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Man laying thermal insulation layer
Man laying thermal insulation layer

In 1974, California became the 1st state in the U.S. to apply minimum energy standards as part of its core governing values. In recognition of the fact that buildings consume about 50-55% of all energy consumed, the California Energy Commission (CEC) focuses on ensuring that California’s Building Code fosters significant energy savings. Today, Californian’s consume less energy per capita than any other state in the country.

If you’re constructing or buying a new home in Los Angeles, CA, you should familiarize yourself with the energy standards for the CA building code. You should particularly pay attention to a section of the CEC code called “Title 24/Section 6”, which defines the wall’s thermal performance standard. The standards are basically divided into 3 basic parts: mandatory requirements, performance standards, and prescriptive standards.

While state and local building codes characteristically take account of minimum insulation requirements, you should exceed those mandates if you want to have a highly energy-efficient home. One way of maximizing energy efficiency is adopting the ultra-efficient home design that basically involves incorporating insulation features to other building components. This is where insulation services for new homes come in.

Pure Eco Inc. is the one-stop-shop for most home and business owners looking for insulation and energy efficiency services in Los Angeles, C.A. We install wall insulation, ceiling insulation, attic insulation, basement insulation, and fiberglass insulation for both new and old constructions. We take pride in knowing that through the delivery of our unparalleled services over the years, we’ve had a big impact and helped minimize the collective carbon footprint in the L.A. area.

How Insulation Works

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Insulation is all about controlling how heat flows. To understand how insulation works, you first need to understand how heat flows. There are 2 ways in which heat travels through the home, which are:

1.By conduction

Conduction basically means the transfer of heat through solid materials. A simple example of how conduction occurs is when you hold a sizzling cup of coffee, and the heat warms up your hand. You can place a piece of cloth around the hot cup to prevent the heat from burning your hand. In so doing, the piece of cloth serves as an insulator to impede the movement of heat from the hot cup to your hand.

In the same way, heat can travel either out or into your home by means of conduction. During winter, indoor heat will escape through the roof and the walls via conduction. During summer, outdoor heat will hit the roof and the walls then travel through building materials into the interior space via conduction.

2. By convection

Convection basically means the transfer of heat through liquids and gases. A simple example of how convection occurs is how forced air heating systems push warm air throughout the interior spaces.

Hot air tends to rise as it’s denser than cool air naturally, so lack of sufficient insulation in the upper areas of the house allows indoor hot air to escape via the roof. Conversely, insufficient insulation in the lower areas of the house allows for cold outdoor air into the house. When this happens during winter, your home can become uncomfortably cold.

With an understanding of how heat flows, you can now easily understand how insulation works. Insulating your ceiling and your walls is the best way to ensure that indoor air doesn’t escape and that outdoor air doesn’t get in. Besides preventing heat from entering and leaving your home, insulation helps to minimize the workload of your HVAC system. When done right, installing insulation will give you dependable home comfort whether it’s summer or winter.

Benefits of Insulation Services in Los Angeles


L.A. residents can attest that summer is usually off to a toasty start. July, August, and September are habitually the hottest months of the year in Los Angeles, CA, while December and January are usually the coldest months. Given the excessively chilly weather during the winter and extremely hot weather during summer, you can greatly benefit from insulation services for new homes in Los Angeles, CA. By insulating your home, you will enjoy the following two benefits:

1. Increased comfort level

Without walls insulation, heat will leak into your home in the summer, and leak out of your home in the winter. By sealing and insulating your exterior walls, your home will be able to lock out heat and trap in cool air during summer, and lock out the cold and trap in warm air during winter. Therefore, insulating your home will increase your home’s comfort level throughout the year.

2. Increased energy efficiency

Lack of sufficient insulation is one of the major causes of energy loss and high gas and electric bills. Heat loss from buildings usually occurs through the surface of external wall, ceiling, window, and through air infiltration. Research indicates that thermal insulation must be utilized in order to minimize energy consumption and peak requirement of air conditioning in buildings, particularly under extreme climatic conditions.

According to the Department of Energy, properly insulating your walls, ceilings and/or attic can boost your home’s energy efficiency and help you save 10-50% on your energy bill. By utilizing our insulation services, your home will reach optimal energy efficiency, and you will be able to boost your energy savings year-round.

Factors to Consider Before Insulating a New Home

It’s more cost effective to install insulation during construction than to retrofit it after the house is finished. Before insulating a new home, several factors should be considered, including:

3. Building regulations

Like earlier mentioned, there are certain building standards and regulations to meet when developing residential and non-residential buildings. It’s crucial that you observe the mandatory requirements and pay attention to performance and prescriptive standards.

4. Where to insulate

For new homes, there may be multiple places that may require insulation, including walls, ceiling, attic, floor, and the roof. These different places require different types of insulation materials with varying R-values.

5. Type of application

It’s also important to consider whether the insulation is to be installed in a residential building or a non-residential building. This is because some materials might be more ideal for one type of application than the other.

6. Climate

The climatic conditions of the region your property is located is an important factor of consideration when choosing an insulation material. Even though insulation has a lot to do with heat control, there’s actually more than just the temperature to consider. Other climatic conditions to consider include the humidity level and the amount of rainfall. Harmonizing insulation with the weather will enhance the overall insulation effectiveness throughout the year.

Your budget

There are different types of insulation materials that are available at different prices, with some materials being more expensive than others. Therefore, one of the deciding factors on which material to use is the amount of money you can afford to spend.

There are many factors that have to be considered when choosing an insulation type that is environmentally friendly, durable, delivers enough R-value, and still fits your budget. At Pure Eco Inc, we can help you understand and weigh all of these factors so that you can make a smart decision on the insulation that is ideal for your new home.

Types of Insulation Materials

There are different types of insulation materials to choose from, including:

1. Fiberglass

This is the commonest type of insulation used today. It’s made by efficiently weaving fine strands of glass into an effective insulation material. Fiberglass usually comes in blankets, batts and loose fill that can be fitted in between beams and studs. It’s available in R-values ranging from R-2.9-R3.8 per inch.


  • Affordable
  • Non-flammable
  • Resistant to moisture damage
  • Insect resistant
  • Has multiple applications
  • Has greater strength and durability
  • Great for all different areas, from the attic to the exterior walls


  • Can cause damage to the skin, eyes, and lungs if not handled properly

2. Cellulose

This insulation material is made of up to 80% recycled material, mostly tiny bits of organic recycled newspaper and cardboard. It’s installed by pouring it or blowing it into the desired area. This makes it ideal for use in oddly shaped areas. Just like fiberglass, cellulose installation works quite well in all areas. Besides insulation, this insulation material also has amazing soundproofing capabilities. Cellulose has an R-value between R-3.1 and R3.7.

  • It’s affordable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fire resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • Has multiple applications
  • Easy to install


  • Can cause allergies
  • Fairly hard to install, thus requires a professional to install

3. Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foams, also referred to as spray foams, utilize non-chlorofluorocarbon gas for use as a blowing agent. They are fairly light, weighing about 2 pounds per cubic foot. Polyurethane foams usually have an R-value of R-6.3 per inch of thickness. Low density foams also available in R-3.6 rating per inch of thickness. Small quantities of polyurethane foams come in spray containers. If you need large quantities, you can buy a pressurized sprayer.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good for abnormally shaped areas
  • Fire resistant
  • Easy to install


  • Not readily available
  • It contracts with age and tends to pull away from the surface it’s sprayed on.

4. Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is available in three different types. The first type is glass wool, which is fiberglass made from recycled glass. The second type is rock wool, which is made from basalt. The third type is slag wool, which is produced from the slag from steel mills. Mineral wool is available in batts or as loose material. It can be installed as sheets into walls. It has an R-value ranging from R-2.9 – R-3.5.


  • It’s durable
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for insulating large areas


  • It’s expensive
  • It’s not readily available

5. Polystyrene

Polystyrene, also referred to Styrofoam, is basically a waterproof thermoplastic form that has a uniquely smooth surface that no other type of insulation possesses. Besides providing excellent temperature, this insulation material also has soundproofing capabilities. It’s cut into blocks that are ideal for wall insulation.

Polystyrene is available in two types, i.e. extruded (XEPS) and expanded (EPS). These two types of polystyrene vary in cost and performance ratings. XEPS is costlier and has an R-value of R-5.5, while EPS is less costly and has an R-value of R-4.0.


  • It’s easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Provides both temperature and sound insulation
  • Durable
  • Has a unique smooth surface


  • Limited applications
  • It’s not fire resistant
  • Posses health and environmental risks

6. Roxul

This insulation material is an eco-friendly product that makes use of natural and recycled materials as it’s made from recycled metal slag and volcanic basalt rock. Besides being an excellent insulation option for wall installations, Roxul also has soundproofing capabilities. This makes it ideal for rooms that require tranquility, such as the nursery room and bedrooms.


  • It’s easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Environmentally friendly option
  • Resistant to virtually everything
  • Provides both temperature and sound insulation
  • Offers superior strength and durability


  • It has limited applications

At Pure Eco Inc, we deal mainly in 3 types of insulation: fiberglass insulation, cellulose insulation, and Roxul insulation. Whether you want wall insulation, attic insulation, ceiling insulation or floor insulation, we can help you get the most ideal product that will last you many years.

In addition to providing insulation services for new homes, we also offer various crucial “accompanying” services, one of them being air sealing. This is a service that will come in handy, especially if you have drafts in your walls, ceilings, attic, or floor. So, before insulating any surfaces, we usually inspect for air leaks and seal them.

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At Pure Eco Inc, we are privileged to have some of the most skilled and experienced insulation experts on board. For many years, we have provided home and business owners in Los Angeles and all of Southern California with unmatched insulation and energy efficiency services.

To find out more about insulation services for new homes in Los Angeles, call Pure Eco Inc. at (877) 870-7998 or contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.


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Christopher G.

Christopher G.

I already had my main attic done last year by a different company that did not do what they said they would and ended up damaging my ceiling. Decided to go with a different company this time around for a smaller attic of an addition that isn’t directly connected to the main attic.

The attic had no insulation at all (built in the 1930s). It needed debris vacuumed out, rodent proofing, and R-38 batt insulation.

After getting quotes from several folks, decided to go with Pure Eco. Quick turnaround, reasonably priced, good professional crew lead by Martin, and clear communication through my assigned contact Jasmine. Discussion and quote was based on photos I took. Contract and payment was handled all through e-doc services. And they made sure to give me an overview of the work done before leaving. The difference in temperature was a noticeable improvement that night.

Highly recommend.

Mark F.

Mark F.

Our home needed some serious insulation and duct work done. It was awful and quite old (the insulation shrunk to approximately 3″). We called three companies for a quote, and we only saw two. We decided to go with them, before seeing the third, because of the amazing deal they offered and because they would be able to do it immediately. Ben was our sales guy and he was more than helpful and extremely knowledgeable. He made sure to inform us that they are licensed, bonded, and have workers’ compensation insurance, which kept me at ease.

The following day was the installation. Ben told us that they would be there from 8AM – 7PM (latest). They arrived on time, and completed the job by 3PM!!! I was shocked and thoroughly pleased. William, the supervisor of our job, was extremely friendly, and his crew was very professional. They cleaned up their mess; it looked as clean as when they arrived.

I highly recommend them and think that anyone that uses them will do so as well. Hi

Mary Beth

Mery Beth W

I am a firm believer in referrals from friends when it comes to anything for my home and this company was a good referral for sure. My husband and I love Pure Eco and would definitely recommend them to everyone.

They have very professional installers and managers. Everything went smoothly from the scheduling to the end of the job. They use new machines and trucks (I tend to judge a book by it’s cover, unfortunately).

We had them replace our duct system and they installed Radiant barrier. They came in and did their job and left with no mess behind. Definitely give them a try!

Mery Beth W.

Ron S.

Ron S.

We recently bought a house in Canyon Country and the garage was completely exposed and got extremely hot this time of year. When it was 90 degrees outside, the garage was well over 100 degrees. I got quotes from about a half dozen companies but was the most impressed with Pure Eco, especially their representative Sara. She was very helpful and she worked with me on the quote and gave me a lot of of great suggestions as to the best way to get our garage as cool as possible while staying within our limited budget. She recommended insulating the ceiling and front gable and then putting in radiant barrier. Her team came out and did the job in one afternoon and cleaned up afterwards. And now our garage is a LOT cooler. I can definitely recommend Pure Eco.

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