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SoundProof Insulation Installation

If you want to achieve a state of total relaxation in your home, soundproofing is a must. When it's done right, soundproofing creates an extra layer between your home and the outside world, and it can also block certain rooms off from the noise that's made in the rest of your house. Whether you want to create an ideal environment for your newborn baby to get used to the world, a media room that won't keep your partner up at night, or the perfect spot for studying, soundproof insulation might be just what you need to create a space that's closeted off from the hustle and bustle of the day.

At Pure Eco Inc., we specialize in creating soundproof environments. Whether you want to block out noise that's carried by air or unwanted sounds that follow in the wake of your footsteps, we have what it takes to insulate soundproofed areas from every type of noise. We have the experience necessary to know which soundproofing tactic to use in each area of your home, and we also know how to equip your home with accompanying elements that take the soundproofing process to a whole new level.

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Why We Use Roxul Insulation

At Pure Eco Inc., we primarily use Roxul insulation. Time and time again, Roxul has proven itself to be the most effective soundproofing insulation available, and we have installed this sound absorbing insulation in hundreds of homes in the L.A. area with astounding results. In a review of the available scientific research presented to the faculty of California Polytechnic State University in 2014, sonic researcher Timothy Hawkins explains how insulation materials like Roxul are known as porous absorbers. Common examples of porous absorbers include carpets, drapes, and certain types of plaster, but Roxul takes this sonic concept to a whole new level by specifically creating spaces for sound to be absorbed and nullified.

Instead of resonating or vibrating to reduce sound waves, porous absorbers like Roxul transform sound into heat. Not only is this soundproofing mechanism incredibly efficient, but it also helps insulate your home. Roxul is made from mineral wool, which is a special type of material that is created by combining certain types of minerals with steel slag.

We use two types of Roxul insulation when we soundproof homes: Roxul Safe 'N' Sound and Roxul Comfort Batt. Safe 'N' Sound is used on interior walls, and Comfort Batt is used in walls that have one exterior side. Together, these two types of mineral wool insulation can insulate your entire home from sounds originating from either inside or outside of your home.

Benefits of Installing Soundproof Insulation

As you decide whether or not you want to contract our expert services to install soundproof insulation in your home, it's important to consider all of the benefits that this improvement to your home can provide. Of course, the main reason that you want to install soundproof insulation is to reduce noise levels within your home, but this type of insulation comes with a number of other benefits that shouldn't be underestimated. Some examples of these incredible benefits include:

Inter-Room Acoustic Dampening

Roxul mineral wool is considered to be the best product available for dampening sounds between rooms in your house or blocking out noises that originate outside of your home. This revolutionary insulation material completely blocks some types of noise, and it vastly reduces the impact of noises that it can't absorb entirely.

Increased Fire Resistance

One benefit of Roxul insulation that many homeowners overlook is increased fire resistance. This type of insulation has garnered an excellent "R" rating for being capable of resisting temperatures of up to 2,150 degrees Fahrenheit. To understand how beneficial this type of insulation can be in a fire, consider the fact that the National Institute of Fire and Safety Training (NIFAST) indicates that the average house fire burns at 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that Roxul insulation might be able to stop the spread of a fire within your house whether it originated inside or outside of your home.

Resistance Against Water and Mold

Unlike other types of insulation, Roxul mineral wool soundproof insulation isn't susceptible to water damage. In fact, it repels moisture, which helps keep your walls high and dry. No matter how moist it gets, Roxul insulation won't lose its coveted "R" fire resistance rating, and common microscopic household pests like mildew and mold won't be able to find a home in mineral wool. Since Roxul mineral wool doesn't contain any organic material whatsoever, no types of bacteria or fungus will be able to survive in this incredible insulation material.

Protection from Corrosion

Many types of insulation become practically permanent homes for moisture as soon as they admit anything that's wet. This moisture can then go on to corrode the screws or nails that hold your walls together, which can spell serious issues for your home's structural integrity. Since Roxul mineral wool insulation doesn't hold water, however, it doesn't become a hotbed for corrosion like other types of soundproofing insulation. Therefore, it helps the structural components of your house last longer, which adds to your home's value.

Lightweight Insulation Material

While it might be a stretch to say that Roxul insulation is as light as a feather, this type of insulation is, however, quite a bit lighter than many of its competitors. You may not think that the weight of your walls matters that much, but lightweight walls contribute to the structural integrity of your house, and weighing them down with heavy insulation isn't the right move to make as a homeowner. When you take into consideration the fact that you may want to double up on drywall to further soundproof your room, choosing the lightest insulation around is a no-brainer.

Increased Durability

Mineral wool insulation options like those available from Roxul are some of the most durable and long-lasting types of soundproofing insulation in the world. Unlike other types of insulation, mineral wool soundproofing insulation doesn't expand or contract, and it will retain its sound-blocking shape for years and years. Since gaps refuse to form between sheets of this innovative type of insulation, you can rest assured that your rooms will remain effectively soundproofed for decades to come.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Since mineral wool handles heat energy so well, this substance serves as an incredibly effective insulator even though its main selling point is sound absorption. If you install Roxul mineral wool insulation in any room in your house, you'll find that your heating and cooling bills will reduce significantly. Over the years, these reduced costs will more than pay for the reasonable cost of installing this innovative insulation material in your home.

Protects the Environment

Unlike synthetic insulation materials that may harm your health or the environment, Roxul mineral wool insulation is made from a combination of all-natural and recycled materials. Due to this eco-friendly composition, Roxul has garnered a prestigious GreenGuard certification, which indicates that it conforms to the highest environmental protection and indoor air quality standards. Since soundproof insulation made by Roxul is so good for the environment, installing it in your home may even earn you LEED points.

The Pure Eco Installation Process

Here at Pure Eco, we can take care of the installation process from start to finish. We're happy to deliver all of the Roxul insulation you need directly to your door, and our professional installation services will ensure that you get the best possible use out of your revolutionary mineral wool insulation.

Since we're so experienced with all of the ins and outs of Roxul insulation, we can install insulation in any room of your house in record time. One of the best things about Roxul insulation is that it can be installed in addition to the existing insulation in your home, which saves time and reduces waste. Leaving your existing insulation intact helps fill up the spaces between your studs better than ever before, but we can also remove your old insulation if you'd prefer to take that path.

As part of our installation process, we will test the sound transmission class (STC) rating of your walls both before and after installing your new Roxul insulation to demonstrate the startling efficacy of our sound-dampening methods. Roxul insulation's dense construction can trap even the lowest-frequency sounds, and we'd be happy to show you exactly why this insulation brand has become so astoundingly successful.

We can also double up the drywall in your home for extra sound-proofing action. In addition, we would be happy to install resilient channels horizontally between your studs, which further dampen impact noises. With resilient channels installed, your drywall will screw directly into metal surfaces, which reduces sound transmission. Lastly, we can also use acoustic sealant caulk as a final barrier against wayward noises that try to find their way through your walls.

Roxul Insulation vs. Cellulose or Fiberglass Options

While we also work with other forms of insulation, there are a few reasons why we choose to use Roxul mineral wool in most applications. For starters, mineral wool is much nicer to the body if you happen to come in contact with it; unlike fiberglass, it won't cause your skin or eyes to itch. Plus, even though the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) recently ruled that fiberglass isn't carcinogenic, there's still some reason to believe that this substance could cause lung cancer. Mineral wool, on the other hand, is not carcinogenic.

Cellulose is another material that is used as insulation, and this substance is made from old newspapers. Unlike mineral wool, cellulose isn't fire resistant, and it also leaves insulation dust in its wake. It should also be pointed out that Roxul insulation fills the gaps between studs in your walls better than any other option on the market.

As part of our initial consultation, we'll help you determine whether Roxul or another type of insulation is ideal for your particular circumstances.

Harness the Power of Green Energy Incentives

In the state of California, and in the Los Angeles area in particular, there are a few government incentives in place that push people toward conserving common sources of energy like electricity and natural gas. Since Roxul insulation is much more energy efficient than other insulation methods, you may be able to save up to 30% on your heating and cooling costs just by switching to this type of soundproof insulation. These reduced energy needs will most likely help you qualify for various energy conservation incentives that can help you save even more money in the long run.

Why Pure Eco is the Best Option for Soundproof Insulation Installation

As a family-owned Los Angeles area business, we have a stake in how we're seen in our community, and we've built up our local reputation with pride. We're known for handling every aspect of residential projects from start to finish, which eliminates the need to hire multiple contractors. Our combined experience makes us the best insulation installation option in the L.A. area, and we'll impress you with our professional approach from our primary consultation onward.

Since we value the health and vibrancy of our community, we're dedicated to providing you with the best solutions to your soundproofing needs. As we work with you to achieve the soundproofing solution of your dreams, we'll remain transparent throughout the process and tell you everything you need to know at every step along the way.

Are Financing Options Available?

At Pure Eco, we've partnered with GreenSky Credit to help you with the cost of installing insulation in your home. We understand that home renovations can rack up a significant bill in no time, and we're happy to help you through the process of qualifying for this credit program that helps eco-friendly homeowners make renovation decisions that protect the environment.

Contacting a SoundProof Insulation Installation Specialist Near Me

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