Radiant Barrier

You might have wonder why there is foil in people's attic?

Well, my friend that foil you are looking at is called Radiant Barrier.

Radiant Barrier, is a heat reflective insulation material.

But, before we carry on to why you need radiant barrier in your home. Let’s start off by giving a brief basic science lesson about heat. What do you say?

Im certain you know what heat is correct?

Heat: “Physics. a nonmechanical energy transfer with reference to a temperature difference between a system and its surroundings or between two parts of the same system. Symbol: Q.”  (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/heat)

Now let's get in greater detail as to how heat transfers...

  • Heat Transfer

Heat transfer happens in homes and building 3 different ways:

  • Conductive Heat Transfer

This type of transfer heat is the least effective, the key to conductive heat is the transfer of heat to direct physical contact. To better explain think of a pot over a kitchen stove; in order of the water to boil in the pot, the flame needs to be underneath the pot.

  • Convection Heat Transfer

Convection Heat Transfer is somewhat more efficient than conductive heat transfer. For the simple reason that the air is being circulated. The method consist of heat being circulated in an area with air and or fluids.

  • Radiant Heat Transfer

The most efficient method out the three heat transfers. Radiant Heat Transfer is also known as Thermal Radiation. Heat is generated from the movement of charged particles within an atom that becomes converted into electromagnetic radiation. Please keep in mind because this is also very important; radiant heat does not heat up the air while traveling; instead it heats up surfaces it touches. When the surface is touched by the heat, the surface then re- radiates the heat in that space making it feel warm. For example your car; the sun rays is transferring radiant that is now coming into contact  with the surface interior creating the heat you feel. Makes sense right?

Now that you understand a few things about heat transfer; it will only make sense why you will need insulation installed into your home.

Insulation will protect the comfort temperature in your home in varieties of weather temperature.

Although, Insulation is a must to have in your home it is also recommended that you might consider to add some accessories to better assist your  insulation.  

Air Sealing - To prevent passage of air and/ or vapor.

Radiant Barrier - a heat reflective material.

With all three of theses services in the mix, it will do you just right!

How Does Radiant Barrier Work?

Glad you asked! Well it's quite simple… Radiant Barrier is a material that has very low emissivity and high reflectivity.  This virtually gives the ability to stop the transfer of radiant heat and thermal conductivity. Allowing the radiant barrier to reduce any heat gain in the summer and allow to trap heat in the winter. That being said, the higher percentage of reflectivity and the lower percentage of emissivity, will result in reducing the heating and cooling needs within the structure. Sounds Great!

Pure Eco, uses the same radiant barrier material that NASA uses for their shuttles. Pretty sturdy stuff right? Pure Eco is all about using quality material for our customers, we want you to have the best result possible!

How Does Radiant Barrier Protect Me In the Winter?

Just image how you wrap your potato up with foil paper to hold in the heat, the same concept goes with your home. The radiant barrier holds the heat inside your home. Or another idea to think about this is a space blanket. When you go camping or have an emergency kit in your car you might find a space blanket to keep you warm. The space blanket is very thin in material but, it hold in your body heat.

How Does Radiant Barrier Protect Me In The Summer?

Think of a space suit on an astronaut, it has radiant barrier protecting the astronaut from the sun’s rays to prevent him from burning. Another idea is your thermos bottle, it keeps your hot drinks; hot, and your cold drinks; cold. The same ideas are reflected onto your home, the radiant barrier reflects the sun’s heat before it can warm up your attic, that way your home can stay cooler.

How Much Can I Save?

Money Savings with Radiant Barrier

According to the U.S Department of Energy, that installing radiant barrier in the attic will reduce heat gain by 40%,  a typical cut off 17% in heat and cooling bills.

Common Household Scenario:

You live in Southern California, and to be a little more specific, let's say you live in; Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. Its August time, and you live in a smaller house built in; 1959. The house is 3 bedroom, 2 baths, and about 1,845 sq ft. Your average bill probably is about; $285.70! Nearly $300.00! If you installed radiant barrier and calculated the results that the  U.S Department of Energy say you save; 17%, the amount taken off your $285.70 energy bill will be $48.57, resulting an amount of  $237.13. Yes, Still high but, you saved almost $50 bucks! And $50.00 a month adds up in the hot Southern California summer months.

How does that sound? Pretty Good Right!?

Where Can I Have My Radiant Barrier Installed?

The Attic is where you want the radiant barrier installed.

There are two methods that can be done in the attic:

  • Bottom of roof rafters

This is recommended in a hotter climate, and you will be able to achieve maximum energy savings!  

  • Over Insulation and Ductwork

Recommended for a cooler climate to achieve maximum savings. Even though it is recommended for a cooler climate, this method is still very popular for existing attics. The optimal results will still reduce heat loss in the cooler weather, as well as reducing heat radiation gain during the hot summer months in Southern California.

Which ever method you choose you will be satisfied with the ultimate results!

Do I Have To Remove my Insulation To Add Radiant Barrier?

Absolutely Not! Radiant Barrier could also work with your existing insulation and make it more effective. Unless, you are due to replace your insulation than we suggest asking for both services.

How About Dust Accumulating In The Attic, Will It Affect The Radiant Barrier?

No, most attics do not accumulate enough dust to cause problems with the installed radiant barrier and affect its capability.

I Am Concerned That The Radiant Barrier Will Create More Heat Inside My Attic… Will It?

Absolutely not! Nothing to worry about, your attic will not get hotter.

I Have Plenty Of Insulation In My Attic, Let's Be Honest Do I Really Need Radiant Barrier?

It doesn't matter how insulation you have installed in the attic, radiant barrier will save you even more money, on top of what the insulation is saving you. Remember, that the radiant barrier can save you up to 17%! Savings …. Savings… Savings…!

How About the Aluminum Corrode, Will It Lose It’s Effectiveness In Time?

According to American Society of Heating & Air Conditioning Engineers’ Journal Section, says it shouldn't. They store hundreds of samples of aluminum in a laboratory for various periods of time, and there was no visible sign of deterioration up to a time period of 10 years.  

How About I Just Put Kitchen Foil In My Attic, Will That Work The Same?

Kitchen foil is thinner than  radiant barrier, and lack the middle layer that provides durability preventing  it from tearing.

Another reason being, kitchen foil paper; even the shiniest of the kitchen foil paper, could only reflect about 88% of the radiant heat.

Let's knock Out Some Myths Regarding Radiant Barrier!

I heard If I Installed Radiant Barrier Under The Rafters, Will They Cook My Shingles?

This is such a common question, and to answer it simply No, radiant barrier can not “cook” your shingles. Radiant barrier may however increase the temperature to the shingles by 2 - 5 degrees℉ on a hot Southern California day, but nothing more.

True, shingles can carry heat from 160 -190 ℉, on a hot day but adding an additional 5 degrees ℉ at most; will not make effect your homes shingles.

I Am Worried If I Install Radiant Barrier In My Attic I Will Loose My Cell Phone Signal, Is This True?

Doubtful, the cell phone signal is capable to go through walls, windows, and such, but it's very doubtful that the signal will be gone; because of the radiant barrier. Weakened maybe, but not enough to take out your signal. So, you do not have to worry about this being a problem for your household.

I heard that radiant barrier can only be installed in new construction homes and not existing homes, why?

This is untrue, Pure Eco actually installs radiant barrier into already existing homes about 3 out 4 times. Most of the homes we do insulation for are already existing homes built in 1900’s. This is something you have no need to worry about, we can install radiant barrier into your home with no problems!

Radiant Barrier Installation Questions?

How soon can you install the radiant barrier?

As soon as you like, our team is ready when you are! Just give us a call for a free quote at (877)778-2551 and we can go over it with you.

Summarize Radiant Barrier Benefits:

  • Radiant Barrier will reflect around 97% of solar radiation!
  • Less heat in your attic and less heat moving into cooler spaces below the attic!
  • The hotter it is outside, the more effective radiant barrier is!
  • The reduced heat inside the attic also results the efficiency in the attic ductwork. The life will be prolonged because of the radiant barrier and your heating and cooling system will have fewer cycle times!
  • Living in Southern California it gets hot, so on the hotter days you can reduce and save a ½ ton of A/C requirements.   
  • Checked our Energy Star, you may qualify for some rebates for installing Radiant Barrier!  

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Sounds like a win.. win… situation! Installing radiant barrier into your home will be beneficial to your home and family! If we missed out on any questions you may have regarding radiant barrier, please feel free to give us a call; our number is (877)778-2551. We have a very friendly staff available to you and are ready to serve! They can help out with all of your questions and guide you to what will benefit your home and family! We offer many services that can save you money, by saving you energy!

Also keep in mind you might be eligible for any rebates; check out your local gas companies website to see how you may qualify!


  • Merriam - Webster Definition of an atom (3) “the smallest particle of an element that can exist either alone or in combination .”
  • Merriam - Webster Definition; electromagnetic (1) “fundamental physical force that is responsible for interactions between charged particles which occur because of their charge and for the emission and absorption of photons.”
  • Merriam - Webster Definition; radiation / radiate  (1) “rays or reflecting beams of light.”  
  • Merriam - Webster Definition; emissivity “the relative power of a surface to emit heat by radiation :  the ratio of the radiant energy emitted by a surface to that emitted by a blackbody at the same temperature.

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