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SoundProof Ceiling

Is your daughter an aspiring drummer? Is your son working on his set to become the next DJ? Are your neighbors loud? Are you up all night while your neighbor above or someone in your family is running around? Or maybe, after a long day at work, you simply need a quiet house or room to which you can retire. It is possible, even in this day-and-age of constant music, screen time, and interruptions, you can build your Shangri-La of silence with soundproof insulation. Pure Eco Inc. can soundproof your house, ceiling, attic, bedrooms, walls, anything!

How does Sound Travel Through the Walls?

The sound is mechanical energy that causes vibrations to travel through the air, solids, or liquids and, like with energy, it can be converted or diverted into something less offensive to humans. The sound you ordinarily “hear” travels through the air. Human ears are designed to interpret sound waves that travel through the air. However, sound travels faster and more efficiently through solid objects. Moreover, since there is empty space between the outer and inner walls of your home, the sound can be amplified because the inner wall acts as a sounding board, amplifying the vibrations in the second space.

The goal in soundproofing a ceiling, house or room is to absorb or reflect the sound vibrations. The technique you use depends on if you are preventing noise from entering your home or preventing it from escaping from a particular room. For example, are you trying to isolate the sound from your daughter’s drums or are you trying to dampen the sound of your neighbors?

How do you Soundproof a Room or House?

There are a few techniques to soundproof your house or room(s). In most homes, the insulation is installed in the space between the outer and inner ceiling of your home. The insulation can be packed or blown. In Los Angeles insulation is typically fiberglass or cellulose. Fiberglass and cellulose improve energy efficiency, reduce heat energy leakage, and cut down on sound transmission. These materials reduce the transmission of external noise by absorbing and dampening the soundwaves.

You can also install materials that reflect or absorb sound transmission on the inside of your house. If you have ever been inside a recording studio, the ceiling and walls are covered in cones which break up and absorb the sound waves. But, except for extreme situations, most homes can get away with insulation installed in the ceilings.

Roxul® Soundproof Products 

If you need to maximize your soundproofing (without installing egg cartons on the walls), then you should go with Roxul®. Roxul offers the best residential insulation products on the market. Roxul uses a combination of stone (basalt) and steel wool to break-up and absorb sound waves. Roxul adapted its design from combinations first discovered in Hawaii. Roxul uses a proprietary technique to combine these materials in its factories so we can bring them directly to your home.

Roxul offers two unparalleled products: Roxul Safe ‘N’ Sound® is used on interior walls, and Roxul Comfort Batt® is used to insulate exterior walls. So, if you needed to soundproof your son’s room, we would recommend installing Roxul Safe ‘N’ Sound® between the studs in the interior wall. And, if you needed to drown out your partying neighbors, then we would recommend installing Roxul Comfort Batt® behind your exterior-facing walls.

Why Roxul®?

Roxul products eight unparalleled benefits.

  1. Top-Tier Sound Dampening: Roxul products absorb most sound vibrations and significantly reduce the intensity of most others. It is the number-one product on the market for residential soundproof insulation.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Installing any soundproof insulation in your home dramatically improves its energy efficiency be curtailing energy leakage (i.e., escaped heat and cooling). If you install Roxul in your exterior walls, in your basement, and attic, you enjoy reduced electricity bills for years.
  3. Environmentally Friendly: Roxul is GreenGuard® certified and is one closer step to getting your home or building LEED certified. Roxul manufactures its products using a combination of all-natural material and recycled materials.
  4. Fire Resistance: Roxul can withstand extreme temperatures and is non-combustible. It can take survivor temperatures as high as 2,150 degrees Fahrenheit without suffering significant structural degradation. Roxul insulation does not catch fire and, in fact, retards the spread of fires throughout your home.
  5. Water and Moisture Resistance: Roxul’s rock wool materials, unlike fiberglass or cellulose, does not grow mold or mildew when moist or wet. Roxul products repel water, and its sound dampening factors are unaffected if it is wet or dry.
  6. Corrosion Resistance: Similar to its resistance to mold and mildew, Roxul does not corrode and will not corrode anything else inside your walls – unlike cellulose-based insulation.
  7. Durability: Roxul lasts for decades without experiencing deterioration of its sound dampening or other qualities. Finally, rock wool doesn’t warp or change shape, so your sound dampening efficiency remains high without upkeep.
  8. Lightweight: Finally, Roxul products are lightweight. Your walls are designed to accommodate a maximum weight (like how you can’t hang whatever you want on your walls without finding a stud or installing an anchor). The weight of your insulation starts to matter, especially, if you need to install an extra layer of drywall.

Insulating your Attic

The attic is one of the most overlooked and least thought-about rooms, but we guarantee it is the Achilles heel of your home. Your attic is probably used exclusively for storage and entered only a few times a year, to get the holiday decorations down and to put them back up. However, neglect is not directly related to importance. Your attic is likely the primary culprit in energy leakage.

Installation Procedures 

Insulating your attic is a methodical process; follow these steps, and your attic can become a livable part of your home.

First, seal the air leaks. Before installing insulation in the attic, we always examine and seal all air leaks. Air leaks are one of the primary drivers for higher electricity bills. As explained above, energy leakage costs your home heat and cooled air – increasing its electricity bill. There are seven places to seal air leaks, improving your homes energy efficiency even before installing insulation.

  1. Windows;
  2. Pipes and Ducts;
  3. Chimneys and Attics;
  4. Light Fixtures;
  5. Entrance Hatches;
  6. Vents and Fans; and
  7. Other air leaks such as holes.

Second, clean your attic. You probably haven’t ever cleaned your attic. Why would you? You venture up there only a few times a year. However, your attic is like any other part of your house, and if it isn’t maintained, it can become a source of odors, vermin, and mold. At Pure Eco, we offer attic cleaning services which we provide before installing insulation. If you want your attic to become an additional livable room, cleaning your attic is a must. Pure Eco offers comprehensive attic cleaning services to remove mold, asbestos, vermin, bugs, and more.

Third, improve R-Value before installing insulation. There are several things to do to improve your homes R-Value before installing insulation. However, first, a brief interruption for an explanation heat conduction and energy efficiency!

            What is “R-Value?”

R-Value refers to the resistance of the material to heat conduction. The lower the R-Value, the more heat it conducts and the more of your home’s energy is lost. The Department of Energy recommends an R-30 for homes in warm climates, so most homes in Los Angeles and Southern California only need an R-30. The colder the climate, the higher the R-Value recommendation. For example, an R-49 is recommended for cold climates. We use CertainTeed Certified Insulation products to give you the best R-Value for the price.

There are many places in your attic where heat is lost. For example, ceiling joists are a common culprit to heat loss. At Pure Eco, we identify these problem areas and seal them.

Fourth, install the insulation. There are a few ways to install insulation in your attic. First, if you don’t plan on using the attic for more than storage, we spray the Roxul evenly across the surfaces. The blower hose is kept horizontal to the floor to ensure that its maximum surface area is covered at even depths. Blown, loose insulation installation is one of the cheaper and faster techniques.

You can also pack the material between the studs (similar to the interior of your walls). The packing technique is more efficient at sealing heat but is more time-consuming. Finally, you can remodel your attic into a new, livable room which would involve packing of the insulation between the studs, covering it with drywall, sealing the windows, and installing insulation on the exterior walls.

Why Pure Eco? Because of Our Installation Techniques 

At Pure Eco, we pride ourselves on maximizing the benefits to our clients while reducing the inconvenience. We install a broad range of insulation products (but we recommend Roxul). We have decades of experience working in and around the Los Angeles basin; we know the environmental factors to take into consideration.

            Already have insulation installed? No Problem. 

If your walls already have insulation installed, we lay Roxul over it compressing it, to fill the inter-stud spaces completely. You don’t need to remove and dispose of the old insulation. Moreover, keeping the old insulation can increase the sound dampening qualities. But – if you want to get rid of it – we can help there as well.

            Double-Drywall for Maximum Soundproof Effect 

Pure Eco also offers double-drywall services which are an additional technique to soundproof rooms. To reduce the transmission of sound vibrations, we install a metal resilient channel horizontally and lay the double-drywall over it. The drywall is then screwed into the metal resilient channel. Finally, it is sealed with acoustic sealant caulk. The double-drywall is recommended if you need an extra layer of sound dampening (i.e., if one of your kids is an aspiring musician).

            Additional Services 

Soundproofing isn’t accomplished solely with insulation and drywall. You can also replace your doors, windows, and other trimmings. We offer these services as well, but they should be paired with insulation for maximum effect.

            The Pure Eco Work Ethic 

What makes Pure Eco different from our competitors is our ability to integrate how the client wants to manage the insulation install. We are happy to handle the entire projects from beginning to end. We are also pleased to provide individualized services. For example, maybe you want to handle the demo and insulation removal, and we install the insulation. You let us know how you would like to improve your home.

            Sound Testing to Confirm Soundproof

Finally, at Pure Eco test your walls before and after installation to measure the sound transmission class (“STC”). The STC informs us how much or how little insulation you need installed and where. The tests confirm that the insulation is working and that it was installed effectively. We don’t stop working until your satisfied.

Financing Options

We acknowledge that soundproof installations can strain a family budget. So, to help your familiar avoid putting this project on hold for another year, Pure Eco is pleased to announce that it offers GreenSky credit to our clients. GreenSky offers credit to its clients to finance green home improvements, solar panel installations, and other environmentally conscious goals.

You must meet certain qualifications to be accepted into the GreenSky program, however, we are familiar with GreenSky and will help you through the process. Essentially, the program requires you to use the funds to make improvements on your home that improve its energy efficiency and make it more “green.” Luckily, our insulation products and techniques dampen noise and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Soundproof Ceiling Insulation Contractor Company Near Me

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We offer free consultations, including walking through your proposed project. We are happy to go over the benefits of using Roxul or other insulation products and will provide you with a free estimate. So, don’t hesitate, give us a call today!


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