Is Your Insulation Up to Code?

The importance of effective building insulation can’t be overlooked. Building insulation varies from state to state. It’s not only about keeping you cozy; it’s also about effective energy management and reducing dependence on energy appliances. To promote energy conservation, the International Code Council, an independent NGO, decided to set standards for commercial and residential insulation. Regional climate and material availability were the leading factors in setting insulation standards for different states.

Building Insulation Laws in California

Most building insulation regulations are subjected to the different climate zones cities in California are divided into. For cities like Los Angeles that fall in Climate Zone 3, the ceiling insulation stands at an R-value of 38 with mass wall insulation of 8/13. The thermal envelope for the basement wall is set at 5/13, while the thermal envelope value for crawl spaces is 5/13.

Insulating the attic and crawlspaces is extremely important. Without proper insulation, your attic will heat up in the Californian summers in no time. Temperature extremity in winter will affect your home’s insulation equally. Insulation installation in Arleta won’t be a problem if you are in touch with our reliable insulation contractors.

Basement Insulation

The insulation for basement walls is supposed to be 10 feet below the grade or to the basement floor from the top. Basement wall insulation is not a must for excessively humid and warm regions. We’d recommend rigid foam for your basement wall insulation. The insulation can be used in any part of the house, including attic hatches.  

Floor Insulation

Floor insulation must be installed in such a way that it remains in contact with the subfloor decking. Any space between the insulation and flooring would lead to trapped air and moisture between the flooring and the insulation.

Best Materials for Floor Insulation

Expanded polystyrene sheets would be a good idea for your floor insulation. They are fire-resistant and easier to install. They can be easily fixed on a flat surface and are resistant to pressure. The sheets would not collapse or crack easily. The EPS sheets have been studied to be recyclable and clean to manufacture.

Contact our reliable attic insulation team in Camarillo and Canyon Country for a consultation.

Upgrade Your Insulation to Modern Standards

If you haven’t remodeled or renovated your home in a long time, your home insulation may not be up to modern standards. Make sure your attic is properly insulated this time. Not only will attic insulation offer consistent home temperature, but it is also required to reduce dependence on electrical appliances.

 a man working on a construction project

Attic Insulation in Camarillo by Our Reputed Insulation Contractors

Each home is different with different insulation needs. At Pure Eco Inc., we offer sturdy attic and crawl space insulation for older homes and newly constructed buildings. Opt for a free consultation to decide which insulation material would be best for your residential building.

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