Is Spray Foam Insulation the Right Insulation Type for My Home?

With many other insulating materials in the market, the spray foam insulating material has become one of the most durable insulation materials that offer full coverage. The material was introduced in the insulation industry in the 1980s and has come a long way since its inception.

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Here’s why spray foam insulation is the perfect material for your home.

What’s Spray Foam Insulation?

Specially designed to fill holes and gaps in walls and crannies, spray foam insulation comprises latex or polyurethane foam. Once sprayed, the foam is known to expand. This sufficiently fills any gaps. After some time, the insulation hardens and takes on a sturdy, robust appearance.

Having foam sprayed in your attic for insulation is most convenient. Our attic insulation services in Hollywood are known to deliver exemplary home insulation services.

Incredible Air Sealing

Many homes in the US end up paying hefty energy bills simply because they don’t have a mechanism to barricade air gaps. During insulation, inspecting for air seals and wall cavities is the primary initiative taken. Spray foam insulation is sprayed using a gun. This allows the foam to settle in minute crannies and tricky corners, sealing most air cavities.

Perfect for Increased Protection

Spray foam insulation works well against humidity. Not only does it block moisture and air, but it also adds to the building’s strength by providing a protective layer against pest infestations.

Highly Affordable

Forbes commented on the amazing affordability a spray foam kit offers. Always ensure you have an insulation contractor on board to install the insulation. Pasadena insulation contractors make sure you’re spray foam insulation lasts the longest.

Saves Energy Costs

Why spend extra cash when spray foam insulation will do the trick for you? The process may appear pricey due to spray foam equipment like its spray gun. This is not exactly the case. As per research, an American consumer ends up paying around $2000 in energy costs only. $200 to $400 is the estimated cost for energy leakages through holes and cavities only.

foam insulation underway

Our team is known to provide the highest quality insulation services in Hollywood. To make the process easier for our clients, we offer a free quote on insulation installation in Pasadena. We also recommend our clients install attic fans to keep their homes cool and energy bills low.

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