Attic Fan, and Why It’s So Important

If you find that your attic is unbearably hot! Even with your air conditioning blasting, it may be time to have an attic fan installed in your house.
When customers decided that they want an attic fan installed in their attic/roof, the reasons may be …

“I want a attic fan to supplement the ventilation in my attic.”
“I have a two story home, and I want the upper level to be cooler.”
“My attic is so hot, and I wanted to transform it into a storage room and the heat will ruin my stuff!”

Whatever your reasons may be take a look at these interesting facts and see if this is something you need in your home.

Why Is My Attic So Hot!?

Attic Fan Installation in Los Angeles

The main reason why your attic maybe so hot is due to lack of ventilation!

DID YOU KNOW: That most homes do not have proper ventilation installed in there attic, no matter the age of the home! And may not have the adequate amount of fans for the size of the attic/ roof.

Take a look at our chart to determine if you have the right amount of fans in your attic. If not give us a call (877) 778-2551, and we can discuss further on what is necessary to have in your attic.

Why It’s Bad To Have A Hot Attic?

Having high temperatures inside of you attic will shorten the lifespan of the shingles. When heat becomes excessive it can deteriorate the storage and create moisture inside the house.

What is an attic fan?

A ventilation fan which regulates the heat level inside the attic, by exhausting the hot air. There is a thermostat used to automatically turn on and off the attic fan. You can find attic fans gabled mounted or roof mounted.

Attic fans not only prevent the attic from overheating due to the solar radiation, but keeps moisture out of the attic. During the cooler months, this can create moisture inside your attic, which can result into mildew and mold. This is never a good thing. Mold and mildew, can create health problems, along with weakening the structure of the building. So, it’s best to prevent this from becoming a problem for you, and resulting into more money being spent to fix.

Take some time to read about Attic Fan’s and determine what is appropriate for you and your home.

Attic Fans Intentions Is To Save You Energy And The Roof.

The way energy is being saved, is by reducing the usage of your air conditioner in the home.
Your roof will be saved, with the attic fan decreasing the temperature inside your attic which will minimize the heat, and increasing the lifetime of the roof shingles.

Type of Attic Fans We Install

Mushroom Mounted Fan: This fan, is found on the roof on the house. It get its name from the shape of the fan; a mushroom. Very distinctive look and easy to recognized among the attic fans.

Gable Mounted Fan: Looks like a normal fan, and is mounted on the attic wall. Just like the pictures below show. The same concept of when you put a fan on the window, to cool off the room. The air is being circulated from outside and inside.

What To Notice About Your Attic Fan

When you get an attic fan you will need to look for key points. The precision balanced metal blades, and to make sure there is minimum noise.
Don't worry here at Pure Eco we are sure you are receiving nothing but a quality attic fans!
We make sure that the fan has an adjustable thermostat to automatically ventilate, has mounting brackets, is permanently lubricate motor for a nice peaceful sound, and screens to keep out any intruders such as small animals and birds.

Attic Fans Myths

myths vs facts on attic fans

You may have googled attic fans and came across some drawbacks. And now you may be skeptical as to if you should or shouldn't install an attic fan.
But let's take a look at the pros and cons of an attic fans, and make a decisions based on facts and not on opinions.
Hopefully, by the end of this article you will have a better understanding as to what you may decided.

Pros: Attic fans are designed to save energy, reduce cooling cost, cool the attic, and extend the lifespan of the roof shingles. Attic fans are controlled by a thermostat, which pushes the hot air out of the attic and upper level of the home, and drawing in the cooler outside air through the fans lower soffit and/or gable vents.

Homeowners with two story homes become very interested in the idea of attic fans; for the simple reason that heat travels up, and the upper level rooms are very hot, compared to the lower level.

If the Homeowner lives in a one story home the benefits are also rewarding. The house will stay cooler because the attic temperature is stabilized. Less usage of the a/c unit.

Attic fans prevents moisture in the attic, which can create mold and mildew. As mentioned earlier, this is strongly suggested by our Inspector Managers to keep your home happy,, healthy, and safe!

Cons: Depending on your location. If you live in a cooler climate, than the attic fan will remove the warm air outside the home, and the rooms will remain cold. But, if you live in California, this will be a pro because you are able to keep the home cooler. Even though attic fans keep the attic cooler, this doesn't mean you will never turn on the AC unit again, but the whole system compliments each other. With proper insulation, radiant barrier, air seal, and an attic fan; your cost of energy will decrease.
Keep in mind, if you decide to install insulation and an attic fan, it is vital that any vents in your attic are not covered with insulation; keeping them uncovered will provide an even airflow to ensure less buildup of heat.

Research Studies

There has been numerous of studies on attic fans and roof ventilation. The studies was to indicate the effectiveness and optimization results if installed in the home. The result were non disputed, that the benefits exist. However, regional differences magnified different result overtime. Meaning, what would work in let’s say Dallas, Texas wouldn't work to well in Portland, Oregon.

The Truth About The Temperature On Your Homes Attic!
Your Attic Looks Like This In a Heat Cam, Pretty Hot Right?

Sad to say, but your attic stays pretty hot without it even being summer.
On summer days, it makes situations even worst with trying to beat the heat; especially living in Southern California! We can't catch a break right!?
Wrong, we can … this is what Pure Eco does... is catch you breaks silly! We are here to save you money, energy, and let you live comfortably in all the rooms in your home. No weird temperature changes, as you move from room to room. Every room will stay consistent, unless you don't want it to be by choice, and not forced...

Do Not Get Confused…..

Of the difference between an attic fan and a whole-house fan… They may seem the same, but there is a big difference!
Yes, the similarity is they both have move air around, but that’s all they have in common!

The difference ….

Whole House Fans - Is located in the ceiling of your home. In some cases; often rare they could be located in the wall. Such as a hallway, or some place that is a central location. Anyhow, the fan is always located in the highest ceiling or wall, and is oriented to blow air directly.
The whole house fans are designed to pull air through the house and exhaust the air into the attic space.
Attic Fans - Are smaller and is designed to move air in the attic outside and through the vents; to cool down the attic. They are not designed to move air throughout the home like the whole house fan.

The Logic Behind the Attic Fan is Simple:

When you replace the hot air from the attic, which can range from 140℉ - 170℉ with the inside air that could be 85℉ - 95℉ the attic will become cooler than without an attic fan.
On default, unlike the whole house fan, the attic fan exhaust the air outside. Because the air is exhausted outside than the whole house will stay cooler.

So…. If you have a whole house fan then it's highly recommended to also get an attic fan installed.

Vents and Attic Fans Coming Together:
Its very important to have both, this way you have the proper ventilation possible; inside of your attic.

Vents On Your Roof

The purpose of any vent is too allow ventilation.
Air intake vents, allows the outside air to enter inside the attic and ventilate the space.
Intake vents, should always be located along the roofs assembly lowest eave or near the soffits or eaves.

What Is A Ridge Vent?

A ridge vent is important to have in your homes roofing system. The ridge vent is installed at the peak of the sloped roof. This allows damp, warm air to escape from the attic. When a ridge vent is installed properly, this will increase the energy efficiency and also prolongs the life of your roof.

What Is A Soffit Vent?

A form of proper ventilation for your roof. If you noticed your attic doesn't have the proper ventilation, the best way to increase the airflow is adding vents to the soffit boards on the bottom of the eaves. Soffit vents works with gable, roof, or ridge vents to provide natural airflow inside of your attic.

Why Is It Important?

Vents help facilitate the attic fans do their job correctly. With proper ventilation, it will result to a cool attic, and a cooler home inside the living spaces.

Pure Eco, specializes installing attic fans into your home properly. We will recommend what will work best for your home, and what is worth an investment to you. When choosing a company to do any work for your home you must always be sure they are licensed, have all the necessary paperwork to do business with , as well as specializing in a trade.

Pure Eco, is a trustworthy company and can supply you with any paperwork that you need to make sure you feel secured with the job we are performing inside of your home.

If you have any questions in regards to attic fans, insulation, radiant barrier, air seal, rodent proofing, or anything else in regards to the work that we do, please feel free to call us anytime during regular business hours. (877)778-2551 (mon - fri 8:30 am-5 pm). We are here to serve you!

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