How to Tell If Your House is Well-Insulated?

It is a well-known fact that properly insulating your home reduces utility bill expenditure and keeps the house warm during the winter. However, many people overlook insulation maintenance once it is installed. In this post, we will discuss how to evaluate if the insulation installation in your home is still working effectively and what to do if it isn’t.

Here are a few telltale signs to identify if your home is well-insulated:

1. Energy Bills

When insulation has not been maintained over time, there is a chance it shrinks and becomes ineffective. If your energy bills seem to be increasing over the past few months, you and your family might be using more heating or cooling appliances to adjust to extreme temperatures. Check for blown-in insulation; if it is settling, you might want to contact an insulation contractor to revamp it.

2. Pipe Health

The pipes in your attic and basement don’t have a freezing problem; your insulation is working fine. Because your attic and basement are the first spaces in your house where heat escapes, it is always a good idea to start inspecting your insulation there. If your pipes are creek and make noises when touched, their frozen nature is an indication of an insulation problem.

3. Air Drafts

The presence of drafts in your house means that your space is poorly-insulated. Cold air enters through doorways and windows, and this becomes a problem, especially during the winters when there is no insulation around them. Foam insulation to cover up cracks and openings are a great way to prevent cold air from entering your house. Installing insulation well before the winter season is a good way to start warming up your house.

window insulated
window insulated

4. Consistent Temperature

A well-insulated home will have a constant temperature throughout every room. If you feel chilly moving between rooms in your house, it is time to get your insulation inspected. An under-insulated house will have varying temperatures as insulation starts to shrink in various spaces, creating a temperature difference.

A poorly-insulated house will have uncovered air drafts, impartial temperature between different rooms, and high utility bills. If you are not sure about the insulation in your house, it is best to hire an insulation company for a professional job.

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