Attic Cleaning

Have you ever walked into your attic lately?

Probably not,

It might be a scary thought…

Los Angeles Attic Cleaning

Here at Pure Eco, we can change your attic from a scary place to a happy place.

All it takes is some TLC, and we have that prescription just for you!

When you clean your attic you will have a rewarding feeling knowing that, the air is going to be clean, there are no rodents up there, and if you install new insulation; the temperature of the room will be comfortable!

Clean Attics makes us happy, and we want you to be just excited about it as we are! You see, we know all the benefits that comes with a clean attic, and we are going to share it with you.

Benefits of Attic Cleaning Services:

Attic Cleaning Benefits

  • Cleaner Air running through the vents.

    Fresh clean air to breath, because we took out the dust, dirt, mold, mildew, rodent droppings, urine, insects, and anything else we may find out there.

  • Rodent problems are now eliminated.

       Even if you do not have any rodents you don't want any future house guest either. In the summer or winter they are either looking for a place to cool off or warm up in. Your home is the perfect place for them to have both conditions. To prevent this, we highly recommend that you rat proof your attic and/or crawl space. We charge separately for this service, it is not included with our attic cleaning service.

  • Dust and Dirt will be gone.

It is our priority to ensure that when we leave your attic; it will be spotless. Dust and Dirt can create allergies within your household. So, it's best to eliminate it altogether. Not to mention, we know you keep your home spotless inside. And with a clean attic, you won't have dust and dirt going inside your vents, onto your freshly vacuumed rug.

  • Mold and Mildew!

Accumulated moisture will condense, and this can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This isn't good for two reasons: 1.ruining the structure of your home 2. These colonies release mold spores with horrific odors.  This will travel to your family's living spaces, and can have a hazardous effect on your family's health.

  • Holes and cracks will be exposed.

You will be able to identify where the air is coming from outside, and we will be able to seal them for you. *air sealing is an addition service.

Pure Eco Tip: It's recommended that you check your Roof, foundation and basement once a year to see if there are any leaks or moisture problems. Remember, rain and high humidity can bring moisture inside creating mold and mildew.

If You Don’t Clean Your Attic

Well, the benefits will end up as your downfalls, and you don't want that for your family and home.

For Example…

Airborne mold spores is a common allergen. Family members with allergies to certain types of mold may experience allergic symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, upper respiratory irritation, cough and eye irritation. That's never a fun ride to experience.

Pure Eco, wants you to benefit from your home all the way around.  We Specialize in attic insulation as well as cleaning. We want you to have the optimize experience and recommend that you have this service performed. Our team goes in, demonstrating very thoral work in the cleaning process, once we are done we take our trash from the location and dump it at the local dump.  

We don't want you to be stressed, that's why we do our job with 100% efficiency and quickly.

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