that you do add some. Remember earlier I mentioned 40% of your homes air comes from the crawl space. If you install insulation there you will notice that you will be using less heating / cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Duct Replacement- We are able to replace your ducts so, if you have a damaged duct feel free to ask us to replace it for you. Or if we are doing an estimate at your home and see that there is a damaged duct we will be able to provide this service for you.

Keep In Mind

The attic is very crucial to maintain. There is foundation beams holding the structure down, plumbing, and electrical. Moisture and mold is your enemy to be down in the crawl space. Any leaky and clogged drains can damage the insulation as well as the wiring. Its recommended to have regular inspection and cleaning in the crawl space to ensure there aren’t any problems and if so; they are to be corrected before it becomes a bigger issue.

Why Choose Us?

There are many competing contractors and companies that can clean and work in your homes crawl space. Pure Eco specializes in making sure you crawl space is in tip top shape. We have excellently trained employees working for us to make sure the job is done professionally and adequately. We get in and get out with the best type of results, showing you the before and after pictures to show you exactly what we did. We have worked in many different commercial and residential settings and look forward to working for you! Contact Us today (877-778-2551) to learn more about our professional services! We offer free estimates and inspections as part of your crawl space cleaning solution.


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