Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Ideal Insulation Material for Your Home

You can’t instantly decide which insulation material will be the right fit for your home. Most insulation materials come with their pros and cons. Choose materials that are ideal for your location and climate. In Hollywood, summers can be long and uncomfortable. The same goes for Northridge. The recommended insulation level for uninsulated attics in California is around R30. Attics with 3 to 4 inches of insulation should go for insulation of R20. The R-value corresponds to a material’s insulation. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulation.

Before choosing insulation material for your property, here are all the factors to consider.

The Humidity Ratio in Your Area

Water vapors demonstrate different traits around different insulation materials. Insulation materials can be hydrophobic or hygroscopic. Hygroscopic insulation materials absorb humidity and release it immediately when the overall humidity ratio drops. Insulation materials like wood fiber boards are hygroscopic. They will get damaged as indoor humidity increases.

Attics in Hollywood may feel damp and humid in the summers. Fiberglass insulation would be a good insulation material for extra humid areas. Our Hollywood insulation contractors have deep knowledge of fiberglass insulation methods.  

Thermal Conductivity

Ideal insulation material should have the lowest thermal conductivity. Insulators like foam and polystyrene are good insulators with low thermal conductivity. They have small air pockets that resist heat flow through the material. Spray foam is also an eco-friendly insulation type perfect for attics. The only disadvantage is that it leaves out small cavities if not done right. The insulation type needs expert insulation contractors to get it right.

an attic with a board and stairs
an attic with a board and stairs

The Material’s Availability

The cost for your attic insulation project will skyrocket if the insulation material is not easily available in the area. Before beginning the project, ensure you do quick market research about material availability.  

Your Budget

Choose your home insulation wisely since winters are around the corner. Your budget decides the type and quality of insulation you need. Rock wool is an excellent home insulation material and one of the priciest. You don’t have to install it in the whole house. Choose rooms you’d want to insulate more thoroughly before winter. Also, consider the humidity in your location since high humidity can damage wool insulation.

Attic and Crawlspace Cleaning

This is not your regular attic and crawlspace cleaning drill. Attics may be subject to heavy mold infestation. Attic cleaning would be essential before an attic insulation procedure. Consider installing vent fans in your attic as well for better ventilation.

Pure Eco Inc. for Attic Decontamination

You need professional services to clean your attic if it’s not been touched for a long time. At Pure Eco Inc., we offer attic decontamination and ventilation services at excellent prices. Our insulation installation contractors in Pasadena offer 10% off on all next-day services. Call us at 877-870-7998 for attic cleaning in Northridge and Pasadena.

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