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Insulating Your Attic to Stay Cooler at Home – A Guide

A common question people ask is, “Will attic insulation cool my house?” The answer is simple: Yes!

Although the attic is only one small space, why does insulation affect the temperature of the entire house? Simply put, the attic traps cold heat and passes it around the house through the ceiling in your home. If you hire an insulation contractor, they are more likely to first cover up your attic and basement with insulation before moving on to the rest of the house.

This post will discuss how attic insulation helps control house temperature and some of its benefits.

How Attic Insulation Controls House Temperature

Your attic has a large space that effectively traps cold air during the winter. This means that if you don’t insulate it, you will spend more energy heating up your home, resulting in higher energy bills. According to the Department of Energy, your attic could cause up to a 50% energy bill hike.

Dialing down the temperature on your thermostat will only help so much if the attic is unfinished. If you want to enjoy a warmer house this winter, it is best to insulate your attic with the help of a good insulation company.

Now that we know the importance of an insulated attic let’s see how it can benefit you and your loved ones during extreme temperatures. 

attic window without insulation
attic window without insulation

Advantages of Attic Insulation

Stable temperatures throughout

A warm attic will regulate the temperature of the house during the winter season. An under-insulated home could result in temperature fluctuations which can be uncomfortable to manage. Hence, properly insulating your attic with professional help will stabilize your house’s temperature.

Reduced power bills

Dropping temperatures will have you running to your heater for help. With the winter season almost here, you should prepare your house against freezing temperatures, so you and your family can lay off the heaters and energy bills. A limited air leak will help you save up hundreds of dollars in paid utility bills.

A well-insulated attic carries many benefits for you and your family. You can save up on money spent on bills and enjoy the season with minimal effort to safeguard your house.

Make Your Home Comfortable with Professional Help

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